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Gilad Atzmon serenades Madison, Wisconsin!

Topnotch saxophone player & fearless philosopher Gilad Atzmon blew Madison away Friday night with a powerful lecture at the University of Wisconsin, then a jam session with members of Madison’s premiere dance band, VO5, at the Weary Traveler Freehouse on Williamson Street.

Gilad is currently being witch-hunted by a bunch of folks who are apparently too fearful to think clearly. Their attacks on him don’t hold up to scrutiny.  Since I know what it feels like to be witch-hunted by the forces of ignorance – and since I love Gilad as a person and respect his work – I am putting some time and energy into defending him.

Why Hate Gilad Atzmon?

Why Hate Gilad Atzmon Pt. 2: “He’s WRONG!” (Or Is He?)

5 Thoughts to “Gilad Atzmon serenades Madison, Wisconsin!”

  1. Anonymous

    Very well said Dr. Barret.

    "Currently, the sacred taboos and one-sided myths that surround this issue are protecting Zionism. Blast those taboos to smithereens, and the Wall will come down".

    Couldn't agree more, I share the view. I mean, people can curse the Most High, but somethings are out of bounds to mere well-meant-discussion, why this?

    Good of you to stand up for an innocent man, and bringing sound reasoning to its good work.

    Gilad is a good man. It's obvious that he wishes nobody harm.

  2. Anonymous

    Once again Brother, hats off to you for your support of Brother Gilad and the truth. Your articles are spot on here and Gilad is fortunate to have your kind words. So unbelievable that so many cannot see through or pierce the veil of yak dung. Keep up the good work and hope to see you all in Vancouver this Summer. Yes, Creator willing indeed.

  3. From WHGA1:

    "There is only one argument the Zionists cannot possibly win: The argument over whether there should be a “Jewish state” in Palestine in the first place.


    In both those articles you write as if the most hated enemies of the Jewish powers that be are anti-Zionists or Arabs, but in fact European or White peoples are their even bigger betes-noires.

    It seems to be less important to Jews to destroy Palestinians and Muslims by conquest and genocidal war than it is to destroy Europeans and other White people thru mass immigration and slow soft genocide.

    If we understand that it becomes clear why your approach is not more often taken.

    If everybody starts saying that Palestine belongs to the native Palestinians and not the colonist Jews, then more people are gonna start saying that England belongs to the English and not the Jews (or Pakistanis, Indians, Nigerians, Jamaicans etc.).

    It's obvious as hell that every people has a right not to be colonised, but far too many of the people who defend Palestinians or Tibetans would prefer to deny the White peoples of the world that same advantage.

    Making 'human rights' abuses and other arguments about the Chinese and Jewish regimes means they don't have to make an argument that White peoples might use to our advantage — and that's more important to the Jewish and Judaised masses than anything else.

  4. Anonymous

    Fair play to Gilad, he's a good guy.

    Incidentally, I notice Duff is going after Thermite now. Quelle surprise!

    I look forward to his next offering.

  5. In his writings about living in London and enjoying its racial, ethnic and cultural diversity Atzmon arrogantly ignores the well-known fact that the English have been opposed to the transforming waves of immivasion of which he’s part.

    Where he acclaims the London of today expressly because it has diversified away from the overwhelmingly White, English and Western London of pre-immivasion days he is objectively racist toward White, English and Western peoples and celebrates the denial of our freedoms and our dispossession as a native people. It just doesn’t matter to this cocksure and self-satisfied Asian that we rather liked England as it was and that what he sees as vibrancy is for us an alien and disfiguring imposition. Atzmon is a colonist and a cultural imperialist and proud of it.

    The Atzmon of 2012 is to me what Atzmon the IDF pussy was to a Palestinian Arab a few years ago — an alien overlord I want to be rid of. And given that his tribe claimed the right to boot mine out of 'their' country, fair play says we have the right to kick them out, too.

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