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Petras, Fetzer & Tarpley on USA coup d’état scandal

Mon.  11/26/12, 3-5 pm Central,  American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

Is the USA on the brink of a coup d’état? Is there a plot to “decapitate” the government? Are the neocons scheming for another, bigger 9/11? Has Obama signed an “insider threat” memorandum aimed at heading off his own assassination?

And is all this related to the various heads that have been rolling, including that of Petraeus?

My guests today, Webster Tarpley and James Petras, have recently published provocative articles probing the depths of the deep state!

(Note: Originally Tarpley was supposed to go on first, but in a last-minute adjustment, Petras took the first hour, Jim Fetzer handled the first two segments of the second hour, and Webster took the show’s final segment.)

First hour: James Petras

Second hour: Jim Fetzer, then Webster Tarpley


5 Thoughts to “Petras, Fetzer & Tarpley on USA coup d’état scandal”

  1. Anonymous

    The coup d'etat is on, and being televised live just like the 911 coup, 2.5 min clip:

    @ 0:35 sec's Octavius singles out Japan, China and UAE for the bad news, but Israel was not mentioned- I'm guessing Octavia increases their "foreign aid" to Israel. Substantially. Again.

  2. Anonymous

    I downloaded this file 2x from the AFR archive page. First time I thought it cut off early coz file was 23.0 MBs (not the usual 27.5), and duration was 01:40:40.

    So I download again, and it completed- file had EXACTLY the same #s as above. Must be that AFR has posted a truncated file?

    Did Tarpley come on last segment?

    Anyways I'm not holding my breath on a coup- the zio's tentacles are just so deep! Mark Glenn shared that P.Giraldi told him that virtually everyone in the spook community hates Israel and their general shysterism though, so who knows. The zio's MO is to have their people in the key choke point positions; but that still doesn't preclude mutiny by the majority who are patriotic to USA first.

  3. Yes, after all the build-up, Tarpley, like James Brown, and unlike Godot, finally did show up.

  4. The "deep state" consists of the highest executive instances of the USA, other 1st and 2nd-world nation states, and major corporations. These public facades of real power have been penetrated by half a dozen "break-away civilizations" contending for global dominion based on secret/hidden/suppressed advanced technology and hidden financial systems (Joseph Farrell; Richard Hoagland; Richard Dolan), including the usual suspects, plus lower-profile outfits like the Brotherhood of the Black Sun (symbol of free energy) now consolidating control over its German homeland, and the Vatican State maneuvering to break free of its fatal 1824 entanglement in the financial tentacles of the City of London banking family.


    For a hundred years, ever since Nikola Tesla demonstrated his free energy-powered electric car, and built his global free energy-inducing Wardenclyffe transmission tower on Long Island, N.Y., the simultaneous public suppression and secret development of the theory and applied engineering of aether physics has been the root of political and financial power.

    Dr. Judy Wood, Ph.D., recognized the Big Truth: the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001 was a New Hiroshima for those with eyes to see the weaponized applications of "free-energy technology", and no more than a New Pearl Harbor to those systematically blinded by the paradigms of standard academic science.

    9/11 truth reveals science truth: the esoteric science of the aether, the physical vacuum, the holo-fractographic medium of space-time itself.

    The esoteric science of "free energy" is now, at long last – God willing – about to emerge around the world, probably first in Iran and other countries of the Non-Aligned Movement, then in the BRIC countries, then on the fringes of Anglo-American-NATO empire, in Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey, then finally in "the land of the free."


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