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World Citizen Foundation president Troy Davis

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Guest: Troy Davis, son of World Citizen Movement founder Garry Davis, who passed away July 24, 2013, in Williston, VT.

Garry Davis was known worldwide for markedly furthering world citizenship and recognition of the “reality of one world”. The founder of the World Government of World Citizens and the World Service Authority, host of a weekly World Citizen Radio Show, author of ten books, including My Country is the World (Putnam, 1960).

Davis lived as a citizen of no nation, only the world – for 65 years.  He was hailed by Albert Einstein for “the sacrifices he has made for the well-being of humanity,” extolled by Buckminster Fuller as “the new World Man”, and encouraged by Eleanor Roosevelt to start “a worldwide international government.”

Yet he  seemed to many observers to be a simple, almost rustic man, who dressed in rumpled clothing, suffered fools gladly, stated fundamental truths patiently and paternally and worked unobtrusively.

Troy Davis is a Harvard graduate, teaches at universities in France and Germany, runs the World Citizen Foundation created by Davis in 1996, and is working to solve political problems by engineering democratic processes. He intends to create a School of Democracy, and is working to promote World Citizenship though various concepts, such as a global social contract or a global creation myth. He is the author of a book on world democracy published in French and Spanish.

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