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Zimmerman does NOT represent all Jews!

In the wake of the horrific murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by Jewish terrorist George Zimmerman, it is critically important that we all recognize that not every Jew is a cold-blooded murderous terrorist like Zimmerman. We cannot repeat too often that Judaism is a religion of peace. Yes, there are a small number of Jewish extremists out there who support child-murdering terrorist organizations like the State of Israel; who shoot innocent black kids down in cold blood; who call for the murder of the President of the United States; and so on and so forth. But most Jews are law-abiding citizens, not terrorists – even though parts of their Talmud do exhibit a vastly greater reverence for Jewish life than for non-Jewish life – and we must always remember that, and say it over and over so that everyone knows that we have to say it over and over because if we didn’t, who knows? maybe the public would start associating the word “Jew” with the word “terrorist” and we wouldn’t want that, would we? Let’s see how awful that sounds: “Jew…terrorist. Jew….terrorist.” Repeat that a hundred times. Finished? Great! Now you know that hearing and speaking the word “Jew” next to the word “terrorist” over and over, and being inundated by mainstream news stories that focus on the Jewishness of every perpetrator of violence who happens to be Jewish, doesn’t necessarily influence the public to take a negative view of Jewishness, does it?

But even though most Jews are NOT terrorists – despite the actions of that small, radical minority – we do have to face up to the terrorism problem. It is a fact that Jews commit more than their share of terrorism – according to FBI statistics, more terrorist acts are committed by extremist Jews than by extremist Muslims, and Jews commit terrorism at a rate more than three times that of the general population. People who regularly visit terrorist propaganda websites that encourage or excuse the actions of the world’s worst terrorist groups, the IDF and the Zionist-co-opted US military – websites like Fox News and the Jerusalem Post and even the New York Times and The Washington Post – need to be pre-emptively incarcerated. And the New York Police Department obviously needs to continue its massive program of spying on that city’s extremely dangerous, mobbed-up Jewish community, in hopes of capturing or killing 9/11 terrorist poster-boy Osama Bin Silverstein.

Meanwhile, over in France, it’s funny how nobody has even noticed the fact that the lone-nut gunman over there was a Muslim. Why won’t the media report that? The answer is obvious: Muslims control the media, and they make sure that every time a Jew commits an atrocity we know it was a Jew…but when someone from a Muslim background does it, nobody is allowed to know what his background is. What a horrible, Judeophobic double-standard.

Anyway, please repeat after me: Judaism is a religion of peace, despite everything we see and hear every day in the newspapers and on TV. Not all Jews are terrorists, even though it seems that way because of the way the media focuses on the Jewishness of every Jewish malefactor. In our 100-year-war against Jewish terrorism, we must not condemn the entire Jewish community for the actions of the small minority of IDF-supporting extremists. 

There. Our liberal, bigotry-free credentials have been established.

Maybe Abe Foxman will give us an award.

* * *

Editor’s note: 

This just in: It turns out that Zimmerman isn’t Jewish, he’s Catholic.  

But since the corporate media keeps referring to the alleged 9/11 hijackers as “Muslims,” even though those operating under the 19 stolen identities prior to 9/11 were obviously not Muslims, we might as well follow their example and continue to deceive the public.

5 Thoughts to “Zimmerman does NOT represent all Jews!”

  1. Anonymous

    George Zimmerman is not Jewish. Please get your facts straight.

  2. Please read all the way to the end.

  3. By the way, for those who don't get it, this article is obviously a parody of the post-9/11 discourse on Islam.

  4. Anonymous

    Dr Barrett:
    You're a staff writer for a veteran's magazine? That is like Nixon as chief editor for The Nation.
    Was Shanksville a swamp that could swallow such a large object? The only time in the history of aviation that this happened was when the Everglades ate a Valuejet.
    What is this horseshit anyway? Even at the Canaries crash in which a 747 containing 40 tons of fuel exploded, wreckage of a burned airplane was found.
    Do you really think Americans are that stupid? Or is this a retelling of Anderson's famous fable?
    One of the questions I asked the cop on the witness stand was if he was aware there exists a psychological phenomenon in which expectations, desires and assumptions influence perceptions. In other words you don't really see what's there, but what you
    expect or want to see.
    Hence the eyewitness who swore he saw me doing things I know I didn't do, is actually telling the truth. But the truth is a lie.
    And so it is perhaps with 911. And with the Cats Peed. So the real question is, how can anybody be sure of anything?
    911 is like a game of tic tac blow on a massive scale. No matter what your strategy, there's no way to win. Why then even bother to play?
    I'm afraid the truth, like the JFK case, will never be known. You are therefore just wasting your life pursuing it. The thing about unsolved mysteries is they tend to stay that way.
    Until I see some wreckage, you will never convince me that a "flugzeugabsturze" has taken place. But the only alternative is just as untenable. Big jets don't just vanish, except in novels dealing with the paranormal.
    I therefore officially wash my wings of this subject, because it is only for crackpots and
    fullblown sadomasochists. You get to pick the one that you are.
    Concerning the Canary crash, that is a disaster with a beginning, a middle, and an end. They cleaned up the mess and made new rules so it would "never happen again ".
    That is the airplane disaster well worth studying because it contains truths about human behaviour as well as airplane behaviour. In this case the airplanes did everything they were asked, or even more, but the humans revealed some serious flaws in their judgement.
    Question: what demolition firm would be willing to rig occupied structures with explosives and kill thousands? It would be a very risky contract.
    Did Larry really recommended your book or are you just dabbling in the absurd?
    Don't be surprised if Winona Ryder contacts you about a new Phillip Dick movie in which you get to act out your absurdist fantasies.
    Since the whole country has been for more
    than a decade arming itself to the anal teeth against a phantom terrorist threat, you will soon see security personnel commiting suicide because their lives are without purpose. Unless of course, they see things nobody else sees, and shoot at dogs, hot dog stands and people carrying umbrellas.
    Asswiping school starts next week. Please bring yourself and your ass.

    Nayan E. Leaven

  5. Anonymous

    I think I smelled some typically khazar ridicule in that last post.

    " They are far greater adepts at mockery than I and possess a god who is master in this art. "

    Fitting then that my question should relate to Duff: Did he claim that Zimmermann was a member of ADL? Maybe he could explain how he knows this.

    I find him very entertaining but god help anyone who takes anything he says seriously.

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