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I will be interviewed on Talk Radio Europe today [correction: will be rescheduled]

[Note: This interview is being rescheduled due Richie’s illness…stay tuned for details.]

I’m looking forward to an interview by Richie Allen on Talk Radio Europe today at 2 pm Central.

We’ll be talking about the upcoming 10th anniversary of the 9/11 coup d’├ętat, and related matters.

I’ll also be discussing my reaction to Jonathan Kay’s book Among the Truthers, which finally arrived in the mail (postmarked June 27th — remember, he originally said he’d be sending one in April, and needed to be reminded several times after that).

I wonder if one reason he was reluctant to send me the book was the fact that it libels me? I will be seeking legal advice as well as engaging with Jonathan in another interview (listen to our first one here)…assuming he’s got the guts to square off with someone he’s libeled.

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