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FBI says “Want to blow up the Fed?” Hey, don’t give us any ideas!

Some day the FBI is going to try to entrap the wrong guy.

Re: FBI agent poses as al-Qaeda facilitator, supplies man with 1,000-pound fake bomb, then indicts him 

If an FBI agent approached me and said “here’s a 1,000 pound bomb, want to blow up the Federal Reserve?” I would say “no thank you.”

And then add: “It will take at least a 10,000 pound bomb to get the job done, so come back when you’re serious.”

But seriously, folks…I’m sure that by now there are at least fifty million Americans who would blow up the Fed if you gave them half a chance. Maybe closer to a hundred million.

Polls show that about 100 million Americans know 9/11 was an inside job. And “Fed Truth” is even more popular than 9/11 truth. Everywhere Ron Paul goes, huge crowds gather and chant “END THE FED! END THE FED!”

In another year or two, even bigger crowds will be chanting, “Blow up the Fed!”

And yet, few days ago, a Muslim kid from Bangladesh was arrested because he went along with an FBI plot to blow up the Fed.

If people keep waking up to the truth at the current rate, five years down the line, if some Muslim immigrant actually succeeds in blowing up the Fed, he’ll be elected Caliph of the USA by unanimous acclamation, given a chestful of medals, and be welcomed at ticker-tape parades across the land as a conquering hero. The FBI agents who helped him will get big promotions and bonuses…paid in real money, not Fed funny-money.

Every day, more and more Americans HATE the Federal Reserve. More and more folks are learning that about 42 cents of every dollar we spend is stolen as “interest” by the banksters. And they are using the hundreds of trillions they’re pilfering to drag America into wars for Israel, buy up all the media, and build a New World Order dictatorship.

Memo to the FBI: Better stop running around asking people to help you  blow up the Fed. Pretty soon, you won’t find anybody who’ll turn you down.

Like 100 million Americans, he wanted to help the FBI blow up the Fed.

7 Thoughts to “FBI says “Want to blow up the Fed?” Hey, don’t give us any ideas!”

  1. Anonymous

    Ha-ha! Love it. Come back when you're serious.

  2. Anonymous

    It's so obvious the FBI is making these MIHOP false-flag attacks against the main engine of the NWO. 'End the Fed' is a more pressing issue now than it ever was, because it is obviously the FBI's and the NWO's.

  3. Anonymous

    Poor attempt at humor, sorry! If I had an extra $10 Million lying around unproductive, Bain would certainly be my first choice, now! And not to worry, Bain's stature would only INCREASE from a judicious mix of clean and dirty money!

  4. Anonymous

    Hey, Kevin!

    I recall a, now eerily, similar episode of "The Rogues," in which the dynamic due set out to ruin some unscrupulous businessman, but instead succeed in making him wealthy beyond dreams.

    The plan, though well conceived, unexpectedly backfires, when the public falls in love with his shoddy products–in a way that only free advertising via the news can do!

    So, did you fall for a title AND a lot of money, or just for a fancy title?

  5. Polls from 2006 showed that about 100 million Americans know 9/11 was an inside job. You and you're alternative media friends need to commission another Zogby poll that better reflects today's opinions. I think that number has probably dropped thanks to the countless alternative, inconclusive conspiracies that have grown like a cancer ever since…

  6. 9/11 truth has spread quite a bit since 2006. And opposition has softened. Poll questions, depending on how they were phrased, might either reveal or disguise this. Lots of anti-Bush liberals who were vaguely pro-9/11 truth might come down on the other side today due to the Obama effect. But well-informed truthers are an ever-growing crowd. Virtually nobody ever goes back once they've actually looked into the issue. Today, the people who count – the guys with the guns, i.e. the military and intelligence communities – are increasingly pro-truth, meaning they know Israel did it and are going to do something about it.

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