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Did Seattle truther Robin Hordon wake up Pete Carroll?

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When the Seattle Seahawks play, you’re likely to see Robin Hordon in front of the stadium with his highly visible 9/11 truth signs and free DVDs. Robin is Seattle’s most active civil informationing guy – and has had his signs seen by tens if not hundreds of thousands of people, and his DVDs watched by many thousands more. I wonder whether Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, the super bowl champion 9/11 truther, got woken up by Robin Hordon.

In this interview, Robin cheers for Pete Carroll and Matthew Mills, the We Are Change activist who “truthed”the Super Bowl – but has harsh words for the more confrontational tactics of the early versions of We Are Change. He explains his view of 9/11 truth strategy and tactics, champions “peace through 9/11 truth,” and speaks frankly about the role of the Zionists in the American Jewish community who have infiltrated all relevant organizations and hamstrung the peace and truth movements…because, he says, they KNOW Israel was involved in 9/11.  If that’s true, these people are committing the worst sort of treason and conspiring to cover up the worst crime ever committed on American soil.

Robin Hordon is a former Air Traffic Controller whose 9/11 research has been cited by David Ray Griffin.

3 Thoughts to “Did Seattle truther Robin Hordon wake up Pete Carroll?”

  1. Anonymous


    Made it out to the Seahawks celebration at CenturyLink Field yesterday…brought only 30 DVDs…and they were gone in an hour…didn't see Pete or any other football types. Honegger is running away with an impression that you wanted to make…that I informed Pete Carrol about his 911 info. NOT the case…never met him-don't know if he saw any of my presentations. I suspect that WE are making more progress than Truthers "think".

    MY FEEDBACK in the streets shows this to be true…and it seems that most followers of the Super Bowl 911 "guerilla activism" are ON OUR SIDE!!!

    So, it IS happening out here…


    love, peace and progress…

    robin hordon
    Kingston, WA

  2. Hey, I wasn't making an impression, I was just asking a question! Aren't we allowed to ask questions in this country any more? ; – )

    Congrats on your successful activism, keep it up!

  3. Anonymous

    A little Tweety bird said:
    The rail train cars that transported the Stupor Bowl fans were parked
    in a tunnel prior to the game and watched by the FBI and the National Guard.
    NJ Transit Conductors for that day had to take a special
    train to this site. Once there, they were given the full
    "terrorist" treatment, dogs sniffed them, and their belongings
    were searched. As compensation, NJ Transit conductors
    were given 4 hours pay just for "showing up". The armed personnel at the Stupor Bowl
    were described as "ready for combat", and snipers were posted at the Izod
    Center a few miles away in Newark, ready to "shoot down" any
    planes that dared to enter the "no fly zone". So who is
    the enemy? Of course, it was the fans, residents and commuters
    who were treated as "enemy combatants". In other words, the average
    everyday American is looked upon as Palestinians, by those
    running the US Intel agencies.

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