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6 Thoughts to “Another “9/11 Truth Graffiti Bombing “”

  1. very good strategy to remind people that a cabale of thieves and war criminal are still in power and if not in power, they are protected like bush and blair by the banksters… creators of israel

  2. Anonymous

    Dear Kevin,

    certain key words in private and confidential mails and telephone calls are being filtered by the NSA.

    If we all were to place these key words in every mail, say in the footnote address of our mails, it will overwhelm the illegal mass surveillance of American communications.

    We would have 7 billion terrorist subjects, the whole world population, considered as "enemies" by the NSA.

    Words like fertiliser, peroxide, bleach, nitrates, bomb, moslem, synagogue, mosque, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Hamas, IDF, Netanyahu, Knesset, DC, London, Hezbollah, Guardian, Snowdon, Manning, hijab, gun, dynamite, atomic, nuclear, detonation, detonate, exposive, timing, timers, electronic, charges, missiles, back pack, rucksack, nails, are just a few of the NSA monitored words. What other words activate automatic surveillance, in violation of American laws and rights?



  3. Anonymous

    Dear Kevin,

    The British "Daily Mail" recently ran a campaign, naming and showing pictures of two men who had killed a young boy in Liverpool, but were found not guilty in court.

    The two men feared to prosecute the paper, they refused the right of reply offered them, as they could have incriminated themselves, as they knew they were indeed guilty. The public saw their silence as guilt.

    Finally, the government re-opened the case and, this time, the two were finally found guilty of murder. Without the press, they would be roaming the streets today, as are those individuals involved in and guilty of the massacre of those civilians shown in the secret video revealed by Manning, the patriot.

    Perhaps you could name and show pictures and give addresses of those individuals, the laughing and joking Apache attack murderers involved in the civilian massacre? Manning is serving their jail sentence. The photos of their victims could be shown, their grieving families interviewed and encouraged to litigate. How do they feel that Manning, instead of the murderers, was sentenced to (effective) life in prison? How much political and career pressure was the judge under to sentence Manning?

    When good American patriots go to jail, while murders freely walk the streets, something is very wrong.


  4. Anonymous

    thanks G, I concur and promote, so I too, am "terrist!"@ (sic GBush)
    what a joke.
    on us.

  5. Jock Doubleday

    "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory In Under 5 Minutes"

  6. until when the truth about 9/11 will be hidden?

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