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Barry Chamish on Labor Zionist – Nazi cooperation

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Investigative journalist and author Barry Chamish offers a slightly different brand of historical revisionism from Nick Kollerstrom’s: Barry says that historian Lenni Brenner is basically right on Zionist-Nazi collaboration, but that it was the secularist Labor Zionists, not the religious Zionists, who did it. Barry writes: ” I have known about Brenner for years but I chose not to publicize him, doubting his motivation. In simpler terms, I believed he was driven by Jewish anti-semitism, a version of the Israel-Behind-Air Malaysia mentality. The problem is, whatever motivates him, his basic facts are not wrong…”

Barry says pretty much the same thing about 9/11, and repeats it during this interview: The 9/11 truth movement’s basic facts are not wrong.

Barry is definitely my favorite right-wing Zionist. Listen to this interview and see why.

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