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Did a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon on 9/11?

Mon.  10/22/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

Shelton Lankford, USMC

Guests: Ex-Marine officer Shelton Lankford, #1 9/11 blogger Craig McGee, and YOU! Call-in lines are OPEN! 218-339-8525

Did a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon on 9/11? 

The official story says yes – but abundant evidence shows that this is, shall we say, highly unlikely.

At the beginning of 2002, just a few months after 9/11, the original 9/11 truth mega-force, Thierry Meyssan, wrote the biggest blockbuster in French publishing history, L’Effrayeuse imposture, proving the Pentagon wasn’t hit by a big plane. Meyssan convinced the whole Muslim world that 9/11 was a fraud. His book was the most important single factor leading to France’s refusal to join the US war on Iraq. Meyssan’s bestseller was perhaps the most important and influential 9/11 truth book of all time, because it came out early enough to have a major impact on history.

Since then, the disinfo operators have been targeting Meyssan, and trying to obfuscate the obvious fact that no 757 hit the Pentagon. (My recent radio guest Ken Jenkins is not one of those operators – he’s just honestly mistaken in asserting that his misguided friends have a case, when they don’t.)

Craig McKee

Today I’ll be taking calls on this issue, as well as discussing it with former Marine officer and Pilots for 9/11 Truth member Shelton Lankford, who quit the 9/11 consensus panel because it seemed bent on obscuring the obvious fact that there IS a consensus within the truth movement that no 757 hit the Pentagon, and that CIT’s research is solid; and Craig McKee, who has replaced a certain tarnished website to become THE “9/11 blogger.”

Note: David Ray Griffin’s book 9/11: Ten Years Later does a good job discussing the Pentagon evidence and showing why the case for a 757 hit doesn’t stand up to critical reflection. Unfortunately, he takes far too seriously the handful of people (several of whom have infiltrated “gatekeeper” positions) who pose as “truthers who think a 757 did hit the Pentagon.” That’s a lot like the “truthers who think WTC-7 fell down from office fires.” By taking these clowns seriously, David inadvertently supports the illusion that there is a legitimate debate on this issue within the truth movement. And there’s no better way to stir up destructive intra-movement fights than by making ridiculous assertions, like “a 757 hit the Pentagon” or “Basiago teleported to Mars with Barack Obama and encountered carniverous martian plesiosaurs.”

A carbon-fiber 757 nose did THIS? After traveling through three rings of the Pentagon, as shown below?!

7 Thoughts to “Did a Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon on 9/11?”

  1. Anonymous

    Great discussion all.

    As a Truther since late '03 when I woke up to 911 and have followed & contributed to the movement since, so much to say re the waves of cog.dissonance issues endured along the way, as "leaders" would go from apple of my eye one year, only to descend to shill/agent the next.

    I recall when 911bLIHOPer, once a daily pitstop (I never reg'd a handle there though, posted a few dozen comments b4 they required registration), got obviously co-opted in what, around '07?

    Then for a couple years I thought Real-Truther/Gretavo of wtcdemolition was da shit (he was among 911b's post-co-opt purgees); but sure enough strange events started happenening at WTCD, including the banning of the ever articulate & funny Adam Syed; and the banning of my own freshly minted handle there in '09 after only 1 day & 3-4 comment posts in a surreal sequence of dialog where I was accused by the tiny clique there of being a spook; and I wrote WTCD off. Bollyn did a revealing piece on WTCD's Gretavo (Gus… son of a US State Dept spook),

    But not much compared to the way the pentagon divisiveness exposed a whole slew of "deep cover agents", virtually all of whom I formerly believed were sincere.

    And you know what nailed their cred coffins in my eyes? The principal voices of this newly formed "hijacked airliner hit pentagon" (HAHP) clique, who were formerly strictly objective in their articles/comments, & keen in their observance of the various disinfo ploys which the 911 perps/minions were using against us; then these same folks suddenly & conspicuously began deploying every fallacy in the 25 Rules of Disinfo (ad-homs, ridicule, straw men, question motives, etc) when seeking to make the HAHP position the "official 9/11 TM position".

    And as Adam noted during this show, this new HAHP clique were plainly working together in coercing this fraudulent HAHP position upon the honest but relatively voiceless "little truthers" in the TM. So that's one of the huge victories I think this TJ show achieved: debunking the notion the the HAHP question is somehow "divisive", with the TM "split down the middle", which is total bull. Like you all agreed, this HAHP clique is perhaps 20 fake truthers who spent the early several years appearing sincere & building cred; then they attempted to pool their cred capital to torpedo questions surrounding HAHP, using brazenly dishonest "reasoning", but hoping their apparent "unanimity" will ram their HAHP disinfo gambit through, while shaming dissenters (most of the honest TM) into silence.

    All they've achieved is to blow their respective deep-covers, in one fell swoop… LOL. Jonathan Pollard could hardly have done greater damage to the 911 TM's deep cover spook house.

    Remember when they pretended to accept that the initial small round hole in the outside of the pentagon, was not in fact from the outside, but rather from inside, like pentagon ring 3 or whatever where the HIJACKED JETLINER came to a stop? And this was obviously not the case… but numerous "big name" (fake) truthers were enforcing this surreal nonsense at the newly co-opted 911B.

    And when Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory Pentagon show aired in Dec '10, making a very no-HAHP-friendly case; the 911B HAHP clique were howling their ridicule & disgust the following day, having only giving it 2nd Class posting visibility on their Blogs page. Full show, 43 mins:

  2. Well said, Anonymous, and thank you for the kind words. One correction, though: Gretavo didn't ban me at WTCD. I asked him to close my account in protest. This was when he started getting too paranoid in his vision that everyone under the sun except him was a "fake truther." He suggested that Craig and Aldo of CIT were saboteurs working hand in hand with the Hoffmans and Legges to divide the movement. (Niels Harritt also subscribes to this bizarre theory.) In one comment (I think this was after I'd left), he referred to both myself and Kevin Barrett as fake truthers, in the same sentence.

    "I could give a rat's ass what you think about Kevin Barrett or Adam Syed. As far as I'm concerned they are both fake truthers and I posted your comment not because I think there is any value to the interview it is promoting but because I'm the business of studying and exposing what I consider to be the individuals and methods involved in attempting to thwart the cause of 9/11 truth." – Gretavo, webmaster of

    Yes, when 911B back-paged the Ventura Pentagon show and howled at what an unfortunate moment it was for the movement that the show occurred, it was clear to anyone with a Forrest Gump IQ or higher that the site was overrun with Sunstein infil-traitors.

  3. Barrett, I listened to the whole show. Disgusting. I ask you to observe Mr. Syed's actions here involving his publishing of David Ray Griffin's email entitled “DRG's response to Paul T's Letter”.

    Craig McKee banned me at Truth and Shadows without just cause and he endorses Syed actions in regards to Syed's obscene, defamatory, and vicious hit piece on me. . It's hilarious that I made more that one effort to defend you against the same wrong tactics that your gang now uses against me. What I sucker I was. I consider you to be a dangerous gang of internet bullies now. I challenge one and all of you onto the air and promise you my full resistance for the duration.


  4. 911artists is hilarious. I created the thread, entitled "911Artists: Why people have problems with you" precisely because Paul has a habit of trolling threads, exactly as he has done here on this blog. I created the thread to post each and every time Paul whines like a 2-year-old.

    911Artists: Why People Have Problems With You

  5. Barrett, why do you not publish my response to Syed here?

  6. i published one, which is perhaps more than you deserve

    i've spoken to you, and you come off as all ego, no concern for 9/11 truth in itself

    what you're doing here is being a troll

    go away

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