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Chicago is here*, wish you were beautiful

I’m in Chicago’s Union Station en route to New York’s 9/11/2012 events, including the Off the Radar Film Festival and the Ground Zero 9/11 symposium and protests.

Alternative AIDS researcher Andrew Maniotis. I just met him for the first time,
totally at random, on the streets of Chicago.

Since I had a couple of hours to kill during my train layover, I exited the station and hung out by the Adams Street Bridge overlooking the Chicago River. Across the river, the top of the Sears Tower extended toward the sky like the giant middle finger of Larry Silverstein, who bought the Sears Tower with his ill-gotten insurance-fraud profits on the World Trade Center. A short, stocky black guy in a purple NY Yankees cap with pink stripes tried to sell me Snickers bars at two for a dollar. Then along came a spry, silver-haired guy in baggy blue jeans and a baggier white T-shirt barking into a cell phone. He sounded…what can I say…conspiratorial. He was yakking with somebody about biotechnology and AIDS conspiracies and how they are on the brink of proving that AIDS was created in a petri dish. When he hung up I introduced myself…turned out it was the alternative AIDS researcher Dr. Andrew Maniotis, who did a radio interview with Deanna Springola yesterday, and who has worked with my late, great frequent guest Lynn Margulis among other mutual acquaintances. (I mentioned that before she died, Lynn told me that her research was yielding an effective treatment for Lyme; Andy said that’s absolutely correct, and he’ll tell me about it when I invite him on the radio.)

It’s a small conspiracy world after all.  Andy gave me his phone number, said he’d heard of me, and is looking forward to joining me on Truth Jihad Radio one of these days!

Wonder who I’ll run into on the streets of New York.

*Silverstein and Mayor Rahm “son of a zio-terrorist” Emmanuel haven’t nuked it yet.

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  1. Dude your living in another time zone – It's now called the Willis Tower now – Took my family up to the top once – Beautiful view! My daughter 12 at the time, upon reaching the top viewing floor cried out " hope there's no planes up here!" – The tower is a magnificent building as is all of Chicago… Best pizzas in the world! Um- So your into nukes now? I still don't see any strong evidence that implicates your pal Silver – um , scum?! Best to you and yours from Canada.

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