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“Free speech Friday” with holocaust revisionist Nick Kollerstrom

Truth Jihad Radio Fri. 8/3/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Post your questions to my Facebook page.

“Free speech Friday” has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

We were unable to reach Nick Kollerstrom last Friday, so we’ve re-booked him for today. Nick is the author of the best book on the 7/7 London bombings, Terror on the Tube. (Watch the great new 7/7 video Kollerstrom and Farrell Are Dead.)

Nicholas Kollerstrom, PhD, has two history of science degrees, one from Cambridge 1968, plus a PhD from London, 1995. He was an honorary member of staff of University College, London for 11 years. He co-edited The Case Against War (Spokesman, comprising the CND legal arguments against the Iraq war) and then co-organised the Belgrano Inqury in 1986, publishing The Unnecessary War as its proceedings in 1998. Nick risked his reputation as a first-rate historian of science, and got kicked out of University College, London, by researching the evidence for Nazi gassings in WWII death camps – and finding that evidence underwhelming. His findings are illegal in many European countries.

Nick has been vilified and boycotted by much of the UK 9/11 truth movement due to his views on the holocaust.

Though I do not share Nick’s views, I don’t think people should be vilified, boycotted, or jailed for expressing unpopular views about history. Nick has impressed me as a competent and careful thinker and researcher. If he is wrong, those who disagree with him ought to calmly explain why, using logic and evidence. Their immediate resort to hysteria and witch-hunting creates a presumption that his views cannot be properly refuted. Those who vilify and boycott him, therefore, obviously believe, deep down inside, that Nick is right. (The biggest holocaust deniers on earth are the people who have passed and enforced laws against holocaust denial – they obviously believe the holocaust is a fantasy so ridiculous that it can only be maintained by jailing people who do historical research.)

Me, I’m still learning about this topic. So I’m going to listen to Nick and try to evaluate his arguments, which you can read about in his articles:

The Auschwitz gas chamber illusion  (the article that got Nick thrown out of University College)

 The Walls of Auschwitz (the chemical evidence)

11 Thoughts to ““Free speech Friday” with holocaust revisionist Nick Kollerstrom”

  1. Anonymous

    Kevin, This is the documentary I was talking about: "Kitty:Return to Auschwitz"

  2. Anonymous

    shoah=nakba=calamity or catastrophe befalling one national community at the hands of another vengeful or irredentist national community.

    holocaust=greek or roman sacrificial offering of an animal killed and burnt whole on an altar to a god of the earth or the underworld.

    See also "Final Solution to the Jewish Question", and "Plan for the Systematic Extermination of All European Jews by the National Socialist government of Germany and their collaborators in German-occupied Europe": a libel fabricated by the victorious Nuremberg prosecutors against the German People and the ideals of German National Socialism, some of which were noble.

    National Socialist anti-Jewish Nordic-Aryan racial supremacism was inspired by, and a mirror image of, traditional anti-Goyim Jewish tribal supremacism.

    National Socialist Germany (in large measure collaborating with Zionist leaders) was guilty of an attempted cultural genocide of Western European Jews, which led directly to the wrongful deaths of half a million Jews of Western Europe, and indirectly the deaths of another half million Jews in Eastern Europe who were victims of pogroms for being seen as collaborators with the Soviet Russian occupation.

    National Socialist Germany was guilty of imposing collective punishment on ordinary European Jews for the post-Versailles economic rape of Germany with the complicity of prominent Jewish international banking and investment interests.

    Soviet Russia, Imperial Japan, the USA and its Allies were guilty of equally heinous crimes against humanity.

    Holocaust Museums dishonor the victims of the National Socialist genocide of European Jews by propagating obscene, hateful lies which have traumatized several generations of Jews into a pathological Jewish moral excepionalism justifying Zionism's genocide of the people of Palestine.

  3. Thanks for the very perceptive feedback!

    I don't yet have a firm opinion on the holocaust debate, though the more I learn, the less convinced I am of the official story (or at least the 6 million/official exterminationist plan/gas chambers parts.) All those people in jail for doing revisionist historiography is the strongest evidence that something is rotten in Denmark, or Poland as the case may be.

    I do think that very large numbers of people, including a great many Jews, died in those camps, and that the racist round-up was a terrible crime against humanity. But the West may have canonized an exaggerated version of events. If saying that is enough to get me jailed in Germany, then bring it on!

  4. Anonymous

    Actually, I think ZCF may have been driven off one or two webservers recently, I saw when I looked at the site last week.
    Who is the New World Order? Is it Freemasons/Illuminatti? Organized Jewry? ruled by an elite of international Banking/central banking Jews? I don't think anyone much thinks it is WASPS; but some imagine the vague Vatican/Jesuits are the culprits. This last would have been most persuasive perhaps a hundred and fifty years ago.
    Back to the Holocaust, which seems to be the only important thing about WW II now.
    The most pressing thing and something you could serve mankind to tackle from time to time, is the need to silence those who question the official mythology. Rather than
    counter with sensible presentation of evidence and open honesty, the Powers of the State are brought to bear and crush the searchers for truth in Germany, France, Switzerlans, and the British mix of England Canada Australia. Most people have no idea that this is going on and it needs more light shed on it. Shedding light does not mean that you favor
    the dissident views but rather that you would use your position as having a VOICE to push
    for freedom of speech about this histoprical matter and encourage unhampered research
    and discussion on this one element of history forbidden as a topic of discussion and
    illegal to disagree with.
    I feel great sympathy for people like and esp Germar Rudolf who was interviewed interestingly by Carolyn Yaeger, who can sometimes be offputting in manner. I recommend the interview. Also, I watched a talk by Rudolf from an IHR Conference
    in maybe 2003 or earlier, and he mentions, that 60,000 people in Germany were
    prosecuted for thought crimes between 1992 and 1997 or some similar spread of five years
    which were the most recent he could get data for.
    I enjoy your program and have not listened for a while, Mr. Barrett!
    It seems a lot of work to have to come up with so many interviewees and do prep to
    ask appropriate questions and give suitable input, although it must be a bit easier with repeat guests like affable Gordon Duff. And as I write this email, you are announcing that Henry Makow is the next guest. I like him also; he had a brief radio program that was good; I listened to the archives at some point.
    Which makes me think of Christopher Jon Bjerknes; he gives great interviews but I have not seen anything new in a few years. He is the author of books about Einstein and the
    Armenian genocide and in the latter his researches revealed the leadership of the Young Turks and architects of the genocide were Zionist crypto-Jews, the Donmeh of Turkey
    about whom Wayne Madsen wrote intriguingly last year.
    Sorry to ramble on.

  5. Anonymous

    I am listening to some of your archives. I like Gordon Duff, and am routinely surprised by
    his mentioning his presence in or connections with world players. His manner is congenial.
    And Mark Glenn I like; he interviews lots of Middle Eastern heavy accented journalists.
    In the the program I am listening to now, you affirm your belief in the "Holocaust"
    but then add a caveat that maybe it wasn't exactly as claimed or somthing to that effect.
    That makes you officially a Denier, like it or not. Be cautious about European travel especiall to occupied Germany. You are not permitted to pick and choose what is true
    and what not with the brand-named "Holocaust", although you do have freedom of speech in the US still. I am not sure about Canada; probably not.
    In an interview by DSeanna Spingola with Mark Weber, both of whom I like, Mark made
    a statement saying he believes that there were gas chambers, and presumably a German
    scheme to exterminate Jews, I guess. I was quite surprised and he did not say the
    source of information that compelled his belief other than that it appeared a lot of people were sent to some camp[s]- I do not remember what the name was- and there is no record of them leaving; and the facilities are totally gone. Still, to presume homocidal gas chambers surprised me enormously.
    If he has reason to believe what he said, and he is generally very measured and does not over reach, he should speak of and write of it more as people are continuously searching for the truth in this matter. I would like to know more. Perhaps [and not for my benefit of course] you might invite him on as a guest and tell him ahead of time you'd like to ask about this matter so as to not catch him off guard as such a revision might excite annoying call-ins and he might feel under attack. He was uneasy with Spingola on this
    and some cranky people called in to rake up old IHR wounds.
    The Spingola interview is on google video or youtube. Mark Weber has a weekly podcast
    type thing on Voice of Reason Radio in which he speaks, as in compelling lectures, on some single topic weekly. Very well spoken and informative presentations, to my mind.
    There have been some programs about Hitler and WW II Germany centered around emerging books which at last are allowing truthful information about Germany without slander, lies and vitriolic propaganda.
    Spingola interviews someone named Veronica Clark [if my memory serves me well]
    who is a researcher about Hitler and his Germany which she views in a very different
    manner than what we are used to; and explains why. She might be a good interviewee
    as would Deeana Spinola whom I only recently became aware of.
    If you dared, you might interview Zion Crime Factory-ZCF- who is a young man who wisely does not reveal his name as Judaic agents are so violently repressive; in fact Mark Glen spoke of threats to his family in the wilds of Idaho. is a website already kaput when I discovered it but it maintains an account of it's proprietor's, apparently another young man, as pictured there, was harrassed and his websites cancelled. The remaining site is minus the apparently rich archives it once had.

  6. Anonymous

    The Holocaust Museums in USA costs the American public billions of dollars and the event did not even happen to Americans, did not happen on American soil, or was not in any way caused by Americans. It happened to people who would one day come to American, gain enormous wealth, and take over the government for themselves…The Holocaust Museum receives 50 million a year as special national museum, given to it by Clinton when he got into his scrape with Monical Lewinsky and needed the zionist press to defend him.

  7. Anonymous

    When you look into the Holocaust you are treading on what I call is-isn't territory. Is a degree from Harvard or Yale impressive? It is and it isn't. Admission to these schools is reserved for the best and the brightest and then again not. Sub atomic physicists are in is-isn't territory when they model their speculations on metaphysics as they are wont to do: charm, strange forces that sort of thing. The Germans have a strange national philosophy now and as you know have quite a lot of influence in the EU. They won't tolerate Scientology because they have outlawed undemocratic organizations and many think Scientology to be a cult and less than democratic. Ostensibly, their argument against historical revisionism is that it could be seen to lend support or credence retrospectively to the Nazis as being a maligned organization which is anathema to their current umwelt.

    Can we tease out the the motivations for disallowing Holocaust questioning? Well, we can and we can't. It seems that the motivations for protecting the story is on some level genuine. I get the feeling, and it is purely subjective, that many Holocaust deniers are anti-Semites and they are part of the cadre that blames everything on "the Jews." I get a strong feeling that these anti-Semites have nothing but contempt for what Finkelstein calls the Holocaust Industry and that this contempt runs so high that were there not a Holocaust, there certainly should be.

    I wish I could remember what they were called but I have become aware of what I will call threshold numbers. We know that merchants use numbers as "tells." A twenty percent off sale for the initiated can tell you that that is the cost that the merchant will have to pay to warehouse the item until the next season. Retail mark up is around fifty percent so a forty percent off sale is approaching the cost of the item. There is the famous and ubiquitous $9.99 to represent ten dollars and is supposedly a psychological manipulation. Anything ending in less then a 9 in a store is often a signal that it is a close out like $8.84. These threshold numbers have their place historically as well. I read somewhere that the 6,000,000 number had occurred (like a test drive) before during WWI, I think, and 9/11 and Pearl Harbor have reached the same threshold of close to 3,000. Supposedly these threshold numbers have been tested in focus groups and vetted for the effect that they have. It is an interesting thought at any rate.

    Greater than even questioning The Holocaust, is questioning the "holiness" of WWII per se. No one denies that WWI was caused by the rotting aristocracy playing god. Skip WWII and conventional wisdom will state that Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and more and more Afghanistan were wars of empire. But WWII, that was a holy war and in spite of all evidence to the contrary you can't get around that. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not genocide missions they are seen as life saving assaults! If the Japs hadn't surrendered we would have lost a million (threshold number) allied lives.

  8. Anonymous

    The Missing Hitler Orders

    Language English
    By Colin Cross, Lilliano P. Fargion, Joachim C. Fest, et al.
    Published: 1960-01-01

    As shocking as it may seem, no order for the extermination of the Jews written or authorized by Adolf Hitler has ever been discovered. Popular media frequently suggests that there is a significant amount of material from Hitler's hand that ordered a vast extermination program. The historical evidence is just the opposite. The result of this situation is that many historians presume that the order was transmitted orally or through "winks and nods." Such a position is purely theoretical and is often used to support a predetermined historical or political bias. What follows is a series of quotes from various historians, writers and thinkers who have examined this question.

    "There does not exist then, anything like a written order signed by [Hitler] for the extermination of the Jews in Europe."—Colin Cross, Adolf Hitler, (Milan, 1977), p. 313.
    * * *
    "Despite the great harvest of Nazi documents captured by the Allies at the end of the war, it is precisely the documents concerning the process of the formation of the idea of the final solution of the Jewish question that are missing, to the point that up until the present it is difficult to say how, when, and exactly by whom the order to exterminate the Jews was given."—Lilliano Picciotto Fargion, La congiura del silenzio (The Conspiracy of Silence), La Rassegna mensile d'Israel, May-August 1984, p. 226.
    * * *
    "For in the table talk, the speeches, the documents or the recollections of participants from all those years not a single concrete reference of [Hitler's] to the practice of annihilation has come down to us. No one can say how Hitler reacted to the reports of the Einsatzgruppen, whether he asked for or saw films or photos of their work, and whether he intervened with suggestions, praise, or blame. When we consider that he ordinarily transformed everything that preoccupied him into rampant speechmaking, that he never concealed his radicalism, his vulgarity, his readiness to go to extremes, this silence about the central concern of his life- involving, as it did in his mind, the salvation of the world – seems all the stranger."—Joachim C. Fest, Hitler (New York: Vintage Books, 1975), p. 681.
    * * *
    "Insofar as no one has yet discovered a written trace of this order [to liquidate the Jews under German control] in the sources which have been exploited up to the present, and insofar as it seems unlikely, it is incumbent on the historian to date it as precisely as possible by appealing to interpretation. Since the methods and the hypotheses on this subject are very numerous, we find ourselves confronted with very diverse opinions."—Saul Friedländer, L'Allemagne nazie et le genocide juif, Gallimard, Le Seuil, 1985, pp. 177-178.

  9. Anonymous

    "For the want of hard evidence — and in 1977 I offered, around the world, a thousand pounds to any person who could produce even one wartime document showing explicitly that Hitler knew, for example, of Auschwitz. My critics resorted to arguments ranging from the subtle to the sledgehammer (in one instance, literally). They postulated the existence of Fuehrer orders without the slightest written evidence of their existence. …Of explicit, written, wartime evidence, the kind of evidence that could hang a man, they have produced not one line."—David Irving, Hitler's War (London: Focal Point, 1991), pp. 19-20.
    * * *
    "To the present day a written order by Hitler regarding the destruction of the European Jewish community has not been found, and, in all probability, this order was never given."—Walter Laqueur, Was niemand wissen wollte: Die Unterdruckung der Nachrichten uber Hitlers Endlösung (What Nobody Wanted to Know: The Suppression of News About Hitler's "Final Solution"), (Berlin-Vienna, 1981), p. 190.
    * * *
    " The New York Times' … editorial (December 2, 1942) claimed that 'Of Germany's 200,000 Jews in 1939 all but 40,000 have been deported or have perished,' while going on to assert that 'according to evidence in the hands of the [U.S.] State Department, an order of Adolf Hitler demanding the extermination of all Jews in all territories controlled by Germany' was known to exist. Researchers nearly 40 years later were still searching for that order, or information leading to anyone who might have ever seen it at any time."—James J. Martin, The Man who invented 'Genocide': The Public Career and Consequences of Raphael Lemkin (Torrance: Institute for Historical Review, 1984), p. 40.
    * * *
    "No written document containing or reporting an explicit command to exterminate the Jews has come to light thus far. This does not of course mean that such direct evidence will not appear in the future. In the meantime, the presumption must be that the order or informal injunction to mass-murder Jews was transmitted orally."—Arno J. Mayer, Why did the Heavens not Darken?: The 'Final Solution' in History (New York: Pantheon Books, 1990), pp.235-36.
    * * *
    "The process by which total extermination replaced resettlement in Madagascar or 'the East' as the so-called final solution of the Jewish question remains unclear. No written order by Hitler for the extermination of the Jews has been discovered and the evidence of an oral order is only indirect. The chronology of the development of the extermination programme is also confused."—J. Noakes and G. Pridham, eds., Nazism: A History in Documents and Eyewitness accounts 1919-1945 – Vol. 2, (New York: Schocken Books, 1988), p. 1136.
    * * *
    "The archives torn from the bowels of the Third Reich, the depostions and accounts of its chiefs permit us to reconstruct in their least detail the birth and the development of its plans for aggression, its military campaigns, and the whole range of processes by which the Nazis intended to reshape the world to their pattern. Only the campaign to exterminate the Jews, as concerns its completion, as well as in many other essential aspects, remains steeped in fog. Psychological inferences and considerations, third- or fourth-hand accounts, allow us to reconstruct the developments with a considerable verisimilitude. Certain details, nevertheless, will remain unknown forever. As concerns the concept proper of the plan for total extermination, the three or four principal actors are dead. No document remains, and has perhaps never existed."—Leon Poliakov, Breviaire de la haine (Breviary of Hate) , Paris, 1979, p. 134.
    * * *
    "What became known in high Nazi circles as the Fuehrer Order on the Final Solution apparently was never committed to paper — at least no copy of it has yet been unearthed in the captured Nazi documents. "—William Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (New York: Fawcett Crest, 1960), p. 1256.

  10. Anonymous

    As I've said before, you are doing great work with 9/11 truth. I love your articles and interviews on PressTV and Veterans Today. In fact, Americans should shut off their TV's and just watch PressTV all day on their computers.

    But in my opinion, there's a component missing in the understanding of many fine truth-seekers and pundits. They don't quite catch on to what the article linked below is saying. It was written by Friedrich Paul Berg on his website, and is entitled "Auschwitz Album: Jews Strolling to the Gas Chambers with Rest Stops and Picnics Along the Way."

    It would be great if otherwise great people like Richard Gage, David Ray Griffin, Paul Craig Roberts, Jesse Ventura and many others were to read and truly understand Berg's article.

    I'll let you read it and make up your own mind without any comments by me … except to ask, what do you think of the people at the Holocaust Museum who make such claims? And I want to say that I totally agree with the last statement in Berg's article. And my favorite remark by Mr. Berg being that the bus appears to be late. (Or were they waiting for a taxicab?)

    And to wrap up this e-mail, ponder upon what Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has long said about the Holocaust. The man's a genius.

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