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Is Obama killing “kill list” critics?

Aaron Swartz, a prominent info-warrior and critic of Obama’s “kill list,” was found dead in New York Friday.

As with so many freemasonic assassinations, including that of “DC Madam” Deborah Jean Palfrey, Swartz was hanged. Naturally the police are calling it suicide.

Swartz’s death raises the obvious question: Can you criticize Obama’s barbarian, unconstitutional “kill list” without ending up on it yourself?

My earlier article  “Disable the purveyors”: Is US secretly liquidating dissidents? suggested that the US government “kill list” may include domestic dissidents as well as foreign opponents of US policy.

But hey, I’m a reasonable, moderate guy. I’m not necessarily against all “kill lists.” In fact, I would love to see someone compile a list of everyone involved in the “kill list” program, from the top of the command chain down to the lowliest drone operator, and… (remainder of sentence deleted for reasons of National Security).

But the problem with Obama’s kill list is that it is targeting good people (like Aaron Swartz) not bad people (like names deleted for reasons of National Security) . The bad people are the ones running the kill list. They are the ones who should be (remainder of sentence deleted for reasons of National Security).

So let me hereby state that I am not only an inveterate opponent of Obama’s kill list, I am so angry about it that I would support putting an end to it by any means, including (remainder of sentence deleted for reasons of National Security). So shoot me.

Please note that I’m a practicing Muslim, so suicide is out of the question.

Anyone who participates or co-operates in any way with Obama’s “kill list” is a traitor to the Constitution of the United States, which states that no-one may be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law. Therefore, anyone who participates or co-operates in any way with Obama’s “kill list” ought to be (remainder of sentence deleted for reasons of National Security).

Maybe if we just put all kill lists on a kill list, and killed them all off, we could finally have a world where good people could just mind their own business in peace.

3 Thoughts to “Is Obama killing “kill list” critics?”

  1. Anonymous

    "Practicing" muslims kill themselves all the time. Suicide is hardly out of the question.

  2. Anonymous

    there is a lot of mind control in play this 2012-2013, not that it EVER stops! – more psyche-shifting ploys for total spectrum dominance, our brains just another cog in the 'clouding of America' and wiring of our brains changed by instant communication in many spectrums, we've been had, we've been took, we've been worked heartily for every last dollar we have to keep up… watch more shootings and chaos, 80% engineered like Sandy Hook trance-formation of a nation!

    Please wrtie some more on your take of Sandy Hook, Kevin, and please also explain to us why VT is now all Facebook? (for commenting)or directs commenting to connections to the other big guys; Yahoo, Hotmail, Google, etc… all about to be owned by Google, I'll bet!

    Ordo Ab Chaob!

  3. Do "practicing Muslims" kill themselves "all the time"? Who is Anonymous thinking of? Brainwashed, programmed fanatics who blow up busloads of Shia pilgrims in Iraq and Pakistan? I would say that such people have a very poor understanding of what Islam is all about.

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