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FBI 9/11 whistleblower Coleen Rowley, insider whistleblowers Paul Craig Roberts & Gordon Duff

Mon.  4/1/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.) Call-in: 218-339-8525

Today’s show features three of the biggest insider-whistleblowers ever. The April Fool’s joke is on people who aren’t paying attention.

Whistleblowers (L-R) Cynthia Cooper  Worldcom, Colleen Rowley of the FBI & Sherron Watkins of Enron

First hour: Celebrated FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley will be going to Dallas on April 25th for the protests at the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Lie-Bury. Please join her if you can!

Just over a decade ago, Coleen Rowley of the FBI outed her superior, Dave Frasca of the Radical Fundamentalist Unit, as a probable 9/11 conspirator. Amazingly, Time Magazine actually gave her the recognition she deserved, by making her Woman of the Year for 2002! (This was before the mainstream media had fully internalized its marching orders to stay away from any and all truthful information about 9/11.)

Coleen’s ex-FBI career has included plenty of activism. She even ran for Congress in 2006, inspiring my own run two years later. (The Democratic Party refused to offer any significant funding help – just as it refused to help Dr. Bob Bowman’s pro-9/11-truth campaign that same year, effectively denying him a congressional seat by making his race close enough for the Republican incumbent to steal.)

2nd hour: Paul Craig Roberts is an insider with a mind-bogglingly impressive resumé: Architect of Reaganomics, editor of the Wall Street Journal, inducted into the French Legion d’Honneur, he currently is a John M. Olin Fellow at the Institute for Political Economy at Stanford University. And that’s just a few of the highlights. But most importantly (in my opinion) he is virtually the only op-ed writer in America who has responded appropriately and eloquently to the off-the-scale outrages that have been visited upon us since September 11th, 2001. As I strive for excellence in op-ed writing, Dr. Roberts’ work is the benchmark that I measure myself against. So I was honored when he plugged my recent article on the missing 1,116 9/11 victims with high praise & an email blast.

And speaking of op-ed excellence, Gordon Duff of Veterans Today may be the most brilliantly prolific editorializer working today – as well as the most influential, thanks to his development of the Veterans Today platform. Like Rowley and Roberts, Duff is an ex-insider whistleblower – if I told you which agency he worked for they’d have to kill us ; – )

Gordon will join us with his take on the crisis in Korea, hints that the MSM may be changing its stance on the UFO issue, the crisis in Syria, and more.


6 Thoughts to “FBI 9/11 whistleblower Coleen Rowley, insider whistleblowers Paul Craig Roberts & Gordon Duff”

  1. Anonymous

    good schtuff brother. keep knocking it out of the park,

  2. Anonymous

    Paul Craig Roberts was great – Colleen is obviously frightened

  3. Anonymous

    After getting your email just before (good idea to send like that!) I listened to your show with all 3 guests yesterday.

    I have to hand it to you! You have really come a long way in a few years. You have seriously filled a void and are making very good use of the internet to reach people. As you know I have some issues regarding "branding" and "credibility"…but that of course reflects my own biases and the fact that I have lived and breathed the stale and numbing air of Washington DC for a long time!

    I was amazed how uninformed and unwilling to get beyond her own box Colleen Riley still is…she bumbled all over Building 7 as if she's never seriously even dealt with it before. Your analysis of why seems very on the mark.

    Roberts is an amazing fellow. He adds tremendously to the bone fides of what you have concluded about 9/11….most of which I too now after so many years find far more reasonable than I had before. The two of you should team up more!

    Veterans Today Duff I can't figure out and view with doubt and skepticism. Sometimes very interesting and thoughtful and even refreshing that he hits hard and blunt… other times way out there and all the claims to have inside information seem far-fetched and rarely verifiable in any way.

    One of the callers asked about how to break out of the "Truth Bubble" and have impact beyond the Truther circles, and Roberts too talked about this as I recall. That's really the central question now I think…even more than I thought so in the past. Here in Washington I can tell you the subject rarely even comes up even among extremely knowledgeable and sophisticated people, even among students who know a great deal and are open to such things…but even so they have not even been exposed to the basics including Building 7 and all the info now available about no plane hitting the Pentagon.

    Anyway, just wanted to take a moment to serously thank you for the special and quite tremendous at times work you continue to do; and I'm probably only even aware of the tip of the iceberg

  4. I find nothing quite so exasperating as people like Colleen Rowely, who are clearly equipped with the requisite knowledge and intellectual capacity to comprehend the fact that 9/11 was some sort of staged event, a covert operation, a false flag attack, an inside job, and yet they seem unable to acknowledge or admit the fact.

    It's been twelve years already … if they haven't figured it out by now, they're never going to.

    There are many like Colleen, such as Noam Chomsky, Juan Cole, Ward Churchill etc. who pride themselves on being dissident intellectuals and yet hide behind feigned ignorance in order to deny the bleeding obvious, with disclaimers like "I'm not qualified to judge the science behind the controlled demolition theory".

    I think the problem people like Colleen face is that they identify with the establishment system at a deep personal level and they project their own conception of how the system works onto the system itself and they filter all information through a subconscious process that blocks any information incompatible with their cherished view of the system … in other words, they have some major blind spots in their world view.

    I think it takes a high degree of personal courage, intellectual honesty and capacity for critical thought, such as that exhibited by Paul Craig Roberts, to accept the empirical evidence that clearly disproves the official dogma.

  5. I Pet Goat 2: The Raise of Israel, Amy Goodman Democracy Now! at WTC Building 7

  6. I wrote today to Coleen Rowley:

    Hi Coleen,

    Thank you for the great interview last week!

    I'm sure you get more than enough unsolicited advice, but: Please consider whether you could do a lot more good in the world than you're already doing (which is saying something) by researching, and then speaking out, about the pervasive corruption in and around the federal government, which is vastly worse than anything you've said thus far…in fact, your statements tend to inadvertently contribute to the concealment of the true extent of the corruption!

    Here are four books I strongly urge you to read:

    * JFK and the Unspeakable by James Douglass
    * Act of State by William Pepper
    * The Franklin Scandal by Nick Bryant
    * Family of Secrets by Russ Baker

    All four of these authors share your views on most issues, are very careful with facts and conclusions. Taken together, these four books suggest that we need to re-think what we thought we knew about our government. (There are more good books out there, but smart people with your background should start with these.)



    PS You should also subscribe to FBI Watch, of you haven't already! joe baltar fruhmenschen(at)yahoo(dot)com

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