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Today’s guests: Eric Walberg from Cairo, Bob Nichols on Fukushima

Truth Jihad Radio Monday 4/22/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Canadian journalist Eric Walberg reporting live from Cairo! Walberg says reports of the Egyptian revolution’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. His new article “Egypt’s revolution and the US: Mubarak’s fatal error” begins: “The fall of Egypt’s leader and his political party is because he learned the wrong lessons from his patrons. Will Americans learn something from Egyptians?” and concludes:

IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn got a rude awakening at a forum in Cairo last week. The revolutionary most feted by the West, Wael Ghonim, invited to appear on a panel in the IMF’s Egypt headquarters, called the world’s financial hatchetman and the “elites” of the world “partners in crime” for supporting Mubarak’s regime. “To me what was happening was a crime, not a mistake. A lot of people knew that things were going wrong.” The implication being that it was the height of hypocrisy for the IMF to pretend it had any concern for Egypt’s real needs.

Egypt’s Google marketing chief’s savvy, comparing his attack to Joe-the-plumber’s grilling of US presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008, is a yellow flag for the bad guys, whose game might be up. Revolutionary youth refused to meet with Clinton when she came on her pilgrimage to Tahrir. Another storm signal for the empire is the fact that Bush, Rumsfeld and others have had to cancel visits to Europe, fearing arrest for their war crimes. Egypt’s revolution gives succour to citizens everywhere struggling to return morality to politics.

Eric Walberg writes for the leading Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram Weekly and is the author of the forthcoming Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games (Clarity Press, 2011).

Second hour: Nuclear expert and award-winning journalist Bob Nichols, who has been covering the Fukushima disaster for Veterans Today. His most recent article is FUKUSHIMA = 2,000 Atomic Bombs: Killer Contamination Spreads Worldwide Without Opposition. Nichols writes:

Truly, it is as if the entire world is At War! The dreaded all-out nuclear war that would happen if Russia or the United Stated accidentally “Pressed The Button” is going on right now; it is a done deal. Imagine that! The same thing as detonating 2,000 big Atomic Bombs and not even one “BOOM!” Not a shot fired, yet we could all die!

No giant forest fires, no burning cities creating their own hellish, uncompromising firestorms. None of that; but, every bit of the radioactive contamination such an Atomic World War would create; and probably more. For unbelievably, there are more Japanese reactors about to blow. It’s a chain reaction.

Bob Nichols is a Project Censored Award winner, a correspondent for the San Francisco Bay View newspaper and a frequent contributor to various online publications. He reports on war, politics and the two nuclear weapons labs in the Bay Area. Nichols is writing a book based on 20 years of nuclear war in Central Asia. He is a former employee of an Army Ammunition Plant. You are encouraged to write Nichols at duweapons(at)gmail(dot)com.

4 Thoughts to “Today’s guests: Eric Walberg from Cairo, Bob Nichols on Fukushima”

  1. Hi, Kevin – I am going to try to catch your show today. My question is how real are these "revolutions" and to what extent are they incited, armed, funded and organized by the CIA, the National Endowment for Democracy and the rest of the clandestine apparatus, using existing tribal and religious conflicts as well as poor economic conditions? In no country have the "revolutionaries" taken power so far. In Egypt, Mubarak was deposed and now there is a military junta. It is also somewhat strange that this "revolution" was led by a Google marketing chief. Does he represent the average Egyptian working person? But it sounds good that he is denouncing the IMF.
    I'm looking forward to an interesting show.

  2. Walberg had some very interesting things to say about Egypt. It seems to me most of these "revolutions" were funded, supported, organized and propagandized by Western, and Zionist in particular, organizations, both private and public. In Egypt, it appears to be a power struggle over what direction the "new" Egypt will take. We've seen reports that they are totally reversing the natural gas deal that completely favored Israel, and things like this are really encouraging:

    So we'll see how things develop. Check out this podcast for a brilliant discussion on the Zionist influence in organizing and financing these revolutions:

    Lastly, this is worth noting in regards to the much hyped Tunisian revolution:

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