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Christopher Bollyn, Gordon Duff answer your questions!

Wed.  12/5/12, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)  

Phone lines are ON!  218 339-8525  Call in and ask the guests anything!

First hour: Christopher Bollyn, author of Solving 9/11 – the most comprehensive book on Israeli involvement in the 9/11 attacks. I cited his article How Ehud Barak Pulled Off 9/11 on Press TV last week – and watched Zionist flack Kenneth Katzman go into full meltdown mode, demanding that I be taken “off the air entirely, from any show anywhere in the world.”

Second hour: Gordon Duff of Veterans Today has breaking news: The UK Ambassador is threatening to cut off diplomatic relations with Israel, due to the latest settlement-expansion outrage! Check out his article on the Israeli “World War III bunker” your US tax dollars are paying for – ominously named “site 911.” 

7 Thoughts to “Christopher Bollyn, Gordon Duff answer your questions!”

  1. Anonymous

    Kevin,I did call and had a nice chat,it got me no closer to finding out what are all the 9/11 truth movements doing with all the evidence they have compiled?If it is not for the sake of bringing those who perpetrated those sinful acts of 9/11 to Justice…then what more books to be sold?I am very interested in getting this into the courtroom before a non bias Judge if such a thing exists,otherwise what's next a dirty bomb in Colorado blaiming some other boggey man to keep the war machine going and the profits coming in for a selected few?Business as usual

  2. Anonymous

    It is very easy to prove a AGM-86C cruise missile hit the Pentagon. The 15ft impact hole in the wall, is identical to ones found in combat zones where AGM's have been used. They can make very tight, high G turns and go 530mph at sea level, just like the air traffic controllers described. The video footage shows a small white streak skimming across the front lawn which is the very nature of a cruise missile attack. An exploding fire ball is what happens when a 2,000lb warhead hits a stone or concrete wall. And the smoking gun, is the infamous photo of the small front turbofan impeller next to a firemans leg on the lawn. All AGM's use a F107 Williams turbofan engine, which has a unique rounded front nose cone on the front impeller. EVERY other jet engine on the planet, the nose cone comes to a point ! You can find pictures of the cruise missile and the F107 engine online to verify.
    I have never heard this theory about flight 93. It makes sense to me that it was intended to hit building 7. And that it was shot down over Shanksville when the drone controllers lost control. That is why debris was found over such a large area. Since all the aircraft involved that day were obviously being operated as drones,(flying a radar beam into the towers), because 1st it would be impossible to manually fly any large aircraft into such a narrow target at any speed. And you want to have the highest possible chance of a successful mission with so much at stake. And so at the end of the day, they decided to just demolish building 7 anyway. You know there had to be people who were involved in 9/11 saying," no one is going to believe this story, it goes against the laws of physics !" And the head guy said," Don't worry, we put this on story TV, with all our paid experts repeating like parrots and the sheeple will eat it up ". And they did.


  3. Anonymous

    I've been listening to your radio show archives and reading myself to sleep with VT articles for months. I've been hitting the books too. My Kindle's text to speech feature is always on and headphones are in when i'm working alone…I had to switch to the male computer voice cause the female version has severe laryngitis. My devious creative juices haven't stopped flowing, I've just been forced into info uptake mode. In fact I have so many ideas spinning about and loose ends to tie up from prior 911 twoof killa parodies and media snacking, I can't wait to start manipulating images (they humor me?) and smarting off to any and all trolls again!

  4. Anonymous

    I was intrigued to watch a program the other evening here in Australia produced by an English guy called Derren Brown.
    It explores the capacity of mind control in an innocent subject to carry out an assassination.
    After seeing it it becomes absolutely clear how JFK and Lennon et al have all been taken out.
    Please watch via the following link – be quick because its shuts down in 12 days.
    The link is associated with SBS, an Australian TV broadcaster.
    – I know you will be impressed.

    Keep up the great work Kevin – its absolutely invaluable

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin, I heard a guest talking about a nationwide general strike..

    lol, I have had the same thought for the last 20 years.

    Shut it down, make them sweat. No activity, no commerce, America belongs to the people, not the federal dam gov.

    thanks for your efforts


  6. Anonymous

    Kevin,That you are familiar with Elizabeth Woolworth please get me the evidence that they have compiled at Consensus 9/11…Understand first that this block of evidence has to name names, times,places and have the scientific proof to back it up.Also I need the 2-C violation code numbers for each specific Crime and the perpetrators that committed that specific Crime and I will take it to the Department of Justice's Criminal Division…and we'll see if I get Brushed Off.

  7. Anonymous

    grizzom radio blog created a short ~1 min clip of the best part of GDuff's hour:

    They posted Bollyn's full hour though. 🙂

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