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Jim Fetzer, Stephen Lendman on TJ Radio Monday

Truth Jihad Radio Mon. 1/27/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Jim Fetzer explains his latest article “9/11: Seismic Proof + Video Fakery = An Inside Job.” I don’t understand the relationship between the seismic proof (Ross and Furlong’s study showing that the first explosion in the North Tower happened 14-17 seconds before the plane impacts) and the video fakery issue. But apparently Jim does…

Note: Dr. James Fetzer will be speaking on July 20 at the University of Minnesota-Duluth campus in Bohannon Hall Room 90 starting at 7 pm, with doors opening at 6 pm. That hall seats 350 people. Jim’s talk is titled: “Were the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq justified by the events of 9/11/01?”

Second hour: Stephen Lendman on Turkish-Israeli relations, Permanent US Iraq and Afghanistan Occupations Planned, Breaching Gaza’s Siege, and much more. Along with discussing the new boats to Gaza and the permanent occupations, we’ll compare notes on Turkey, where I spent two weeks in mid-May.

4 Thoughts to “Jim Fetzer, Stephen Lendman on TJ Radio Monday”

  1. I have to say that I was extremely disappointed with the interview with Fetzer. Please, you guys, everyone who listens to your show knows the official story is all lies. You guys went on and on disproving the official story when everyone listening already knows it is all bogus! Let's talk about some real issues, like yes, video fakery. Because there is plenty of evidence for that, and Dr. Fetzer, you have had countless guests on your podcast to discuss these facts. Kevin, listen to this:

    And this:

    Kevin, I dare you to have either one of these guests on and still argue for the planes theory promoted by the mainstream media and official government conspiracy theory. Even many of the victims have been proven to be frauds. Phil Jayhan and Larry McWilliams have done some excellent research proving these facts. Take a look at their site:

  2. John, I think you missed the whole point of the show! You want me to ignore everything Jim and I (along with pretty much the whole 9/11 truth movement) agree on, and just focus on what we don't agree on. The point I made at the beginning of the show was that Jim and I agree on at least 90% of the 9/11 evidence issues, so why let the other 10% become a wedge that divides us and wastes our time and energy? Sure, we'll hash it out heatedly, but at the end of the day we're friends and on the same side. If the whole 9/11 truth movement could get along as well as Jim and I do despite heatedly disagreeing on a few 9/11 issues (and having radically different worldviews) we'd have won long ago.

    As for Phil Jayhan, he lost my confidence as a solid researcher by (a) making assertions about passengers not filing for survivor benefits that were not true, (b) presenting his findings in a chaotic rather than well-organized and documented way, (c) making absurd allegations about Mike Rivero supposedly being a passenger on Flight 77, and (d) making even more absurd allegations about William Rodriguez. At this point I wouldn't believe a word he says without seeing the documentation.

  3. "You want me to ignore everything Jim and I (along with pretty much the whole 9/11 truth movement) agree on, and just focus on what we don't agree on."

    No, that's now what I'm implying. You guys didn't even really get into any rational, serious discussion about video fakery until half way through the show. You have an hour long program with each guest (actually like 45 minutes with commercials) and you chose to discuss the fact that jet fuel cannot possibly cause explosions, ect. and further taking apart the official story (the stuff you guys do agree on). My point is, everyone listening should know these facts, so let's get to the heart of the matter- which is that yes, there was much video fakery on 9/11. In fact, probably all of it. And the funny thing is, Fetzer knows all about this but didn't do a good job of explaining it.

    Killtown has written by far the most persuasive, slam dunk case for this:

    Kevin, I would really encourage you and your listeners to see this if you haven't yet already:

    If you have seen the research they've done there, is nothing what they say legitimate or accurate? I'd really like to hear you discuss these facts on your program in a thorough way. This interview with Fetzer was far from that.

    As for Phil Jayhan:

    a) could you provide an example of them making assertions about passengers not filing for survivor benefits that were not true

    b) I very much dispute this. For instance, see here:

    This is worth watching as well:

    The forum has lots of very intriguing research. Phil and Larry have been on a few radio programs (hopefully yours very soon) including Fetzer's twice and Deanna Spingola's twice. Folks, if you haven't listened to those radio interviews you absolutely have to. At least if you're serious about understanding 9/11. They present a pretty solid case in my opinion about much of what they say. And it fits in quite nicely with what Dmitri Khalezov is saying, which I find extremely legitimate and persuasive.

    c) I agree totally about the Mike Rivero thing. I listen to Rivero everyday, and he has implied that flight 77 hit the Pentagon on his show before (I've been listening for about 4 months), which is complete nonsense. But I think Phil went a bit too far there. It's pretty ridiculous actually. So I agree there.

    d) I don't really know what to think about Rodriguez to tell you the truth. I know I remember Daryl Bradford Smith, who interviewed Rodriguez numerous times, saying that he was very reluctant to talk about Israel's involvement in 9/11 (Israel and their criminal network of assets, spies, and puppets were in fact the primary conspirators behind 9/11). So I don't know honestly.

    I do know that everything- literally, everything- we've been told about 9/11 is a giant pile of steaming shit. Including the flights, videos and passengers.

  4. I saw September Clues and followed the back-and-forth between supporters and critics back when it first came out several years ago. I recommend Anthony Lawson's debunking, a PDF available at

    I know William Rodriguez well. He doesn't talk much about Israel's involvement in 9/11 because he's trying to reach audiences, and deal with people including family members, who would be put off by that. Also, he's basically an eyewitness whose testimony destroys the official story. As an eyewitness, he needs to remain focused on what he saw that day. Speculating too much about things he didn't see might hurt or at least limit his credibility.

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