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Dane Wiggington of GeoengineeringWatch; Jim Fetzer on Alfred Webre’s betrayal

Mon.  10/1/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio  (archived here.)

First hour: Dane Wiggington from picks up where Michael Murphy left off two weeks ago. Why in the world ARE they Spraying?  Tune in and find out!

And don’t miss Dane’s excellent summary/intro to the geoengineering/chemtrails issue just published at Nature Bats Last.

Plesiosaur frolicking in the martian oceans after devouring Andrew Basiago.  IF ONLY.

Second hour: Jim Fetzer comes on for a debriefing on the controlled demolition of the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings by Alfred Webre, one of the worst scoundrels ever to cognitively infiltrate the 9/11 truth movement.

When Jim Fetzer and Joshua Blakeney were looking for a judge for the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings last winter, they offered the job to Alfred Webre, who served as judge at the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunals last year. Then we discovered that Webre had apparently gone off the deep end: He was endorsing and distributing stories told by Andrew Basiago, who claims to be a participant in a secret CIA time travel program. Basiago, hilariously, imagines that as a child, he was sent by the CIA in a time machine to Gettysburg, where he had his photo taken at the site of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address just minutes after it was delivered. Even more hilariously, Basiago claims to have teleported “beam-me-up-Scotty style” to Mars alongside Barack Obama, where the two of them barely escaped being devoured by carnivorous martian dinosaurs. (Yes, Webre claims to actually believe this stuff!)

I strongly advised Jim and Joshua to dump Webre. Being fair-minded to a fault, Jim contacted Webre and was assured that no, Webre would certainly never contaminate the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings by linking them in any way with his “exotic” teleportation, time travel, and UFO material. On that condition, Jim (ill-advisedly, in my view) allowed Webre to serve as a judge in Vancouver.

After the final day of the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings, Webre had dinner with author-journalist Barbara Honegger and retired psychologist Ernst Rodin. At this dinner, in the presence of both witnesses, Webre announced that he intended to find a way around (i.e., break) the promise he had made to Jim Fetzer, and include Andrew Basiago’s ludicrous claims in the “indictments” issued by the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings!

Basiago claims that CIA time travelers learned that 9/11 was going to happen almost 30 years in advance, and decided to let it happen because they didn’t believe in messing with the future. Even worse: In one version, the time travelers visited two different timelines – one in which 9/11 didn’t happen and the earth was destroyed by rogue planet Niburu, and another in which 9/11 did happen and the earth was saved. So naturally, our heroic leaders decided to do the right thing and save the planet by letting/making 9/11 happen. (Wow! A cosmic alibi! Zelikow and Sunstein must have been smoking PCP when they came up with that one.)

Barbara Honegger contacted me in August about the Webre problem, and I passed her concerns on to Jim Fetzer. As I understand it, Jim checked in with Webre and got the impression that Webre was going to honor his promise, and include only Vancouver 9/11 Hearings participants’ material in his indictments. (Basiago, needless to say, was not a participant – I assume he was too busy dodging man-eating martian dinosaurs.)

Three weeks ago, during the 11th anniversary 9/11 events in New York City, Barbara contacted me again, pointing out that Webre had indicated that he WAS going to include Basiago in the Vancouver indictments. Barbara and I contacted Jim Fetzer, who finally seemed to grasp the seriousness of the problem. Jim asked Webre about Webre’s apparent intentions of betraying his promise. Webre responded in long, evasive, weaselly diatribes that made it clear that yes, Alfred Webre was a liar and a scumbag who was going to break his sacred word not to bring Basiago-type stuff into the Vancouver Hearings and indictments.

By endorsing Basiago’s tall tales, and betraying his promises, Webre has destroyed every last shred of credibility he ever enjoyed in both the UFO and 9/11 fields. He has made a prima facie case, through his own actions, that he is a cognitive infiltrator.

After discussing this bizarre series of events with people who know something about UFOs and cognitive infiltration, I am told that Webre was already a suspected cognitive infiltrator even before he went off on his Basiago tangent. Webre is one of those self-styled “UFO experts” who take the position that the ETs, the “kindly space brothers,” are entirely benign; their only intention is to bring us earthlings into the inter-galactic Federation ruled by an interstellar version of international law. This polyanna-ish view simply does not fit the facts of the UFO phenomenon, as those facts have been established by such competent investigators as Jacques Vallée, John Keel, David Jacobs, and others. But Webre has no interest in actual facts; his writing – most notably in his book Exopolitics – is all on such a high level of abstraction that it is mostly meaningless. The man is, and has always been, blowing smoke. Now he’s trying to damage the 9/11 truth movement by bringing Basiago’s lunatic hallucinations into it. That’s what I call blowing toxic smoke.

Alfred, kindly teleport yourself back to Betelgeuse…and tell Basiago we’d all be better off if he’d died at Gettysburg, or been devoured by a man-eating martian dinosaur.

Obama and Basiago, just before the plesiosaur attack

8 Thoughts to “Dane Wiggington of GeoengineeringWatch; Jim Fetzer on Alfred Webre’s betrayal”

  1. Cognitive infiltrators aren't necessarily conscious of serving somebody else's nefarious agenda (although presumably some may be deliberate dissemblers).

    The most effective purveyors of "beneficial diversity" within a historical truth movement may be the "useful idiots". They are sincere in their beliefs, evince a benign concern for humanity, and possess the impressive — though single minded — rationality of an idiot-savant.

    They become tools of disinformation when funding for their public activities is "serendipitously" forthcoming, the complicated logistics that might otherwise stifle their message are mysteriously "made straight", "and the rough places plain".

  2. Anonymous

    the truth is, they have girl eating dinosaurs on Uranus, and transvestite eating dinosaurs on Pluto, and dinosaurs who eat only mexicans on Mercury, with a spate of hungarian eating dinosaurs on Venus. Given those dynamics, it's only fair that on Mars there'd be man eaters, but truly in today's P.C. world, best not to get into differentiation too much and just go with 'those friendly critters that just love to nibble on you a tad' to avoid the pitfalls of being accused of racism, or in the Mars case, of 'homo-gastronomy-ism' for sure, eh?

  3. I'm involved in this idiocy. Webre is cogent, cognitive, capable and coherent.

    Webre is a willing intelligence asset.

  4. Anonymous

    Our own government wouldn't spray us like lab rats…would they?

    Revealed: Army scientists secretly sprayed St Louis with 'radioactive' particles for YEARS
    to test chemical warfare technology

  5. Anonymous

    This Fetzer-Webre thing is quite interesting. Since I have long viewed them both as rather suspect, my first intuition is that this "spat" is a staged event, designed to divide Fetzer's dupes and minions from Webre's. (I.e. I expect Fetzer chose Webre as Vancouver "judge" for this very purpose.) This will not affect me personally, since I'm stuck on neither Webre nor Fetzer. My hope is that friends of mine, like Kevin, Tony, Josh and STS, will make this their occasion to snap out of the Fetzer camp.

  6. Anonymous

    Alfred's alter ego is Giorgio A. Tsoukalos.

  7. Anonymous

    I've been warning Kevin since shortly after the the dinner that Alfred was going to try to bring in the Basiago material based on what he said at the dinner with me and Ernst. After a show I did with Kevin we talked on the phone at length and warned him that Alfred had an online seminar on his website then scheduled for mid August explicitly on the links between the Basiago time travel material and 9/11, which Kevin wasn't aware of, and he said he'd get in touch with you to alert you and ask you to get with Alfred to have it removed or delayed until after the Hearings process, which Kevin got back to me and said you had done. He got back and said you'd talked with Alfred and that he'd gotten angry and said that the rejection of ETs was the 'new discrimination' like discrimination against gays. However, when I checked Alfred's website just after that, the seminar linking time travel to 9/11 was gone. I e-mailed Alfred and asked what happened to it and he got back and said that he'd moved it to next year, 2013. I spent a month pulling together the information in the timeline and sent it to Kevin so he'd see how totally absurd Alfred's claims were and how long and how in depth he'd been making them and sent them to Kevin to further warn him and ask him to get with you again. After meeting personally with Kevin at the NYC conference, Kevin said that he'd gotten to you again but hadn't heard back. Right after that Alfred sent us the copy of his e-mail to Judge Imposimato to which he'd attached only Basiago's affidavit, and the rest if history.

  8. Check out for a paper by Brazilian climatologist Prof. Nasif Nahle on the repeatability of Prof. R.W. Wood’s 1909 experiment that disproved the theory of a “greenhouse gas effect.”

    There is no physical principle, and no experimental demonstration, supporting the hypothesis of a “greenhouse gas effect” caused by any atmospheric gas absorbing and emitting IR (infrared) radiation.

    CO2 or methane-caused global warming or “climate change” is a fake cover story for localized and regional weather manipulation by means of particulate and aerosol spraying, coupled with ionospheric heating systems related to HAARP.

    Al Gore hornswoggled “progressive” and green activists by giving them a big stick – CO2 from burning fossil fuels acting like a greenhouse and causing catastrophic global warming – with which to beat the big, bad, greedy energy corporations.

    Now those who want to save the Earth zealously defend the fake science of “greenhouse gas effect.” They never notice the bait-and-switch in the term “Anthropogenic” (i.e. man-made) “global climate change” (instead of “global warming”). This new term precisely describes the effects of geo-engineering. Global weather wierdness has nothing to do with the imaginary “greenhouse gas effect.”

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