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Ellen Mariani lawsuit rep Vincent Gillespie, historian/pundit Webster Tarpley

Fri.  10/12/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)
First hour: Vincent Gillespie is the secretary-treasurer of 9/11 family member Ellen Mariani‘s legal defense fund. Ellen Mariani, the only 9/11 family member who turned down the government’s hush money and sued Bush and Cheney for orchestrating the 9/11 false-flag event that killed her husband, is still fighting in court! (Her case is one of several in which the mobbed-up courts have, so far, been dishing out egregious injustice.)

Here are two open letters from Ellen explaining her actions:

You can donate to Ellen’s legal defense fund here.

Second hour: Webster Tarpley is one of America’s most important historians and commentators. On most of the core issues of our time – the almost unimaginable corruption of the Bush crime family, the 9/11 inside job, the CIA-sponsored campaign of Barack Obama, the economic cataclysm being unleashed on the world by the banksters, and now the “Just Too Weird” story behind Netanyahu buddy Mitt Romney – Tarpley has gotten there first. He calls his brand-new book Just Too Weird: Bishop Romney and the Mormon Takeover of America: Polygamy, Theocracy and Subversion, “a study of Mormonism and the danger of a permanent austerity dictatorship under Romney and the CIA-FBI Mormon Mafia.”

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