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Today on TJ Radio: Jim Fetzer, Adam Stulberg

Truth Jihad Radio Fri. 3/18/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Jim Fetzer of Scholars for 9/11 Truth. Jim was recently vilified by Kevin Ryan for (among other things) having enthusiastically endorsed the work of 9/11 researcher Judy Wood back in 2006. Then, a few weeks later, Jim was vilified by various pro-Judy-Wood people, including my old friend Eric Larsen, for not being an enthusiastic enough supporter of Judy Wood!

Judy, it seems, has a new book out. Many people (not all Judy fans) have told me it’s pretty good. Eric Larsen, a Judy fan and brilliant novelist and social critic who was the truth movement’s best writer (and my frequent radio guest) until he retreated into literature a few years ago, recently wrote to Alan Miller at “In my own view, Dr. Wood’s being omitted is like dropping Shakespeare from an anthology of Elizabethan literature.” Unfortunately, Judy herself has ignored my requests for a review copy and an interview. So let’s hear what the unjustly vilified Dr. Fetzer has to say.

Second hour: Adam Stulberg of We will be discussing religion, mysticism, poetry, The Singularity, and such questions as Is There Life After Lunch? , If The New Agers Had A Tag-Team Match With the Traditionalists Who Would Win? and Is Charlie Sheen Approaching the Singularity?

After earning his B.A. in Study of Religion from University of California, Los Angeles, Adam launched a successful career as a songwriter and performing musician. In 2003 he went on hiatus from the music business, embarking upon a three year period of intensive research in contemporary sciences: quantum physics, cosmology, complexity/chaos theory, and evolutionary biology. An M.A. in Education from Antioch University Los Angeles credentialed Adam to teach: he is now Continuing Education Faculty at Otis College of Art and Design and also works with Rock the Classroom, a nonprofit dedicated to restoring music education in under-served public schools.

5 Thoughts to “Today on TJ Radio: Jim Fetzer, Adam Stulberg”

  1. "Many people (not all Judy fans) "

    Wow. What about evidence? That's what the book's about – it's not something to "please the punters".

    Kevin, have you had a chance to study the evidence? Can you explain why cars were turned upside down? Can you explain why David Handschuh was levitated?

    Or would you rather discuss whether Mr Handschuh has become a "fan" of Judy Wood?

    What's the point of discussing fandom?

    Have fun discussing things which have no bearing on anything!

    Oh, and shhhhhh…. don't forget Hurricane Erin! Looks like it was steered! Don't worry though, it's more important to think about who is or isn't a fan of Judy, I agree, no really I do!

  2. I haven't had a chance to read the book, because I can't afford it — as an underpaid radio host, I only read review copies, and Judy won't send me one. In the past, Judy has not been able to explain (or maybe I'm just too thick to understand) how toasted cars and allegedly steered hurricanes are evidence for directed energy weapons destroying the three skyscrapers. I have never heard of overturned cars or the alleged levitation of Mr. Handschuh, nor do I know of any reason why such claims would be taken as evidence for DEW. I need to see a coherent argument explaining precisely how this alleged DEW demolition worked and why these oddities should be taken as evidence for it.

  3. Kevin, you apparently misunderstood Eric Larsen's comparison involving Dr. Judy Wood and Shakespeare. Mr. Larsen wrote that quietly omitting Judy Wood from a list of distinguished Americans, and a few other nationalities, who have publicly questioned the US government's official 9/11 story, is like quietly deleting Shakespeare from a survey of Elizabethan literature.

    To illustrate Mr. Larsen's point further, quietly deleting Judy is like quietly deleting Isaac Newton and Leibnitz from a history of mathematics, or quietly deleting Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, Kepler, and Galileo from a history of astronomy – you surely get the point.

    Mr. Larsen was not, as you humorously implied, comparing Judy's character and achievements directly with those of Shakespeare, rather he was comparing her prominence and importance in her respective specialized field of study.

    So, was Mr. Larsen greatly exaggerating the importance of Judy's original insights into just what happened on 9/11 – and the importance of her Qui-Tam case legally filed in US Federal Court and appealed to the US Supreme Court – as your chuckle connoted?

    KB: "Likewise with the Hutchison Effect – what in the world is this?"

    JF: "I asked him a couple of elementary questions about his background and training, because he’s dealing with the area of electro-magnetism, which is among the most complex in physics, and he just sloughed it off and said he’d flunked coloring-books and crayons, which I thought was very, very odd!"

    Judging by his own words and his frequent radio interviews with her from 2006 through 2008, it's plain that Jim Fetzer truly loves Judy, with the proprietary love that Pygmalion felt towards Galatea, or that Professor Henry Higgins felt toward Miss Eliza Doolittle. You, Kevin, have been playing the role of Colonel Pickering – acting ever the proper gentleman toward Judy Wood, but with just a hint of intellectual superiority conveyed discretely by a soupcon of irony, and an occasional thudding dollop of sarcasm.

    Dr. Jim Fetzer scolds Judy for her dalliance with the uncredentialed Mr. John Hutchison, but cannot entirely conceal his wounded pride – and yes, love – that she would spurn the opportunity of legitimacy in the 9/11 Truth movement, and the firm hand on the reins, that Professor Higgins had lavished on her, and would prize instead the mysterious "effect" of that feckless Freddy – John Hutchison – who so oddly boasted on Jim’s radio show that he'd flunked coloring-books and crayons!

    Shakespeare, Newton, Leibnitz, Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, Kepler, Galileo, John Hutchison, Judy Wood – they all flunked coloring-books and crayons, because they all explored, drew new figures, and colored outside the lines of the church or the academy of their day, wherever the empirical evidence led them!

    Do you, Kevin, want to bet against the overwhelming evidence, adduced so brilliantly by Judy in her book, indicating that the 19th and 20th century "coloring book" of academic physics today is grossly incomplete?

    Jim Fetzer – and you, Kevin? – was pleased with Judy as long as she seemed to be merely a handmaiden of the 9/11 "explanandum", and left the "explanans" to loftier intellects. But Dr. Judy Wood has discovered, and proved, the natural history of the 9/11 "explanans".

    Judy's unique contribution to 9/11 awareness is to prove that the "explanans" can be found only in a vastly expanded 21st century physics "coloring book" with many new sections and figures for academic science first to outline, and then to color in. That is the bigger, and more hopeful, meaning of "9/11 truth".

  4. Anonymous

    The embattled Fetzer
    Remains unfettered.
    He'll never bore ya,
    Hell, he taught Ventura!

  5. Kevin, old boy, sorry you are in a state of poverty. Here is my gift to you…

    PDF, MP3 audio, video – gosh it takes time!

    It is not quite on a par with Dr Judy's work – having been compiled by a "lesser brain" betwixt and between earning a living and what not (which, fortunately, I can do mainly at home)

    You can read about it all and then "prime" yourself for when you are able to get it from your Uni library – won't they stock a book if you give them an ISBN number? Just think! A free copy!

    Anyway, the arguments were explained to you several – even many times. There are plenty of interviews available for you to take notes and build up the picture yourself.

    Here's a few:

    This is the very process of finding the truth, is it not?

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