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Mark Bruzonsky on Arafat assassination; Baron Baretzky on UFOs and other global issues

Truth Jihad Radio Mon. 7/9/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Post your questions to my Facebook page.

First segment: Mark Bruzonsky, a former student of Richard Falk, edits two of the best Middle East news websites, and WashReportHe scooped al-Jazeera on Israel’s assassination of Yasser Arafat by eight years, and revealed more about the killing – including the complicity of PLA officials – than al-Jazeera has.  

Mark holds dual advanced degrees in international affairs and law from Princeton University and New York University where he was a Root-Tilden Scholar.  He is a journalist and international affairs consultant and something of a Washington insider –  one sane enough to be mystified by the inability/unwillingness of most other Washington insiders to grasp the significance of David Ray Griffin‘s work on 9/11. 

Remainder of show: Baron Baretzky, one of Belgium’s notable citizens and leading cultural ambassadors, is a counter-intelligence specialist and an expert on the African diamond trade – the leading edge of the wedge of corruption that has splintered that continent into weak and impoverished fragments. He is also an expert on UFOs, and one of the sources of some recent Veterans Today articles on UFOs. Baron Baretzky edits World News Today, which recently published the very interesting article NASA’s satellite footage shows UFO’s in space orbiting Earth.  

I don’t cover UFOs on this show very often – the grand total so far is one UFO show with Alfred Webre and one with Professor David Jacobs of Temple University – but maybe it’s time to admit that I think this is an important topic. If you don’t think so, watch this Disclosure Project video and see if that doesn’t change your mind.

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    Great Show, Bring the diamond smugglers to Justice , Keep it up Baretzky!

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