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Lyin’ for Zion: Pro-Israel media incites genocide

British pro-Israel extremist Charlie Wolf thinks it’s “anti-Semitic” to ask any questions about 9/11.
Who’s afraid of the big bad Zionist, Charlie Wolf?

Not me.

I got into a little verbal tiff with Charlie on yesterday’s Press TV interview – watch the fireworks here.

I’m a fair-minded, polite person. So normally I let people have their say, as my radio show fans know. But if the person I’m talking to is being a real asshole – like Sean Hannity, Juan Cole,  or Charlie Wolf – I’ll occasionally throw the rules out the window and fight no-holds-barred.
Even though Charlie started the rudeness, I was afraid Press TV might punish me with a six-week suspension, or a ten thousand dollar fine, for interrupting Charlie, telling him to shut up, and accusing him of mendacity and incitement to genocide. But it turns out that in television debating, as in televised sports, brawls are good for ratings. Or as the Irish proverb puts it: If you want a crowd, start a fight.

So Press TV is called me back for another go at Charlie today. It should be showing up there soon.

Meanwhile, here is yesterday’s show, which is rapidly going viral.

Watch video: ‘Zionist-owned media distort Gaza war truth, encouraging genocide’

16 Thoughts to “Lyin’ for Zion: Pro-Israel media incites genocide”

  1. Anonymous

    I went to a christmas concert last night at the elementary school, and all I could think of was all those little kids in Gaza being bombed back to the stone age, again. people here in this country have no idea the extent of the terror, and atrocities that we are all complicit in through our doing nothing. Those cowardly worms in the idf would run like the dogs they are, if they ever came up against an opposing force with even half their strength.

  2. Anonymous

    Atta boy, Kevin!

    I think it's time we wear the "anti Semite" smear as a badge of honor, I know I do. It only works as ammunition for the zionists if we're afraid of it.

    If we let the dirty bastards know that we think it's a compliment, they'll quit using it faster than an Israeli missile can kill a 13 year old Palestinian soccer player.

  3. Anonymous


    Great Thanks to Kevin Barrett in this classic defense of truth and justice, with a panache
    of blunt confrontation, that Kevin is not afraid to let fly.

    The only comment for discussion I have is the thinking that Obama might actually do something positive. Remember who bombed Libya back to the stone age!

    Bruce Marshall

  4. Anonymous

    Good going, Kevin! You stood up to the Zionist liars with the power of truth. Glad you got that in, yesterday, about 9/11 being a zionist action

  5. Anonymous

    You got BIG ones Kevin!
    Just as the silver bullet is to the wereWolf so is the truth to Charlie Wolf.

  6. Anonymous

    "Beware of those cothed in fine raiment etc…"

    For all his fancy clothes he couldn't help but look like a stunned mullet gulping for air in the bottom of the boat, waiting anxiously for the final blow.

    Well done old chap.

  7. I loved when you said to him truly shut up!

    you should have said to him ima nasr ima shahada… victory or martyr man he would have called agent cameron to the rescue

  8. Anonymous

    BWAHAHAHAHA. Beat with the 9-11 club. Stellar.

  9. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    I‘m just writing in to applaud you for your fight with Mr Wolf on Press TV.

    Please, can we have more of that in the future.

    Best of luck to you!


  10. Anonymous

    Enjoyed it very much!!! Let me know when round 2 is posted!
    Adam Syed

  11. Anonymous

    I watched the Press TV interview "featuring" Charlie Wolf. He didn't know what hit him — the Truth and Kevin Barrett — and I'm sure he's still reeling from the blows. I hope Part 2 is even better.

  12. Anonymous

    Hi and salamat Kevin

    I watched you last noght on News Analysis on Press Tv versus that staunch Zionist Jew [a great friend of Galloway and Yvonne Ridley] who is always in deliberate denial and never has anything worthwhile to say other than his usual arrogant and blind support of that racist violent Entity that is Holocausting Gaza slowly but surely.

    Hope your next round is as good as the first as someone needs to put this arrogant bastard in his place as you will find he will characteristiically always interrupt anyone who voices an iota of moral support for Hamas and Palestine/Gaza and fails to ever mention that ALL of Israel's Prime Ministers have been and still are Terrorists.

    Ceasfire is just excuse for Israel to amass MORE NEW WMDS from USA

  13. Anonymous

    I'm feeling pretty angry right now based on something I saw on facebook.

    I've noticed that a lot of people within my profession, the classical music performance profession (which includes lots of Jews), that sentiment often tilts towards Israel. A prominent professor of piano, at one of the country's top schools of music, shared the following personal letter with her friends on FB:

    Dear Friends and Family,

    Eugene and I share each of your concerns and compassion for the deaths of innocents in the Gaza-Israeli conflict. To see a young mother crying over having lost her two children brought me to tears and I hate that this is happening.

    I also am praying and crying about my sons in Israel coming under rocket fire from Hamas. Sasha was in an underground shelter at his fia
    ncee’s home on Friday during Shabbos and felt the explosions as the earth shook around him,
    and heard the sounds of bombs exploding nearby. This has been an ongoing occurrence over the years, but the American media does not report it.

    I don’t want to lose one of my children either, and I also pray that the Israeli Defense Forces are able to take out all of the Hamas rocket launching points before either or both of my sons are killed. Israel has to protect it’s population and I know from being there of the extraordinary lengths they are taking to avoid civilian casualties. Israel would prefer to not have to launch a ground invasion, but it’s either from the air or from the ground if Hamas continues sending the rockets into Israel.

    Hamas’s charter is to destroy Israel and every living Jew in the world. Can Israel negotiate with such an enemy? I don’t see how this is possible. What is Israel to do in this case? What would each of us do if confronted with such a situation in defending our loved ones and country?

    Iranian missiles are being used and supplied by an Iranian leader who is determined to destroy the Zionists as he often says, and this along with a Hamas charter that is to destroy every Jew does not give me much hope for a negotiated settlement. Murder is immoral, but killing in self-defense is not murder. Hamas wants to murder Jews!! I have pasted Michael Oren's Op-Ed in today's New York Times below for a much better explanation of what Israel is facing than any I might provide

    I am convinced that this often heard saying is as true today as it was in 1948: If the Islamist/Arab world disarmed there would be peace. If Israel disarmed, there would be no more Israel.

  14. Funny how someone can be a pathetic brainwashed moron and still play piano.

    I would have thought such a person could barely chew gum and walk.

  15. And she's a MASTER pianist, and, to boot, one of those extremely rare people who doesn't get nervous at all when performing. I guess she was just born with an extra dose of chutzpah or something.

  16. Well, psychopaths have no fear, and there's a fine line between chutzpah and psychopathy – a line that people like Silverstein and Netanyahu crossed a long time ago.

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