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Sander Hicks reports live from hurricane-battered NYC!


Live broadcast! Monday, October 29th, 6 to 7 pm Central; repeated Tuesday, 11 a.m. to noon Central (9-10 Pacific) on (then archived here a few hours after broadcast). 

Sander Hicks reports from New York City, where he gave a talk this Saturday on The Art of Social Enterprise Creation. Earlier today, Sander narrowly escaped with his car and his life from the rising waters of the Hutchinson River in the Bronx. He describes huge oak trees crashing down on buildings, power lines coming down just a few feet from him, and other fearsome hurricane sights…

Sander writes: “It was great seeing you in Madison. The Slingshot to the Juggernaut book tour was full of experiences of spiritual and political connections with my brothers and sisters in our rambunctious movement. My faith in 911 Truth was actually bolstered seeing the movement strong in places like Daytona Beach and Bloomington. I still intend to write something cumulative about the tour. I did a Zen sesshin last month, and kept a diary of the cleansing experience. Weeping and meditating and getting closer to God – all good….. /// if you can share the event link, please do…. it’s Truth Party activism, economics and spiritual creativity in the real world. Abandon fantasy, turn to reality.

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  1. Anonymous

    I want to let you know how interesting I have found Truth Jihad Radio lately.

    A couple of comments and one question.
    1. You mentioned an article of some 83 pages about the end of Israel in what I thought bewilderingly was Foreign Affairs magazine. Could it be some other place? The publication of the Council of Foreign Relations doesn't seem a likely place for such an article.
    2. Your interview with Key Dewdney was rewarding. Especially when you began to talk about the golden age of Islam and Andalusia. Dewdney quoted, in Arabic, and you translated "there is no compulsion in religion." Reminded me of David Ray Griffin once remarking that God works by persuasion, not coercion. I felt you two gelled in that hour and I was uplifted by it.
    3. Gordon Duff and the interview with breaking news on the shut down of PressTV channels in Europe: Duff insisted Tarpley had fabricated the info that the shutdown came from the European Union. What we found out was that the satellite company claimed it was the European Union and a woman from the Union said it was the decision of Eutelsat. We have two conflicting claims, although the Eutelsat claim did not convince. So Duff, I believe, owes Tarpley an apology for that. What can I call it, but slander? I wish you would get Duff to give evidence for his claims. Otherwise we are just in the land of rumor.
    I was in Vancouver at the 911 conference and talked with Webster in the foyer a number of times, once the evening before his presentation. We were both somewhat suspicious of Lindauer's work as "a CIA asset, negotiating with Sadam Hussein". I see it like you may too: Tarpley claims the Anglo American alliance is the culprit, for Thierry Meyssan it is NATO, but this imperialist network has been infiltrated by Israel and the Mossad. Look at 7/7: everywhere is Israel in London, the TV cameras, the ICTS , the phony witness on the crosstown bus, Murdoch scandal, all criminal, all Israel. London, like America, completely suborned by the Israelis. In Vancouver, Tarpley was not looking forward to his presentation for the next day. As he was leaving to prepare, he said to me somewhat confidingly: "It is hard to do this. I mean, I can do it, but one against so many tends to get ugly." And then, sotto voce: " You know they tried and sentenced people in Nuremberg for these kinds of claims." I think you may be right that this remarkable historian, who has made me reinterpret my way of seeing western history, who has seen through so much of oligarchy acting behind the conventional narrative, so much so that he is able to smell it out now, almost as it happens, may have a blind spot that he can't allow himself to see. Unconscious and rooted.

  2. Anonymous


    Finally Juan Cole.
    Congratulations on your calling him out as you did. And for other occasions where you don't shy away from the issue as I am prone to do in public. Don't beat yourself up for being harsh or cruel to a fellow middle eastern scholar. One can feel kindness in you from many directions. Kind and kindred have the same root. What was so galling about Cole was the arrogance with which he dismissed 911 truth. I wouldn't have minded so much if he admitted to not being up on the subject, but no, he had to insist on his superior understanding, which we know to be a lie. I see it so many times with those who insist they have researched the subject but obviously don't have a clue: this falsity needs to be called out. To befriend an effort, however limited or sophomoric if it is earnest and well meaning, but to criticize the 'knowledge' of the imposter.

    Dewdney claimed there were too many muslims who just want to be good citizens, to go along to get along. With the imprisonment of so many noble leaders in the muslim community on bogus charges and kangaroo courts that would make Hitler blush, how can you blame them? This must have been the intention of going after civic leaders of such character and stature…. to intimidate this way. But here is a website I just discovered from visiting Thierry Meyssan last night. I'd be surprised if you didn't know of it already.

    Great agitprop action, the savage truth from Winnipeg!

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