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US Empire critic William Blum, investigative journalist Russ Baker

Truth Jihad Radio Wed. 12/21/11, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: William Blum, that illustrious critic of American empire (I call him “the thinking man’s Chomsky”) is the author of the best book ever published about the crimes of empire, Killing Hope. Blum offers qualified support for the Occupy movement:

The education which Occupy has caused to be thrust upon the citizenry — about corporate abuse and criminality, political corruption, inequality, poverty, etc., virtually all unprosecuted — would be highly significant if America were a democracy. But as it is, more and more people can learn more and more about these matters, and get more and more angry, but have nowhere to turn to, to effectuate meaningful change. –

So what should we do? Tune in and find out!

Blum also rips into the lunatics still banging the drums for an increasingly likely war on Iran – and possible World War III.

Second hour: Russ Baker is one of America’s few remaining real journalists. His book on the Bush crime family, Family of Secrets, reveals more about how power really operates in the USA than received opinion wants to know.

Russ wonders why the corporate media has completely suppressed what may be the world’s biggest story of the decade: The Saudi “Arab Spring” uprising. (When Occupied Arabia ceases to be the personal property of the unimaginably corrupt Ibn Saud family and other petty tyrants, and the whole peninsula returns to the Arab and Muslim people, we’ll know the Arab Spring is real.)

One Thought to “US Empire critic William Blum, investigative journalist Russ Baker”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    Damn, nothing to do on Friday now. :o(

    Per 2012, I see it as nothing more than the end of an age. I think we start the age of Aquarius. I see no doom and gloom, except for the economy.

    The fellow on the Middle East Union is right. You just touched on that as well. Good for you.

    I see it all as the new world order. It's not about oil. It's about the Rothschilds bringing about their one world government. It really is the only thing that makes sense. (IMHO)

    They will tank the economy first. Then see what happens next.

    Iran is the safety valve for the criminal elite. I think if they don't get their way they will use Iran and WW III as their duck and cover fallback position.

    I wish the Ben Fulford story was correct, but I see holes in his story. It would be nice to think that the white hats were coming for them.

    Russ is an interesting study. For an investigative journalist I cannot fathom how he still entertains hijackers being responsible for 9/11. You did your best to set him straight in the last interview. Kudos to you.

    Per NDAA, I don't know how he couldn't see the obvious in that bill. I've just spent three sleepless weeks on that. The military intervention is the key. It's about finding a way to usurp Posse Comitatus. I don't think he's read too much of that bill. I am very despondent over it.

    With the world economy crashing down, is passing a redundant terrorist bill really the best thing for Congress to be working on? That is very telling. They're planning for the economic crash.

    BTW… did you know Darth Cheney has been involved in that Bill. :o(

    Baker's work on Bush is pretty good. Between him and John Hankey you can learn a lot about that crooked family. That is a huge expose I was working on before my last stroke. I need to finish that piece, Four Generations of Political Treason With Financial Reason.

    Well, thanks for wrecking my Friday, but have a great holiday Kevin! :o)

    Best regards,


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