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9/11 truth graffiti – Building 7?

Now I’m not urging anyone to do this. Graffiti is illegal.

But misprision of treason – knowing about an act of treason and not reporting it – is even more illegal.

If you spray-paint graffiti like this and get caught, you might have to pay a fine or do some jail time.

But if you fail to spread this message in any way you can, you’ve committed misprision of treason and could face life imprisonment.

Or – worse – life imprisonment in your own bad conscience, knowing you were too cowardly to do the right thing.

The choice is yours.

4 Thoughts to “9/11 truth graffiti – Building 7?”

  1. Anonymous

    ok , I will now wait for the black helis who seem to like me sometimes…cr

  2. Anonymous

    Kevin this is an incredibly inspiring video and statement by you. I hate graffiti that is almost always Gang-inspired, but maybe those wanna be ganstas might spend some bucks for cans o spray on a diffrent message besides their lame attempts to intimidate and self-agrandize their meager life as a hoodsters?

    Spread this one far and wide, peeples!
    Make it go viralm, as they say now …(chuckle) ( I am not that old)

    So, I say, pull up your saggy britches and put those cans of alkyd fun to some good use –repelling tyranny in all its dimensions!

    Talented night artist there. three thumbs up!

    CR in Bham (who covers up gang tags on a reg basis, DHS homey!).

  3. Anonymous

    Good thing there's no law against misprision of graffiti.

  4. Anonymous

    Amazing! That's getting the word out like no other!

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