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Chutzpah, thy name is Silverstein! Larry wants more billions for blowing up the WTC

If you thought Andrew “assassinate Obama for Israel” Adler was the last word in chutzpah…think again.

Larry “blow up the World Trade Center for Israel” Silverstein is light-years beyond Adler.

Larry Silverstein, you may recall, is a reputed mobster who allegedly got his start in the sex services business and then oozed into real estate. Two months before 9/11, Silverstein finalized his 100-year-lease on the white elephant, condemned-for-asbestos World Trade Center complex – and proceeded to double the insurance and hardball his insurers into changing the policy to “cash payout.”

On 9/11/01, Silverstein skipped his usual breakfast at the top of the North Tower. He says his wife reminded him of an appointment with his dermatologist. Other family members also stayed away, with other excuses. All of those who breakfasted there died. Silverstein and family survived.

After confessing on national television to blowing up World Trade Center 7, Silverstein went to court and asked for – and received – double indemnity, including almost a billion dollars for WTC-7 – the very building he had confessed to blowing up. Larry had the chutzpah to claim that there were two separate, unrelated terrorist attacks (the two planes) so he should get twice the money. Somehow that worked, presumably thanks to a mobbed-up judge. “Lucky Larry” walked away with more than five billion dollars, plus rights to rebuild. 

But that wasn’t enough chutzpah for Larry. For the past several years he’s been back in court, asking for 11 billion dollars from the airlines’ insurers. Now Silverstein has somehow convinced AMR, the parent company of American Airlines, to give him a special dispensation. Even though AMR has filed bankruptcy, which theoretically should stop all lawsuits against it, the company’s attorneys have – for unstated reasons – chosen to insert a special rider into their bankruptcy agreement which allows Silverstein to continue suing the company.

According to the Wall Street Journal: 

Silverstein’s company, which leased the Twin Towers and two other World Trade Center buildings from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, is seeking billions of dollars in damages for alleged negligence by the airline, according to the lawsuit. It is also seeking compensation for the lost rental income; the developer had signed 99-year leases for the space just two months before the attack.

Lost rental income?! Larry, those Towers were condemned for asbestos! You would have had to spend many billions, probably double-digit billions, to scrape every bit of asbestos off the frames of those buildings to legally collect rental income. Not only that, but the Towers had a very high vacancy rate and antiquated communications infrastructure. New York City had been desperately seeking a way to demolish the Towers for at least a decade, but could not do so because of the asbestos. The WTC complex was a gigantic money-loser for the City, and it would have quickly bankrupted any private owner…had not a certain act of urban renewal by other means taken place on 9/11/01.

As if all that isn’t enough chutzpah, get this: Larry Silverstein used his 9/11 insurance fraud money to buy Chicago’s Sears Tower!

How could Lucky Larry possibly top all of his previous acts of over-the-top chutzpah?

Simple: He could blow up the Sears Tower, brag about it on national TV, and  collect more double-digit billions in insurance money on the premise that it was somehow the fault of the Muslims.

After all, Lucky Larry is on a winning streak.

Will he roll the dice one more time?

20 Thoughts to “Chutzpah, thy name is Silverstein! Larry wants more billions for blowing up the WTC”

  1. Anonymous

    Larry Silverstein's winning lawsuit brought to you by the office of Latham & Watkins LLP (law firm) in Newark that Michael Chertoff himself started. That's right, L&W Newark was defending Larry Silverstein and respective insurance companies against everyone else while Michael Chertoff was DHS Director.

    Being DHS Director, Chertoff had access to all sorts of things a normal defendant, Larry Silverstein, would not have. There was a huge conflict of interest at play. Circa 2006, 80%+ of the staff made a mass exodus from L&W to start a completely different firm's branch in Newark. Why? They saw something in their work product that shook their conscience as Americans, but could do nothing about it but commit a public act of suicide against monsters already imbedded in really high places.

    Coincidences…kwinky dinks…ya…

  2. Anonymous

    What I want to know is: Notwithstanding the obvious criminal demolition of the buildings, and Silverstein's obvious foreknowledge and probable involvement, how can he collect far more in insurance payouts than the buildings were inherently worth? I mean, what was the value of the buildings for property tax purposes? Insurance is supposed to cover a loss, not to make you rich, isn't it?

  3. Anonymous

    7 weeks before 9/11/01, lucky larry put down $14 million to purchase the lease on the wtc complex. and though he tried to claim the loss as 2 separate attacks (which would've given him $7 billion), he was finally rewarded $4.55 billion for the loss of the twin towers—over 320 times what he put dow

  4. Anonymous

    To blame the largest known multiple "Jewish lightning" phenomenon on Arab terrorists was a stroke of pure genius. It is more than chutzpa. These guys are remarkable in their ability to work together.

    Hitler's criminal government reached power on the heels of a decade of internal mysery and consisted of anti-Semites. The Fuehrer and his henchmen were in total control, militarily and of the media, new technologies of radio and of film, powerful propaganda tools but far less so than our modern TV. Dr. Goebbels, the propaganda minister characterized all Jews as "predators with a cold intellect". A brilliant academic, he was a bigot and we do not want the likes of him in command of US media, regardless of ethnicity.

    Serious students would do well to read Saul Friedlander's two volume work, "Nazi Germany and the Jews", available online: Vol. 1, "The Years of Persecution" is at and Vol. 2, "The Years of Extermination", at

    In our country today the tables of power, government and propaganda, are turned. It may or may not turn out to be a good thing. A US government restricted by its founders' Constitution and protective of the rights of all through its initial amendments would never mirror Nazi Germany's acts. Perhaps ideal in principle, to establish something that never was, in reality, and may never be until the character of humanity changes radically is improbable. Our political documents and philosophy are, however, very much extant.

    All Jews are not predators with a cold intellect. Education goes a long way and we may hope that the bulk of America's Jews have grasped, both through their success here as well as through studying their cousins' European history, that tribal intolerance of any kind is hugely destructive to human civilization.

    I personally deplore the political spin of 911, but then again I deplore a lot of other things politically. We must not let actions by the Silversteins of the world form the basis for a broad indictment of Jews any more than those of the Mafia to characterize Italian Americans. Karma has a way of catching up with even "Lucky Larry".

  5. Anonymous

    I always believed American Airlines was in on it , now I am certain ! A lot of preparation was needed to prepare those planes and SOMEONE at AA would have known about it going on .

    I am also skeptical of the whereabouts of the majority of passengers allegedly on the planes . It's WAY to unbelievable that the 4 planes involved were only booked at one third their capacity when all the other flights were booked at 100% . The list of passengers is also hinky , WAY to many people working for Defense Contractors etc in relation to the small number of passengers . Did these people need to disappear to far away places for some reason or were they involved in the coordination of the attacks and were duped into getting on these planes thinking they were to be flown out of town to get new identities , or am I too skeptical ? Barbara Olsen is supposedly still getting around , she was allegedly found trying to get across some border with a huge amount of money and a fake passport ??? If she is still alive , it throws out the story of the phone call about the hijackers and the box cutters she was supposed to have made to hubby (George Bush's first best friend) .

  6. Anonymous

    Nature will take it's course, no matter how diligently and exhaustively some of us work to prevent it.

  7. Anonymous

    Hey Larry, there's a reason why demolition permits and environmental impact studies are required before you blow up big buildings!

    New Data Finds Cancer Rate In NYPD Tripled After 9/11

  8. Anonymous

    Please tell me these "blow up" statements are wrong. I want to be a believer. So much death, wealth transfers, and economic and social upheaval. Please – I wanna believe the official story. Getting more difficult. If true – why is the legal justice silent?

  9. 911 was a Zionist inspired inside job .. The shots of the Pentagon taken immediately after impact, and before the damaged facade had collapsed, showed a hole about the size of a suburban garage, no sign of a plane at all. – Cruise Missile at the Pentagon on 911 – Guided Missile at the WTC

    No trace of a plane in Pennsylvania, despite continuing assertion that the Happy Schmooligans blasted Flight 93 out of the sky, plenty of paper strewn across the landscape and burn marks in the trees, but no plane.

    “We talked to their private security staff, we talked to people who were there with Larry Silverstein, the lessor of the WTC on 9/11, he got a phone call telling him not to show up to work, he called his daughter and she never showed up either.” Rudkowski, Prison Planet.

    Hey there Honey get rid of them blues
    Daddy’s getting money you’ll be wearin’ new shoes
    Turn on the telly it’ll be on the news
    Stay at home today like the rest of the Jews

    Cause today were gonna blow… Woo Woo /
    Down the freakin buildings go Woo Woo /
    We collect the dough Woo Woo /
    Stay at home and watch the show… Woo Woo Woo Woodledoodledoo Rip it up Frank

    Hey Man you say that four thou were away
    That’s a lotta bodies at the end of the day
    This is the way I see it don’t wanna be crass
    There’s a whole lotta Jews thatta gotta get put on trial ///

    American Securities and Exchange Commission says Israeli citizens, sold short a list of 38 stocks that could reasonably be expected to fall in value as a result of the pending attacks.

    These speculators operated out of the Toronto, Canada and Frankfurt, Germany, stock exchanges and their profits were specifically stated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Christopher Bollyn.

    Alon Pinkas, Israel’s consul general confirmed that three Israelis were killed in the 911 WTC attacks, two in the planes which crashed into the towers, and one who had been the WTC on business. UP

    It was via the buddy system on Odigo software, which allows one to communicate to a large group of people that share a trait, such as the Hebrew language, that thousands of Israelis were warned not to go to the twin towers on 9/11. RBN News

    Odigo and Mossad are based in Herzliya north of Tel Aviv, after 9/11 Odigo was taken over by Comverse Technology, another Israeli company, within a year five executives from Comverse were reported to have profited by more than $267 million from “insider trading.” Rumormillnews.

  10. Arrest that MoFo NOW!! If he dies, we may never get the goods on other perps. Silverstein would talk. New rules.

  11. There is NO America. In fact, there hardly EVER was, especially after 1913. America is under control of the Rothchilds and Israel and will be until the patriots take hold, and once again. The time is near. Very, very near. Awakening is NOT just a word in the dictionary. It is what YOU are currently going through. Please join us.

  12. Anonymous

    I think Larry's screwed, he has to prove whos planes hit which building, and they couldn't even find a effing black box. All traces of any evidence is gone. I would say he can't prove nothing as far as whos plane hit whos building.

  13. Anonymous

    any links to your statement ? Thanks in advance .

  14. Anonymous

    we know ,it was SOME jews who committed 911.

  15. Anonymous

    New York Times covered a story about the asbestos and poor electrical wiring problems at the World Trade Center buildings about a year before the 9-11 incident. At that time there was no online version of NYT nor was the Internet used as a source of news as it is done today, as a result, those hard copies of the newsprint are not available online. But if one goes and look for those coverages in micro-films kept in libraries, you are sure to find them. Demolition of the twin towers were preplanned, controlled and dramatized to demonize Arabs in particular and Muslims as a whole. 9-11 served many different secret agendas of the Zionist endeavor for world control along with depopulation of over crowded world through traditional, nuclear, and biological warfare.

  16. Anonymous

    How about giving some of those billions to care for the First Responders that sacrificed their health and well being for your cash cow you had gutted. Why don't you go ahead take some cash from your wallet and just "pull it"

  17. I have as much sympathy for the 911 first responders with cancer, as they had for the victims who were left to die in the upper levels of both towers, while New York police and firefighters took “trophy” shots!

    This image was taken by NYPD helo pilot Detective Greg Semendinger, 11 September 2001, there is at least one person right at the corner out of the smoke, whoever it was must have died cursing the NYPD, for not attempting his or her rescue!

    My plan is to subpoena all surviving police and firemen, and require them to answer questions in court, re what they saw or heard that deviates from the official line!

    Re the missile strike, that took place simultaneously with the air attack on the South Tower for instance, whence they will be hanged as conspirators at the first sign of bs, the NYPD “mechanics” who “tool ppl up,” are the ones I will enjoy hangin’ most!

  18. I have as much sympathy for the first responders with cancer, as they had for the victims who were left to die in the upper levels of both towers, while New York police and firefighters took “trophy” shots!

    This image was taken by NYPD helo pilot Detective Greg Semendinger, 11 September 2001, there is at least one person right at the corner out of the smoke, whoever it was must have died cursing the NYPD, for not attempting his or her rescue!

    My plan is to subpoena all surviving police and firemen, and require them to answer questions in court, re what they saw or heard that deviates from the official line!

    Re the missile strike, that took place simultaneously with the air attack on the South Tower for instance, whence they will be hanged as conspirators at the first sign of bs, the NYPD “mechanics” who “tool ppl up,” are the ones I will enjoy hangin’ most!

  19. Prison camps were constructed and these camps house prisoners that "know too much". Most of the pawns of the conspiracy and alleged passengers of the 9/11 airplanes were removed prior to attack and eventually transferred to these camps. Those that were not cooperative were incinerated in furnaces built by Halliburton. Anyone who is not part of the regular entourage of movers & shakers, and be so subversive to willingly participate in plans of mass homicide, could not be trusted to keep their mouth shut, so they were relocated to these DHS "residential center" camps. They are allowed all the luxuries of daily life, even procreation, but have no access with the outside world. (Imagine being a kid and growing up with your parents in an institution completely cut off from the outside world. What a mind fuck.) Anyway; information is piped in but no communication exits the residential center. The "fusion centers" monitor the activities and communications of the "residential centers", as well as monitoring activities of the outside world.

    In 2002, privileged access was achieved to a DHS database through a few known exploits in vulnerable systems on employee networked machines. From that access it was learned that at least 22 of the names of the supposed dead airline passengers coincided with names of residents staying in these residential centers (at the time they were just referred to as DHS facility addresses). This information was never made wildly public because a series of crimes was committed to attain the information (Wikileaks did not exist yet), but it was discussed in a multitude of IRC chat rooms on at least Dalnet, Efnet and Undernet. Being a member of the right online community (hackers), or having some skill of your own, one can learn the very same information if they were inclined to go snooping around particular defense networks. If you can get past being populated by skeptical fucked-up losers, the hacker community is renowned for their abilities to find data. Remember, the cake is a lie and so is their tie. Look into it. Beware though; active monitoring has been stepped up in government networks in the last 10 years. With the proper tools, no door remains locked because security does not exist.

    Recently, there was an episode of Conspiracy Theory (S02E04) titled “Police State” that just lightly touched on these DHS fusion and residential centers. The show was referring to them as prison/internment camps until a spokesperson at one of the locations claimed it to be a residential center.

  20. Anonymous

    Corrrect me if I am wrong.
    Larry "Leased" the WTC from the NY port authority, the owners of WTC.
    The buildings were destroyed.
    Why did Larry get the insurance money when he did not own the buildings?
    Why didn't the Port Authority, owners of WTC, get the insurance?

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