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US Army psy-ops behind Wisconsin massacre?

Wade Michael Page, the “man with a 9/11 tattoo” blamed for the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting, turns out to be a US Army psy-ops specialist.

Does the US military, or corrupt forces within it, stage false-flag massacres of civilians inside the US and other “friendly” countries as a kind of “psychological operation”?
Of course it does.

Remember Operation Northwoods? Every member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff signed off on a document proposing that the US military massacre civilians in American cities in order to achieve a political objective: Demonize Cuba and grease the skids for war.

Remember Operation Gladio? The Pentagon, through NATO, organized bombings and shootings in the streets of Europe. When one of the terrorists got caught, he explained at his trial: “You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public to turn to the State to ask for greater security.” He later explained the “strategy of tension” to the BBC: “To create tension within the country to promote conservative, reactionary social and political tendencies.”

Is somebody trying to “promote conservative, reactionary social and political tendencies” in the US today by staging massacres like the recent shootings in Wisconsin and Colorado? Reports of multiple shooters, and other witness statements that don’t fit the official “lone nut” story, suggest that this may be the case.

We recently learned that the notorious “DC Sniper” – the US Army Special Forces whiz who changed his name to “Muhammad” just in time to go on a shooting spree – was a government-sponsored false-flag operation.

When someone starts killing “civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game,” it causes public opinion to swing towards acceptance of hard-line government authority. It makes people run to the state for protection. It stops the people from questioning their leaders, and makes them more willing to do insane things like march off to war.

The neocon agenda aims to turn the US into an authoritarian state at perpetual war with the enemies of Israel. Today, the Zionist plan to smash the Middle East into pieces is running up against the intransigence of Russia, China, and Iran. World War III looms.

Are we being reduced to mental slavery to prevent us from protesting as our leaders get ready to kill most of us in a big nuclear exchange?

That is a big question to ponder on Hiroshima Day.

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  1. Kevin,

    May I share this post at my place (with full credit and links, of course)?

  2. Anonymous

    We have continued assaulting Iran. We turned down peace with Iran in 2003 and instead trained MeK terrorists to conduct terror operations for us in Iran (they had already been conducting their own terror operations before this). Now the MeK does terror operations for Mossad.

    I think Obama will attack Israel in the week leading up to the Republican National Convention (August 20-26). Our media are helping the Zionists hide the fact that an Israeli or US attack on Iran's civilian nuclear facilities would expose thousands of our own troops to lethal doses of radiation and hundreds of thousands of civilians. The impact from attacking Iran’s nuclear reactor in Bushehr alone would be devastating. Bahrain is home to US Naval Forces Central Command and the US 5th Fleet. If Bahrain will be heavily affected, as Cordesman and Toukan state in their study, then our troops will be too:

    "Most definitely Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE will be heavily affected by the radionuclides."

    "Any strike on the Bushehr Nuclear Reactor will cause the immediate death of thousands of people living in or adjacent to the site, and thousands of subsequent cancer deaths or even up to hundreds of thousands depending on the population density along the contamination plume."

    (See: page 90, Anthony H. Cordesman and Abdullah Toukan, Study on a Possible Israeli Strike on Iran’s Nuclear Development Facilities, March 14, 2009, )

    Sam Freeman

  3. Anonymous

    Hello Kevin Barrett, I think you need to adjust your first sentence in this story. Wade Page NEVER had a 9/11 tattoo.
    Thank you

  4. That's why it's in quotes. That was what the mainstream media was reporting.

    If I accepted it as fact, it wouldn't be in quotes.

  5. Anonymous

    thanks for sharing.

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