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Propaganda Scheming by “Mama Cass” Sunstein 

All the lies are going down
Zion’s sky is gray
9/11 truth
Just might win the day
I’m dreaming up a scheme
To make those truthers pay
Propaganda scheming
There’s got to be a way!

I stopped into a White House
I passed along the way
Walked up to the President
And I began to say
“Those conspiracy theories
Are ruining my day
We need some propaganda scheming
To make them go away!”

Then I told the President
Our nation’s gone astray
And I got down on my knees
And I began to pray
“Oh Lord, send us a law
To make those truthers pay
A tax on their conspiracy theories
And make them go away!

(Or send them off to jail,
Just make them go away!)

“The government should disable
Those who would purvey
Conspiracy theories
And infiltrate their brains (INFILTRATE THEIR BRAINS!)
Cognitive infiltration
Is the only way
For our propaganda scheming
To make them go away!”

The President looked at me
And he began to say
“What the hell are you talking about Sunstein
Are you feeling okay?”
So I fled the White House
And called up Jonathan Kay
And we did our propaganda scheming
For the rest of the day (and week and month and year) (and decade and century and millennium)

3 Thoughts to “PROPAGANDA SCHEMING by Mama Cass Sunstein”

  1. Excellent stuff Kevin once again !

  2. Anonymous

    …Yes! Ma Cass and Mr. [C]ass ~
    great connect/juxtaposition~
    – your brain makes me smile…when so few I know can even tie their own shoes, much less see the sham/spam of the latest DIEBOLD di-erection projection.
    maybe… …Occupy Ground Zero?

    Maybe Mittens ROME-ney will save the day and deliver some truthiness to us all and uplift our good old plastic Republicna BS assuredness..
    ; enlighten us with a qoute or two from the playbook about something, or what have you…Geez- that guy is as phony as a 4 dollar bill with lips.

    Thanks for your focus, KB!!

  3. Anonymous

    nice brushstrokes, on a canvas soaked/splattered in lies…

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