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Dr. Orly Taitz on Obama citizenship; David Ray Griffin’s assistant Elizabeth Woodworth on phone records, 9/11 Consensus Panel & more!

Truth Jihad Radio Fri. 10/14/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Peymon interviews Dr. Orly Taitz, leader of the movement questioning Obama’s citizenship. When I (Kevin) first heard about this issue, I assumed that the mainstream conventional wisdom was probably correct in writing off the “birthers” as racist islamophobes – the kind of idiots who hate the idea of a black president, hate Muslims even more than blacks, and insanely claim that Obama is a Muslim. Yes, there are some folks like that in the birther movement – just like there are some islamophobes in the 9/11 truth movement (and all islamophobes 24/7/365 in the Zionist-dominated mainstream media). But that is not relevant to evaluations of the truth or falsity of either movement’s claims. I’ve noticed that the birthers kept saying “show us the birth certificate” for years – and when Obama finally did release a supposed copy of his birth certificate last April 27th, it didn’t exactly answer all the questions. (On Obama’s shady background, check out Webster Tarpley‘s Obama: The Unauthorized Biography.) Then just a few days later, the fake “Bin Laden killing” wiped the citizenship question out of the news. If your BS meter didn’t register a major seismic event, you need to get it repaired.

Second hour: Kevin interviews Elizabeth Woodworth, David Ray Griffin’s assistant. Elizabeth recently published an article on alleged phone records of alleged phone calls from allegedly hijacked airliners on 9/11. She concludes that these leaked documents are probably authentic, because if they are forgeries they are very good ones, and it is difficult to understand why anyone would exert such effort to produce records that undermine the government’s claims while strongly suggesting that these phone calls were fabrications of one kind or another.

We will also discuss the brand-new 9/11 Consensus Panel, an effort spearheaded by Dr. Griffin to bring members of the truth movement together to find common ground. What is the strongest evidence against the official myth? Can we reach a degree of consensus on this question? Tune in and find out!

One Thought to “Dr. Orly Taitz on Obama citizenship; David Ray Griffin’s assistant Elizabeth Woodworth on phone records, 9/11 Consensus Panel & more!”

  1. Anonymous

    To the Guardian,

    It is widely known that the official report on the great tragedy of 9/11 is flawed in many ways.

    If anyone suggests this they are sidelined by being labelled conspiracy theorists. What preceded it, what took place and what followed have had massive consequences for many millions of people.

    Do we not owe it to those killed or still suffering to seek the truth and justice?
    There is now a new multidisciplinary international organisation set to look scientifically at all the evidence called Consensus911. This is for strict examination of the evidence as in any other scientific investigation. At last perhaps we may hear what really happened after a wait of 10 years.
    For all interested in truth, this is a very good place to start.

    Dr.Chris Burns-Cox MD FRCP
    Emeritus Consultant Physician, Bristol

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