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Does Israel want war with Iran to keep a lid on 9/11? Let’s ask Christopher Bollyn!

Tuesday, September 25th, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Central (9-11 Pacific) on (archived here a few hours after broadcast).

Guest: Christopher Bollyn, author of Solving 9/11 – the best book on the Israeli-Zionist role in 9/11, and one of the most important books on the 9/11 truth bookshelf.

My article “Israel Seeks War with Iran to Keep a Lid on 9/11” has gone viral – it’s the most-read article on both Press TV and Veterans Today.  Christopher Bollyn writes:

“I think your latest article about Netanyahu and Iran is very good.  It is a good place to begin the discussion in my opinion…We should also mention Ellen Mariani’s appeal to the Supreme Court.”

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