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Dear Cass Sunstein: PLEASE cognitively infiltrate me!


New VT article:

Dear Cass Sunstein: PLEASE cognitively infiltrate me!

Cass Sunstein thinks we have a serious problem with conspiracy theories.

I agree. These days, even thoughtful, well-informed people have a hard time knowing which conspiracy theories are true.

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3 Thoughts to “Dear Cass Sunstein: PLEASE cognitively infiltrate me!”

  1. Anonymous

    Great work lately! I've been reading all of your stuff.

    " we have a real strange marriage of convenience in Ukraine that was set up by this US-led destabilization of the Ukrainian government, they used Jewish Zionist billionaire oligarchs to finance mobs of Nazis. "

    Is this what happened during WWII as well? I have heard this. that Zionists supported Hitler's campaign against their fellow Jews so that they could get Israel.

  2. Anonymous

    brilliant piece Kevin on sunstein!!!!

    we have now a full FN victory programmed by the 'great Israel' in France and a 911 scheduled during the presidential Algerian elections in south of France… between the 15 and the 19th April 2014. algerian elections are to be held on the 17th april 2014.

  3. Anonymous

    Another inspired bit of writing there, my friend!

    Keep up the great work!


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