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“Who Really Runs the World?” Bilderberger special on TJ Radio

Truth Jihad Radio Wed. 5/30/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

 What’s up with the Bilderbergers? Do they really run the world? If not them, who? Let’s ask three of the world’s savviest and most provocative political analysts! (Then on Friday, our own “embedded” anonymous reporter will join us live from the Bilderberg gathering!)

Adrian Salbuchi writes: “So what exactly is Bilderberg? It’s neither an organization nor a lobby. The ‘Bilderberg Meetings,’ as they dub themselves in their (apparently) official website, is a “by-invitation-only” club of around 140 very high-power people from business, finance, oil, politics, media, industry, academia and nobility who come together in a very private no-media / no cameras / extremely-tight-security surroundings to discuss… Well… there’s the rub: what exactly do they discuss?” He concludes: “Bilderberg is basically part of that very powerful Global Private Power Web; a ‘node’ so to speak… And a very powerful one at that!!”

Webster Tarpley adds that not only did the Bilderbergers  choose Obama as President, and Hilary as Secretary of State, in 2008, but that this year they will choose Whether Financier Elite Backs Obama or Romney. If Romney is selected, Tarpley suggests, Netanyahu will be pulling the strings – bad news for world peace. Tarpley also (controversially) claims that Ron Paul is working secretly, or not-so-secretly, with Mitt Romney, and that Ron Paul’s people are represented at Bilderberg.

Gordon Duff writes: “There is a world government that consists of layers, corporations, banks,  overlords, one no single person understands but not run by the Bilderbergers, the CFR and has almost no American membership.  America takes orders passed on through Israel who gets them from some place else.”  He adds: 

“The real conspiracies are so much worse than the ones the phony activists talk about, you would be scared to death.  Thousands of phony internet sites, hundreds of phony “activists” exist only to send us all chasing our tales.  The truth?  If you think it involves birth certificates or mortgages, you are a dupe.  What is it really?  Even I get threatened when I get too close.

“Some odd facts:

  1. The primary religion of Jesuits, high ranking Evangelical Christians, members of powerful organizations (we all know the list), congress and the Pentagon is Satanism.  The number of high level confirmations I have on this are frightening.  The more “Christian” or “religious” people appear, the more Satanist they are.
  2. Satanists are bad.
  3. Bad means they are immoral, they commit hideous acts using their power as cover and have total control of our courts and law enforcement mechanism and the leadership of both political parties.”

One Thought to ““Who Really Runs the World?” Bilderberger special on TJ Radio”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    I was listening to the show about Prescott Bush your guest, Gordon Duff? was talking about. I have heard that Prescott Bush was not a citizen of the USA and your guest is correct. In fact, George HW Bush was not born in the USA I have heard. Can't remember where I heard or saw this information.

    Also, John McCain's real name was McCann and his father was from Scotland and he also is not a born in the USA or in Panama as claimed. But I can't find the link to info anymore.

    And McCain was never a POW!

    Interesting info, how they have rewritten our History books.

    Take Care,


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