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You are cordially invited to vomit up some beer on Michael Shermer

9/11 official story propagandist Michael Shermer isn’t a real professor – he just plays one on TV. But that doesn’t stop the phony “skeptic” from falsely advertising himself as “Adjunct Professor of Economics, Claremont University” – a clear-cut case of academic fraud. Since Anthony Hall (a real professor and accomplished historian) exposed the fake “Professor of Economics” last year, Shermer has apparently been disinvited from top-tier universities like the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he put on his pathetic vaudeville swindle last year. (Watch Anthony Hall and Joshua Blakeney confront and expose Shermer here.)

Now Shermer is performing at small-time campuses – check out his speaking gig this evening at the University of Wisconsin – Rock County this evening. But in Madison, it seems that the only kind of venue that will let him in the door is a public house. In an eternal disgrace to the honor of the Irish, Shermer will be allowed to drown his sorrows today, 2 to 3:30 p.m. at the Brocach Irish Pub (upstairs) 7 W. Main St. in Madison. I would be there, vomiting a putrid stream of non-alcoholic Guinness chunked with colorful insults in his general direction, were it not for my radio show duties.

Shermer will again be swilling at a public trough after his Janesville gig – at a joint called the “Speakeasy Lounge.”  Check out the emailed announcement below for details.

Please confront this academic fraudster and impresario of evil!

The announcement:

Michael Shermer + Guinness = Great way to spend Friday afternoon

  Friday, April 15 2:00-3:30 p.m.   Brocach Irish Pub (upstairs) 7 W. Main St. Madison, WI  53703   Contact for more info: Ingrid Laas at or 608-772-4756.   Are you a Madison-area skeptic? Do you like a Guinness now and then? And do you have a bit of free time Friday afternoon? Then here’s an event that might interest you!   Dr. Michael Shermer ( is passing through town on his way to a speaking engagement in Janesville. Nicely enough, he thought that hanging out at Brocach Irish Pub (upstairs) and shooting the breeze with other skeptics would be a great way to spend part of the afternoon in Madison.   While hanging out with us, he’ll fill us in a bit about his new book – “The Believing Brain” – that is coming out in May, future media appearances and events, and will be available to sign books (if you bring them).   NOTE: If you can’t join us then (but wish you could), you might want to consider seeing him talk about “Why People Believe Weird Things” in Janesville Friday evening. The lecture is open to the public, but there is a $5 charge for non-students. See this link for complete info:   BONUS: Those interested in socializing after Janesville’s talk can also join us for a bit more “shooting the breeze” with Michael at The Speakeasy Lounge & Restaurant, 19 North High Street, in Janesville (   Questions? Shoot me (Ingrid) an e-mail at iklaas649(at), or give me a call at — — —-. Hope to see some of you Friday!

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5 Thoughts to “You are cordially invited to vomit up some beer on Michael Shermer”

  1. tu me pardonneras mon francais mon fere, mais mesdames enmenez vos chiens urinez sur le bonhomme…

  2. Anonymous

    I thought you didn't drink!

  3. You thought right.

    You must have missed the reference to non-alcoholic Guiness?

  4. Anonymous

    Hey Kevin,

    Did you draw the sketch featuring the spewing non-alcoholic guinness? If so, you need to retract your recent assertion that you "can't draw," and proceed to compose your proposed lemmings sketch. Are you holding out on us?


  5. Glad somebody is paying attention to my avocation as an artiste manqué.

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