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Muslim witch-hunt victim Zahid Chaudhry, CIA whistleblower Philip Giraldi

Ex-CIA officer Philip Giraldi says Congress is serving Israel, not America (see below)

Truth Jihad Radio Wed. 5/23/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Patriotic American veteran Zahid Chaudhry and his wife Ann are fighting deportation proceedings in Seattle. Zahid was victimized by post-9/11 hysteria – some paranoid lunatic in the Spokane Police Department noticed he was Muslim and drew the obvious conclusions – and is basically being deported for no reason at all. (Listen to my earlier interview with the Chaudhrys.)

Big event tomorrow!




The Keep Zahid Home Campaign & Justice for Chaudhry committee is gearing up for the rally to support Zahid & Ann at the Seattle Deportation (Immigration) Court.  Join with many other community members to show we want to keep Zahid here.

WHAT:              Rally & vigil in front of Seattle Deportation (immigration) Court building & pack the courtroom for the hearing.

WHEN:              Thursday, May 24th

WHERE:           Seattle Deportation (Immigration) Court, 1000 2nd Ave (corner of 2nd and Spring), Seattle

TIME:                 Van/Car-pooling from Olympia area at 11 a.m.
                        Rally & vigil in Seattle at 2nd Ave. & Spring from noonish to 12:30 p.m.
                        Head up to 25th floor to the courtroom between 12:30 p.m. & 12:45 p.m.
Court hearing at 1 p.m.

Text, Call or email to let us know if you’re attending: 360-529-1109  or  509-452-0917
Email: or

Second hour: CIA whistleblower Philip Giraldi discusses HR4133 – part of the insane rash of “America hereby declares itself Israel’s punk forever” legislation recently passed by drug-money-funded traitors of the US Congress.  HR4133 throws extra billions at Israel (on top of the 2 trillion plus already bled from the US taxpayer) and includes a wide array of provisions forcing America into abject subservience to the Zionist entity.

That’s on top of the recently-passed HR-568, which all but declares war on Iran for Israel.

One Thought to “Muslim witch-hunt victim Zahid Chaudhry, CIA whistleblower Philip Giraldi”

  1. From Ann Chaudhry:

    The bulk of this first ever Individual deportation hearing was spent by the Judge marking sections of documents as exhibits.

    Even at the repeated request of our attorney Devin Orr, the judge did not allow testimony from the forensics handwriting expert, (as he had taken time out of his busy schedule & came from far away), or even the “respondent” (Zahid).

    The “service” / “department” (DHS) wanted to cross-question Zahid about articles published about him in Works In Progress and Seattle Met and submitted those in the record. They also tried to get the judge to allow their star witness (xenophobic, racist bigot, Gary Belles, the very person who carried out the ruse and entrapments on Zahid) to testify on 5/24/12 by phone, giving the lame excuse he wasn’t in the court was because “he can be on call.” This is a huge fabrication, as Mr. Belles’ position is such that he can be away from Yakima Police Department – especially to testify – which, isn’t that part of a police officer’s job??? to be present in courts to testify particularly when he is the one who is the root of all the fabricated allegation & ruse and entrapment and raising the red flags on Zahid in the Federal computers??? And what would happen on the opposing side to someone who didn’t show up to a hearing or trial? That person would lose his/her case if s/he didn’t show up to testify! In this situation – grounds for deportation – end of story! In fact, at the end the judge warned Zahid what would happen if he didn’t show up to a hearing! Sanctions should have been placed on the service/department, if not outright have the case thrown out then and there! Double standards abounding!

    The judge said the “respondent” (Zahid) had the right to have Gary Belles testify in court, face to face.

    The service/department tried to claim a portion of the Yakima Police Department “ruse” and entrapment interview paperwork was a duplicate and therefore could be removed. Our attorney argued that the printed portion of the two sets was the same, but the handwriting on them were from different interviewers. The service/department tried to say the second one couldn’t be used because the name of the interviewer was not legible; however the judge was able read from his copy the written name in addition to Gary Belles– so the judge overruled the service/department’s objection.

    Another interesting thing had occurred earlier: the judge told Zahid to move (in his wheelchair) so that the service/department could see him – where as typically, the person faces the judge. Zahid sat there smiling at Mr. Love & Mr. Peterson of the service/department. (Perhaps the judge was uncomfortable with Zahid facing him…)

    So, we’re back to a Master deportation hearing (with lots of other people in deportation proceedings) scheduled for June 27th. At this future hearing, we will discover if Belles has to be subpoenaed to testify in person or if he will stay away, and the date of the next Individual hearing.

    Words alone cannot express the appreciation Zahid & I feel to everyone keeping us in their prayers, positive thoughts and vibes and also for being there to support us in person. “Thank you” seems insufficient – hugs and kisses will be freely and plentifully distributed!

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