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CIA whistleblower Glenn Carle on TJ Radio today

Truth Jihad Radio Wed. 5/2/12, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

Guest for both hours: Glenn Carle, 23-year veteran of the CIA’s clandestine services, retired in 2007 as Deputy National Intelligence Director for Transnational Threats. Carle’s book The Interrogator is the best insider account of the CIA I’ve yet read. 

After 9/11, Carle was assigned to interrogate an “al-Qaeda high value target.” It turned out that the alleged terrorist – supposedly “al-Qaeda’s banker” – was obviously innocent. Despite Carle’s heroic efforts, he couldn’t stop the machinery of state from brutalizing the innocent kidnapping victim for almost a decade.

In the course of his duties, Carle discovered that not only was his guy innocent, but  that “al-Qaeda” itself was a lot less than meets the eye. He learned that “the closer one looked at al-Qaeda, the further it receded and the smaller it was.”

Carle’s revelations may have helped another innocent man caught up in “war on terror” madness, Mohamed Harkat, win his April 25th hearing. It seems that Harkat, a not-very-political normal guy, has been under Security Certificate house arrest for years due to an alleged link to somebody with the same name as the innocent guy Carle interrogated. (You can’t make this stuff up.)

Carle also played a role in revealing that supposed “al-Qaeda mastermind” Abu  Zubeida turned out to be a mentally retarded individual who could barely mastermind the tying of his own shoes.

The retarded Abu Zubeida, under torture, apparently fingered Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) as a fellow (retarded?) “terrorist mastermind.” Mohammed was then kidnapped and tortured relentlessly – presumably until he “broke” and began parroting the torturers’ claim that he had something to do with 9/11. And although all records of those torture sessions were illegally destroyed, hearsay accounts about what might have transpired during those torture sessions, and what KSM might or might not have said, became essentially the ONLY “evidence” supporting the 9/11 Commission’s account of the “19 Arabs” version of what transpired. And now, KSM and others are being prosecuted in military kangaroo courts based on this tortured hearsay!

In fact, Philip Zelikow had drafted the entire 9/11 Commission Report, in chapter-by-chapter outline, before the Commission ever convened. So KSM was apparently tortured into going along with Zelikow’s scenario – which, I am reasonably certain, was written before 9/11 as the script for that false-flag attack.

Zelikow, you may recall, is a self-described “expert on the creation and maintenance of public myths – especially those that leave a powerful impact on succeeding generations, such as Pearl Harbor.” This same  Zelikow co-authored a 1998 article in Foreign Affairs sketching the likely political, psychological, and cultural consequences of a Pearl Harbor style terrorist attack, such as the destruction of the World Trade Center.

Carle’s The Interrogator is punctuated by a very large number of excisions – blacked-out passages removed by the CIA censor. I imagine that the CIA censors, if not his own internal censors, will actively or passively impede any pro-9/11-truth statements he might wish to make. But he’s obviously a very thoughtful and morally serious person, so it should be a great conversation in any event.

If Carle does decide to speak out on 9/11, he would be joining the dozens of counter-terror and intelligence agency veterans who have challenged the official version.

3 Thoughts to “CIA whistleblower Glenn Carle on TJ Radio today”

  1. Anonymous

    Glenn Carle was excessively anti-911 truth considering he didn't present any evidence to back up his view. He didn't support the truth of the Kennedy assassination either, though, so his view was not terribly surprising.

  2. Anonymous

    That guy actually said something like "….all the CIA people and FBI people that I talked with think….." that is a complete argument to authority and presupposes that that these people are consumate professionals like they were portrayed on the government propaganda show The FBI a Quinn Martin production starring Ephraim Zimbalist. Carle is a Pollyannaish bureaucratic functionary. ; As a young adult I had no way to contextualize the political theater of The Symbianese Liberation Army but I knew it was all fake I just didn't know by whom or why. So if Joe blow can pick up on stuff like that certainly an intelligence professional can: but no, he said "we are getting into Kennedy assassination territory here……" What a crock!

  3. Anonymous

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