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Barry Kissin on re-opening the Saudi 9/11 connection!

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 Guest: Barry Kissin, expert on the anthrax aspect of the 9/11-anthrax false flag attack.

Barry discusses the sudden convergence of events with the potential to blow 9/11 wide open:

*The failure of the August al-Ghouta false-flag, pushed into the mainstream by Seymour Hersh

*The push in Congress to declassify “shocking” 9/11 documents that implicate Bush and the Saudis

*The Second Circuit Court’s ruling reinstating 9/11 families’ lawsuits against Saudi Arabia

*The rapid re-alignment in the Middle East in which the US is distancing itself from Saudi Arabia and Israel and making peace with Iran

 Barry is excited and optimistic; he thinks the push to expose the Bush-Saudi 9/11 connection could re-open the case and expose the truth. Is he right? Tune in and decide for yourself!

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