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Lorien Fenton on “Super Soldiers & Mind Control”

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Guest: Lorien Fenton, organizer of the third annual Super Soldiers & Mind Control Summit, scheduled for next May in Las Vegas.

Want to meet some real-life Jason Bournes, MK Ultra experimental subjects, and other interesting people? Visit the Super Soldiers & Mind Control Summit – one of the few places where YOU will be the relatively normal one ; – )

We know that the US military and its spin-offs and privatized goon squads are experimenting with all sorts of “enhancements” for soldiers. We also know that the US military and intelligence community has engaged in horrific mind-control experimentation – if you aren’t already aware of MK-Ultra, Project Monarch, the murder of Frank Olsen, and the rest of the horror stories, you haven’t been paying attention. The military has even engaged in all kinds of sick and twisted ESP experiments, including attempts to train soldiers to kill by psychic power alone.  So the subject matter of this conference may not be quite as “far out” as it would seem to your neighbors Homer & Marge.

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  1. Anonymous

    I was just listening to a recent radio interview you did with a woman who brought up the topic of the "super soldier" and it reminded me of Peter Kawaja and the notion for the nasty treatment of the US military personnell in GW I was related to a program to create a super soldier. I personally-intuitively- believe an aspect of the super soldier is having no empathy or capacity for remorse but to be controllable by their creators. Ordinary people just do not like killing other people, the conscience factor kicks in and they start killing themselves. Autism and Asperger's involve an absence of empathy capacity; I have sometimes wondered if these are products or byproducts of ongoing intentional large scale experimentation on the population to create controllable psychopaths or psychopaths with specific characteristics; pure speculation, of course. Anyway below is something on Peter Kawaja, that came up on a quick search, by Linda Lea Kennedy. I wonder what became of her.

  2. Anonymous THE LATE, GREAT PETER KAWAJA STORY EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW On or about 1989, Habib Peter Kawaja and his company, International Security Group, were hired by someone named "Louis Champon" to install a security system at a plant in Boca Raton, Florida. This plant named, The Products Ingredient Technology Building, was to be the site for a new, and healthier, natural, but more expensive developement of a cherry flavoring that would go into softdrinks that were being artificially flavored at that time. The key ingredient in this new cherry formula was an hard to process extraction from the cherry pit itself. Unfortunately, and not known to Peter Kawaja at that time, another by-product of this extraction was a deadly cyanide derivative called "Prussian Blue," which was a coveted ingredient in terrorist activity around the world. Among its other "features," Prussian Blue could penetrate our gas masks and MOPP Gear so that even though our troops thought they were protected in the event of a biological attack, the Prussian Blue would make our gas masks and MOPP Gear poreous, and render them useless against a biological attack. And hopefully you are asking why we would do that to our own troops. Well, because in 1988, before Peter Kawaja was hired, the U.S. Government was making a serum at Fort Detrick, Maryland from two horses (Abe and First Flight). These horses were injected with the biological weapons that the U.S. and the Globalist misleaders were planning to use in the upcoming, pre-planned First Gulf War. The horses were not affected the same way that humans were to these biological weapons. Instead, the horses developed a serum antibody that could then be collected and injected into some of our soldiers heading off to war two years later. The misleaders wanted to see if they could create a "Super Soldier" by giving them these antibiotics INSTEAD of having the soldiers put on the cumbersome gas masks and MOPP Gear. But they couldn't tell the soldiers that they were going to just send them into a killing biological field. So the misleaders deceived our troops, making them think that they were protected by the Gas Masks and MOPP Gear when they really were not, as soon as Prussian Blue was released.

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