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Special on OCCUPY revolution with Joel Hirschhorn, Allen Roland, Bob Reuschlein

Truth Jihad Radio Mon. 11/21/11, 3-5 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

Three guests today, in various combinations, discussing the Occupy movement and more!

Brand-new essays discussed today:

Joel Hirschhorn,Occupy Revolution: To understand the Occupy movement it pays to understand the dynamics of successful revolutions around the world

Allen Roland,OWS Meets Police State – The Revolution Has Begun

We will also discuss the Occupy revolutions’ place in historical cycle theory with Dr. Bob Reuschlein of

Joel Hirschhorn, a 9/11 truth supporter, was Professor of Metallurgical Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison 1965 – 1978, Senior Staff Member, Congressional Office of Technology Assessment 1978 – 1990, and has testified more than 50 times before Congress on technology, science, and environmental issues. He is a co-founder of Friends of the Article V Convention at and the author of many books including Delusional Democracy: Fixing the Republic Without Overthrowing the Government. (It sounds like these days he’s leaning toward overthrowing the government…like more and more thoughtful people.) Dr. Hirschhorn is a signer of the Open Letter to the Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin supporting my academic freedom struggle and asking the University to investigate 9/11 in general and my case in particular.

Allen Roland is a fellow columnist for Veterans Today who said nice things about me after I correctly predicted the Packers’ victory in last year’s Super Bowl. A regular commentator on Press TV and other international outlets, he is a “heart-centered” Ph.D. psychotherapist who specializes in curing vets with PTSD. Hiss Ph.D dissertation THE UNIFIED FIELD was chosen by Common Boundary and Noetic Science Institute, in their 1998 national dissertation contest, as one of the top three world finalists for combining spirituality and psychology.

Bob Reuschlein a.k.a. Dr. Peace is a pioneer of peace economics – the study of how military spending destroys economies. He is also a student of historical cycle theory and its applications to politics, economics, and climate.

4 Thoughts to “Special on OCCUPY revolution with Joel Hirschhorn, Allen Roland, Bob Reuschlein”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin,

    Well, the other day you were discussing the War on Terror, while I was finishing my War On Terror piece, and now today your guests were hitting on the theme of the next piece that I started last night… What Kind of Change Do We Expect From OWS. Uncanny. I'm starting to think you've got my studio bugged. ;o) …kidding, of course.

    My new piece delves back into calling out all those responsible for the previous crimes leading up this this new fall of Rome, so I tended to side with the one guest who wanted to talk about the sins of those who led us this far. The other guy seemed to want the same thing, but felt it would come out as an aftereffect of the change.

    Honestly… I've never heard two guys who agreed so much in principle, bicker and argue so much! I had to laugh out loud over the unnecessary discourse. Talk about parsing semantics. Ha!

    A very entertaining program as always. Good stuff Kevin.

    Regardless of the timing on who did what when, we need full accountability. (Fill those FEMA camps with all of those crooks.)

    Hope the War On Terror piece made some sense. I might try to condense it down a little, if I can. I write like a madman when I'm stirred to action.

    Need to finish up this next OWS piece, then finish two huge articles I was working on before my strokes… one on the Bush family, Four Generations of Treason For Political Reason… (what a family)… and the other on The American Coup, going all the way back to the Boston Tea Party and War of 1812. Much to get out there. (of course the Rothschilds figure prominently in the latter piece)

    I'm moved to get as much info forward as I can now because we seem to have reached a point when people are finally receptive to the truth. Time to seize the opportunity now, because once life gets good again, we will lose the public awareness as people migrate back to the TV sitcoms, reality shows and sporting events. :o(

    Your program adds much to this educational effort and the current truth movement. Always appreciated Kevin. (I was horrified over Monday's show. I pray for that family.)

    Keep up the good work KB. Hopefully one of these days we can talk in-depth. Have a great Thanksgiving!

    Always the very best regards,


  2. Anonymous

    Occupy Movement: Next Step Convergence

    I am especially proud of this new article because the national Occupy movement is very important.

    Joel S. Hirschhorn

  3. Anonymous


    The best method is constant simple propoganda directed towards the masses. When people are angry the sleepy 50% of voters, who normally don't bother to vote will vote in a radical to deal with the US mess.

    1. You are out of a job because of the Bankers

    2. 911 was a trick by Israel, to destroy the US Economy

    3. Christmas used to be about family. Now it is shopping to prop up Wall St.

    You get the picture.

  4. Anonymous

    Mr. Hirschhorn,

    Your efforts to improve the state of things here in the USA with your articles are respectable, but your credibility is dubious because you speak with a forked tongue.

    As many TJR listeners know, the biggest human rights crisis in the world is and long has been Israel/Palestine.

    Your previous comment upon returning from Israel/Palestine simply didn't pass the smell test:

    "There are already, as I recall, over a million Arabs living in Israel as citizens of Israel…and it works, you know..
    I mean, they're doing fine."

    Even if that were true, and it is not, what about the even greater number of Arabs living in Gaza and the West Bank? Are they "doing fine" too?

    People are starting to scratch their heads about this PEP phenomenon, "progressive except Palestine."

    Mr. Hirschorn, please remove your blinders when it comes to I/P. Here is a clip you might find useful, by a fellow who visited I/P and came back saying something much different:

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