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Helen Thomas’s courageous legacy: “Zionists go home!”

“Helen Thomas, the dean of the Washington press corps, spent her career watching the Israel lobby destroy Palestine – and American democracy. Finally, in June 2010, she could no longer hide her disgust with Zionism…”

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3 Thoughts to “Helen Thomas’s courageous legacy: “Zionists go home!””

  1. Anonymous

    The Jews have placed posters in German cities today, offering rewards for finding frail old " nazis"
    Gunther Grass, the German author, who complained that Germany should not give a racist Israeli regime 4 nuclear submarines, could be arrested and executed.

    I wrote this to the Simon Wiesenthal centre, a group of old racist nazis who feel guilty that zionists collaborated with nazis in the 1930's to remove all Jews to Palestine and are now trying to blame it all on Germans.

    What goes around comes round. Let's see German put up posters in Tel Aviv to have Netanyahu, the war criminal and child – killer arrested!

  2. Anonymous

    More and more Israelis who also hold American passports are taking control of American cities.

    Why? Each Jewish mayor nominates fellow Jews for vacancies. Finally, the whole administration, the executive, the legislative and judiciary, as well as the Federal Reserve, is run by Jews. Not Americans.

    America is becoming like the Weimar Republic in Germany, dominated and controlled by Jews, who gave privileges to fellow Jews at the expense of Germans.

  3. Anonymous

    RIP Helen

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