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Are “Zionist Fingerprints All Over 9/11”? Joshua Blakeney on Truth jihad Radio

Truth Jihad Radio Fri. 3/25/11, 1-3 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

Guest: Joshua Blakeney, graduate student, University of Lethbridge; author of the brand-new article Israel’s Fingerprints Are All Over 9/11 (And I’m Not Afraid to Say It!). Joshua, a student of alternative historian Anthony Hall, won a hotly competitive scholarship last year with a proposal to research the 9/11 truth debates–and was pilloried by the neoconservative National Post for his efforts. Last week, Joshua exchanged emails with 911blogger moderator Michael Truscello, who defended that site’s policy of downplaying or ignoring the evidence for Zionism as a motive and the state of Israel as a perpetrator of 9/11. Truscello blasted some crazy anti-Semitic conspiracy nut named Kevin Barrett for even daring to entertain the idea of Zionist complicity, argued that this Barrett character must be a holocaust denier or worse to even conceive of such abominable thoughts. Joshua proceeded to set him straight — and Truscello grew more and more unhinged as Joshua laid out the evidence.

Is Truscello a Zionist gatekeeper and 911blogger a compromised website? Or is there an innocent explanation for Truscello’s bizarre behavior? Personally, I don’t mind people preferring to stress this or that aspect of 9/11 — as long as they don’t attack or attempt to silence fellow truth-seekers who prioritize the evidence differently or view it in a different context. Belligerent Zionist gatekeepers, like Truscello and certain other entities at 911blogger, are distasteful not because they view the complex 9/11 case differently than I do, but because they “protest too much” and try to silence those who do not agree with them.

4 Thoughts to “Are “Zionist Fingerprints All Over 9/11”? Joshua Blakeney on Truth jihad Radio”

  1. Kevin, I am so glad that you have guests that know the facts about Zionism, it's destructive role in our world and it's network of assets and agents of influence that carried out 9/11. The Truth Movement needs to get on board. We have all the evidence pointing to Israel, along with criminal elements in the US dedicated to the Zionist agenda, as the prime culprits in the 9/11 false flag attacks. We know who did it! It's that simple. No more scapegoating for Israel and Jewish interests. Facts are facts, no matter how politically incorrect they may seem to others.

  2. Anonymous

    For a guy who claimed not to have his notes together, Joshua was on a major roll…
    Great show

  3. Agreed. Joshua is brilliant and fearless. Go, Joshua!

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