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What’s really happening in Egypt, part 3

Ramadan mubarak!

I just weighed in with another piece on what’s really happening in Egypt:

New World Order kills Egypt democracy

You can look at it as part three of my series on Egypt. (Read part 1,  Egypt needs real Islamic revolution, and part 2, Egypt’s deniable coup: Another anti-Islam psy-op)

Also posted Eric Margolis’s terrific piece on Egypt, with an introduction:

So Much For Mideast Democracy

5 Thoughts to “What’s really happening in Egypt, part 3”

  1. Anonymous

    Morsi pissed of the International Banksters and their pals with a March 2013 interview with The Hindu, excerpt from the article:

    Sitting in his imposing presidential office in Cairo’s upscale Heliopolis district, Mr. Morsy expressed Egypt’s deep interest in joining the Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa (BRICS) combine and turning the grouping into E-BRICS. “I am hoping BRICS would one day become E-BRICS where E stands for Egypt. I hope E-BRICS would emerge when we start moving the economy.” He lauded the proposal for the establishment of a BRICS bank that would “support countries to achieve high growth rates and supplement the role of the IMF, World Bank and similar institutions.”

    Mr. Morsy expressed his strong opposition to the existence of a “unipolar world” and supported a stronger role for the Non Aligned Movement in order to “impart crucial balance and ensure comprehensive peace in today’s world.” “We cannot have a single pole dominating the world. NAM can be very effective in this regard, and I am going to test this with the leaders of India.”


    Brian: Morsi did his version of a Gaddafi, I don't think he likes the results.

    I don't think most people realize Morsi never ratified the huge loan with the IMF, excerpt from an article:

    Many investors hope the new government will agree on a $4.8 billion emergency loan with the International Monetary Fund, which Morsi's government initialed last November but never ratified.


    Brian: He didn't ratify it because the agreement would force Morsi to raise taxes and reduce subsidies on food, fuel and electricity to a nation with a vast amount of people living in poverty.


  2. Anonymous

    Dr. Barrett, as salaam alaikum ramadhan Mubarak, I pray that all is well with you and family. very insightful piece you wrote on this madness in Egypt being an anti-Islam psy-op. what kind of demons would shoot at folks making salat couple days before ramadhan? get a copy of the book "Monster, the autobiography of an LA gang member" by sanyika shakur. he just got out of the dungeon out in pelican bay, ca. and I think you would find him to be a fascinating interview insha Allah. bro sanyika got thrown in that joint a few years ago after LAPD raided his home and found a photograph of him up in the mountains on a hunting trip posing with a weapon, that was their excuse for locking him up again. let me know and I'll make the connection happen, here is more proof that makes it hard to disagree with glenn ford when he says that fascism is alive and well in USA. I like to call it "friendly fascism". take care and keep strong, rashid

  3. Anonymous

    .I read your articles for Presstv I mean the Egypt needs a real revelation and Egypt's deniable coup, they were nice but about Egypt unfortunately I have to say it was a loss for Islamic awaking,Ekhvanolmuslemin and specially for Hamas and of course it will make deep problems and a hard situation for Ekhvan in Tunisia and Turkey.You explained very nice the role of CIA that how did they make economic crisis in Egypt but if we want to point to some other important reasons of this loss we can talk about the problems of domestic and foreign policy of Morsi and muslim brotherhood I mean ekhvanolmuslemin for example Morsi got 21% of votes in first phase of election and went to the second phase and there he wins Ahmad Shafigh by the support of Aboul fotouh and Hamdeen Sabahi but after election he didn't care to them and to the other parties and his friends and it was one of the greatest fault of Morsi that changed his friends to enemies with this work the other reason was his inattention to demand of people to cut relation with Israel that people showed it with capture of Israel embassy but in contrast Morsi sent a very friendly letter for Peres and stress on camp David accords and many other facts that we can point them; in deed we know Morsi doesn't have enough authority and power till make a real change in Egypt but these faults and many others were in his policy and they don't have any relation with his power and authority. In all I can say unfortunately muslim brotherhood lost a very big opportunity to show his merit.

  4. Anonymous

    >the sudden turnaround [since the coup] proves that their opponents conspired to make Mr. Morsi fail. Not only did police officers seem to disappear, but the state agencies responsible for providing electricity and ensuring gas supplies failed so fundamentally that gas lines and rolling blackouts fed widespread anger and frustration. “This was preparing for the coup,” said Naser el-Farash, who served as the spokesman for the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade under Mr. Morsi. “Different circles in the state, from the storage facilities to the cars that transport petrol products to the gas stations, all participated in creating the crisis.” >those determined to topple the Islamist leadership, including Naguib Sawiris, a [Christian] billionaire and an outspoken foe of the Brotherhood; Tahani El-Gebali, a former judge on the Supreme Constitutional Court who is close to the ruling generals

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