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Can Ron Paul win – and end the empire?

Tuesday, May 8th, 11 a.m. to noon Central (9-10 Pacific) on (archived here a few hours after broadcast).

Guest: Ron Paul expert Rolf Lindgren, who says Ron Paul has a chance to win the Republican nomination, beat Obama, and become the greatest “peace president” in history: The president who ends the empire and restores the republic.  Dr. Paul, unlike even the most peacenik of Democratic politicos, wants to abolish the CIA, close down every foreign military base, bring ALL of the troops home, and return to a “defend the borders” military posture – a shift that could save the US economy via radical cuts in military spending. And he wants to end the Fed and bust up the big monopoly banksters, the real “masters of war.”

The media are finally admitting that Ron Paul – who admittedly fared less well in the Diebold-administered beauty contests than Mitt Romney – is a threat to Romney in the only vote that counts: The vote that will be cast by delegates at the Republican convention. If an “anyone but Romney” consensus develops among conservatives, Dr. Paul is poised to be the beneficiary. And a long list of polls, assiduously covered up by the Zionist-imperialist media, shows that Dr. Paul is the only Republican candidate likely to beat Obama.  Why? Because Dr. Paul will peel off many of the “peace voters” who elected Obama. No other Republican candidate can get that kind of support from people who are usually Democrats or independents.

If the Republicans want to win, they must nominate Ron Paul.

Rolf “WTC-7 is the moons of Jupiter” Lindgren

And if that happens, the DIPS (dominant inbred psychopaths) who rule the empire will face a tough choice: Take a chance on yet another high-profile assassination and hope the people don’t rise up in revolt; or give up their imperial power and retire gracefully to the underside of whatever rock they crawled out from in the first place.

Rolf Lindgren is a Libertarian Party activist and Ron Paul expert. Rolf is also uncommonly well-informed on the American Revolution and Constitution. In his spare time he enjoys studying Galileo and insisting that “Building 7 is the moons of Jupiter.

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    Hi Kevin,

    the archived show is only 23 minutes long.
    Can you get that fixed?

  2. Unfortunately, no. This show was postponed, then curtailed by technical difficulties. The engineer says "I think we're being ****ed with."

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