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Ian Henshall on 9/11 truth breakthroughs in 2012; Jim Fetzer squashes Pete Santilli

Fri. 1/11/13, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

First hour: British truth movement leader Ian Henshall, author of 9/11 Revealed: The New Evidence, has just published an excellent article entitled 2012: A BREAKTHROUGH YEAR FOR THE 911 TRUTH MOVEMENT. In it, he points out that 2012 saw several bombshell 9/11 revelations and political breakthroughs. Perhaps most importantly, the President of the Supreme Court of Italy, Ferdinando Imposimato, announced his attention to pursue the real 9/11 perps in the International Criminal Court in the Hague; and the election of 9/11 truther President Mohamed Morsi has made it impossible to ignore the fact that the entire Middle East, except for Israel, supports 9/11 truth.

Second hour: Long-time listeners know that I admire Dr. James Fetzer’s work, agree with him on many but not all issues, but am not always impressed by the infamous “Fetzer school of tact and diplomacy.” Still, I am even less impressed by his enemies, including some otherwise good people like Kevin Ryan and Anthony Lawson, who sometimes fall into mindless anti-Fetzer hysteria.

The latest anti-Fetzer hysteric is my AFR co-host Pete Santilli, a fanatical Judy Wood cultist who launched a completely unhinged attack on Fetzer last week. Pete’s gripe: He claims that Fetzer is somehow covering up Judy Wood’s efforts to attribute the 9/11 demolitions to mysterious “directed energy weapons.” What a crock! The fact is that Jim Fetzer is virtually the only major figure in the 9/11 truth movement who ever gave Judy Wood a fair hearing. Before attacking Fetzer, Santilli should be targeting every other important member of the 9/11 truth movement, virtually none of whom has ever had much use for Judy Wood.

Judy Wood is obviously a paranoid “if you’re not with me you’re against me” personality, and her paranoid style has proved contagious; most of her supporters, including Santilli, are equally nutty. This paranoid style has alienated 90% of the truth movement, and 100% of people unfamiliar with 9/11 truth. But that doesn’t mean Judy’s wrong; she may well be correct in arguing that various anomalies surrounding the 9/11 demolitions suggest that some sort of ultra-high-energy device(s), perhaps mini-nukes or other “classified” weapons, were used. If so, the perps are undoubtedly happy that such a paranoid and divisive personality is “poisoning the well.”

21 Thoughts to “Ian Henshall on 9/11 truth breakthroughs in 2012; Jim Fetzer squashes Pete Santilli”

  1. Anonymous

    Podcast from 1/11/12 instead of 1/11/13 is currently posted at

  2. Anonymous

    Very interesting how none of the entire 2nd hour had anything to do with the evidence of 9-11, and everything to do with attacking those who are trying to bring it forward. My name is Pete Santilli, and I will bring evidence to the public which will expose the outright treasonous actions of those who have been covering up 9-11. The crimes committed on 9-11 were horrific; the cover-up since 9-11 have resulted in a greater number of deaths, and are even worse than what occurred on that day. The Pete Santilli Show has one goal: telling the truth; whether you like it or not….if you feel I am being "divisive", then I encourage you to be on the wrong side of the divide.

    I'm not paranoid; nice try….I am determined & absolutely relentless in pursuit of justice.

    Once I out them, these criminals will no longer even qualify to discuss 9-11 evidence; or I should say, their opposition to it.

    Through this experience I now know what their role is, and I will let EVERYONE know. People will be shocked in the coming days

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Kevin….I suggest you choose a "good" side quickly, as you are about to be tainted by your association with the wrong people. Unlike you, I want to give you the heads up before I throw you under the bus. Call me on my cell at 760-684-0744 if you'd like to come on my show or have me on your show for an honest discussion. I can even cover the BOMBSHELL information that will be broadcast in the coming days

  4. Pete, how many 9/11 books have you read? I've read many dozens, written two, and edited one. From what I've heard from you, I can see that you don't know your way around this issue. You've taken Judy Wood's worthwhile but flawed book as if it were gospel, and allowed yourself to be manipulated by Judy's paranoid fixation on Jim Fetzer. Since we all agree that the demolitions were conducted with classified means – explosive nanothermite, if it exists, would be just as top secret as mini-nukes and DEW – there is ABSOLUTELY NO POINT in getting excited or angry about the issue of HOW the demolitions were conducted. Anyone who starts fights over this issue, as you have, is either a disinfo goon, a nut, or a very, very naive person.

  5. Anonymous

    Dr. Barrett, is there anyway you could get the webmaster at to update the link from Fridays to have it actually be Friday's show and not the show from 1/11/12?

    I missed it live and would really like to have a listen. Thanks.

  6. Pink ScamShilly, you are a moron. The only BOBMSHELL information left is that you are officially outed as an Israeli counter-intelligence rat.

    And don't try and follow the path of Bill Cooper, and Majestic-12, Project Blue Beam and the disclosure project because you are incapable of handling that type of subject matter.

    Most people in the truther community are aware that US Military may posses advanced alien weapons and technology through reverse engineering, that is not BOMBSHELL info, maybe it is for your stupid moronic Israeli mind.

    No one really cares if holograms were used, or no planes, or drones or cruise missiles were used as those may all be plausible theories.

    What you fail to understand, at least if I am to believe that you are actually an american citizen and not a card carrying Israeli Zionist counter-intelligence spook, is that 9-11 was an inside job committed by Neo-Cons (i.e. Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Daddy Bush, PNAC…) and Zionists (i.e. Larry "pull-it" Silverstein, Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak and your buddy BB…).

    They used the media to cover up everything like they always do and 99% of the sheeple will always fall for it, the 9-11 commission, NIST etc… I mean the lists and players go on and on and ends with you as a dis-info Mossad agent. A shill. A traitor.

    Just stop and go away, Pete.

  7. Hey PINK SCAM-SHILLI, you are the biggest phoniest fraudulent shill I have heard to date and there are plenty out there.

    You are using the oldest trick in the book probably written by your holy bibles: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion & the Talmud.

    And that tactic is: The best way to obscure the truth is to pretend to seek it.

    And you Pink Scam-Shilly are doing just that, but you have now over stepped your boundaries. So I suggest you return to your sheeple audience and keep conning them because they know no better and there is no hope for those people anyways.

  8. Pink ScamShilli, you are just about the worst, vile and most despicable parasite on earth.

    You have been exposed and now you must leave the alt-media forever. You are clearly a Israeli operative working as a low level counter-intelligence agent for mossad.

    I am sad to inform you Pink ScamShilli, that Dr Kevin and Dr Fetzer's audience is too sophisticated for your Jewish Lawyer "over the top" antics. It may and does work in courts because jury members are retarded and easily manipulated because they are already brainwashed to begin with. Your arguments have and will never work with people who aren't influenced and controlled by Israel or the Pentagon and the mainstream media.

    Pink ScamShilli, your website is hilarious, have you read your own listener forum yet? Well you obviously have no fans. It's hilarious because I have the last 5 out of your whopping 8 posts on your hilarious forum from 4 days ago.

    Stop with your bombshell stuff already guy, just stop it!!! You are a moron go back to Israel.

  9. "Judy Wood is obviously a paranoid "if you're not with me you're against me" personality, and her paranoid style has proved contagious; most of her supporters, including Santilli, are equally nutty."

    Right! Of course, 911 research should not be based on evidence should it?

    I would advise any people still reading this blog to get the full context behind Mr Santilli's interview.

    Here's a useful link to my free e-book, video etc:

    2013's started off well – with no one being able to counter any of the evidence in Dr Judy Wood's book:

    Also, Ian Henshall accused me of being behind the collapse of the UK 9/11 truth movement, yet his latest message implies that nothing is wrong… weird. More context here for folks.

    So come on Kev, just have a look at the evidence to find where the nuttiness lies…

    Listen to the Santilli/Fetzer interview and see who would not talk about evidence and who preferred profanity.

  10. Anonymous

    This Santilli character is the biggest lying sack of scum I have ever heard on radio. That turd is worse than O'Reilly or Hannity. Santilli rants about a hurricane but never has any clue what role it could have played. NO ONE has EVER presented any EVIDENCE that the hurricane played any role whatsoever in the destruction of the towers. Furthermore, the hurricane had zilch to do with the overall structure of 911 and nothing to do with the Pentagon or NORAD standing down or complicity of security companies or the willful knowledge of Cheney, etc.

  11. I strongly advise everyone to take Andrew Johnson's advise and listen to the full interview with Dr Fetzer and then listen to the "Aftershow Commentary" with Wood and Johnson at Pete Santilli's site

    I want everyone to get the background, and then hear Dr Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson hang themselves on a public stream (assuming it isn't taken down).

  12. Well said, Dr Barrett, you're absolutely right. I happen to agree with you about the plausibility of explosive nanothermite being used to pulverize the concrete floors of the twin towers and I think the hypothesis that mini-nukes or directed energy weapons were used is unnecessary and without basis, but that doesn't mean I dismiss those, like Jim and Gordon, who entertain such ideas, as shills or disinfo agents, I greatly admire and respect all those who have the courage to sincerely question the official narrative, even if I don't agree with everything they say.

    Love your show, you're a wonderful host, amiable, intelligent and open-minded, a rare combination.

  13. Those of us who have been convinced by material presented on the two rival 9/11-fakery forums (LetsRoll and CluesForum) that many of the photos and video depictions (of the towers' destruction and rubble pile) SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED AS EVIDENCE can only be grimly amused by this raucous new battle — between the Wood Cult's flakiest apostle (Santilli) and the august Dr. Fetzer.

    On the one side, the highly emotional Dr. Wood and her fanatical groupies refuse to acknowledge ANY of the many obvious contradictions and blatant examples of forgery in the "sacred" imagery on which their "Tesla-technology-is-vindicated" religion is based.

    On the other side is the prince-of-logic Dr. Fetzer, who despite his heroic attempts to maintain self-composure is nevertheless greatly, even painfully flustered by the bizarre stream of vitriol coming at him from the Wood camp. And yet Fetzer himself remains reluctant to directly address the widest implications of the Clues/Roll discoveries that a substantial portion of the photographic "evidence" over which this distracting argument rages — is itself HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS.

    Were the 9/11-derived, massive war crimes of the US/UK/Israeli "Axis Powers" to be the subject of a future prosecution in the International Criminal Court (as Italy's Chief Justice is proposing), each item of probative evidence, including the photographic record of the "instigating event" and yes, even the fabricated identities of certain "victims," would need to be scientifically verified for authenticity. And if warmongering fraud is thereby proven to the satisfaction of the court, then the commercial NEWS MEDIA (owned, of course, by you-know-who…) themselves become ACCESSORIES BEFORE THE FACT. In other words, CO-CONSPIRATORS!

  14. Leaked Video of Cruise Missile Hitting Pentagon on 911 DOWNLOAD & RE U

    get it while you can – needs to be analyzed. it show a rocket hitting the petangon and the penthouse dissapearing From Building 7 first and for 5 seconds roughly before the building falls into it's own footprint.

  15. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    the interview with Mr Fetzer (which I listened to in full) wasn’t pretty but I’m going to give those of the Nuclear (Mini or otherwise) destruction persuasion the opportunity to show me the evidence of how this form of explosive can be used and explain the following undisputed facts?

    Taking the WTC1,2 & 7 buildings turning to dust (they can also chip in with the circular holes/destruction in the other buildings WTC 3,4,5,6 if they want to be complete?)?

    The almost complete destruction of 1.5 Million Tonnes of materials (Steel and concrete + the office innards) to particle size but was able to do this almost silently, with no discernable heat print, no radioactive signature and subsequent fall-out affecting people (I’m only aware of the deaths and ill-effects of the ingested particle size dust), a seemingly controlled lack of lower level (in terms of build height) blast (as we have several people walking out of ‘ground zero unharmed by either a nuclear blast or its radioactive effects?’).

    If, unlike Mr Fetzer you can product the experts to stay on-topic and explain these points I’d be most interested in your response?


    John D.

  16. Anonymous

    Shamshilli is now pushing Judy Wood disinfo ? LOL What a big surprise !!

    Her doctoral highness does not deal with 'beliefs,' she deals with 'evidence' and what is most of her 'scientific' evidence aside from the seismic footprints, the fragility of the bathtub and the evidence for hurricane Erin ? Friggin' photographs and videos she takes for granted as authentic ! Her evidence is photos from a guy named Joel Meyerowitz (the only photographer allowed at ground zero) and videos from Camera Planet run by another guy named Stephen Rosenbaum, who just happens to have collected over 500 hours of 'amateur' video, the archives from which every video you've ever seen online or on TV has ultimately came from, first fake videos in crap quality and lately in better quality, all the more obviouly fake than before .

    And as we all know photos and video can never possibly be faked, especially in this day and age, and especially when almost all the crucial 9-11 images and video can ultimately be traced to two sources.

    As Simon Shack has pointed out, she has neither provided proof of the authenticity of her images and videos nor proof of the so-called 'Hutchison effect.' Even Ace Baker stumped her on the Hutchison effect and surprise, surprise, Collin, like Wood, also gatekeeps proven non-plane fakery and proven Vicsims info, etc.

    ~Frankie Artaud

  17. Leaked Video of Cruise Missile Hitting Pentagon on 911 DOWNLOAD & RE U

    get it while you can – needs to be analyzed. it show a rocket hitting the petangon and the penthouse dissapearing From Building 7 first and for 5 seconds roughly before the building falls into it's own footprint.

  18. Over 11 years on and there are movements and individuals still creaming off the many conjecturs of 'how' getting tangled down in the minutiae and slugging it out in a bitching match of 'my theory's better than yours' crap. It's tired, it's old, it's finished. Move on. The WHY remains the same no matter what disaster past, present and future, as does The WHO. I hate the entire debacle of the '9/11 'truthers' movement' and their proponents wasting intellectual and emotional energy/time of all those 'followers' stuck on the same groove going nowhere. All I've heard is 'Impeachment' which will not and cannot happen in the prevailing system of fraudulant control. Instead of tackling THAT we have shills heading off any possibility through these pointless squabbles. Still, it sells books, subscriptions to websites, bigs up ego's with leaders of the cause and keeps the sheople stuck in the same old rut. That is, I assume the purpose.

  19. The hurricane is interesting because in the after math of them, things like fence posts and 2X4 sticks have been found embedded in conrete power poles in a very 'Philadelphia Experiment' kind of way.

  20. I could not agree more! See the latest Vinny Eastwood expose'on the 'tough guy' scamshilli on YT, 15 mins.

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