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Mossad agent Mike Harari implicated in Bali bombing, 9/11 – check out his false passports!

 Moshe Ivgy played Mossad agent Mike Harari in Steven Spielberg’s Munich (2005)

Did Steven Spielberg turn the man who organized the Bali hotel bombing – and the mass slaughter of 9/11 –  into a Hollywood hero?

Spielberg’s 2005 film Munich follows the exploits of Mossad agent Mike Harari (played by Moshe Ivgy) as he attempts to track down and kill the Black September guerrillas who organized the kidnapping of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

According to former Soviet nuclear weapons specialist Dmitri Khalezov, the real-life Mike Harari befriended him while the two were living in Thailand in 2001, effectively admitted to organizing 9/11,  then later tried to set Khalezov up to take the rap for 9/11-related crimes. (For details, check out my latest, two-hour interview with Khalezov and Gordon Duff which will soon be archived here; or my earlier interviews with Duff and Khalezov; or Khalezov’s book.)

According to Khalezov, Mike Harari was arrested by Thai police for organizing the Bali hotel bombing, which Khalezov, like Australian journalist Joe Viallis (who was allegedly murdered for his trouble) says was done with a Mossad micro-nuke. Khalezov says Harari was arrested under the name Hadji Mohamed Husseini. Below are Khalezov’s pictures of Mike Harari and his Thai “concubine,” copies of the false passports Harari used (which Khalezov obtained from Thai police records of Harari’s/”Husseini’s” arrest), and a disputed TV image of a much younger Harari.

Harari’s arrest
Harari’s concubine

Harari’s Guinean diplomatic passport (with his handwritten note)

Harari’s passport
 Alleged TV image of a younger Harari (disputed by Khalezov)

Dmitri Khalezov responds to a questioner about why the TV image above doesn’t look like Khalezov’s Harari:

I don’t think that there are could be a lot of photos with Mike Harari, especially “well known” ones. This guy is not so stupid, actually. What is known to me (also from him personally, but also from other
serious people) that in 1990 (well before the Internet became widely used) the Israeli Government in the most official manner kindly requested all mass media outlets all over the world to surrender all pictures of Mike Harari to the Israeli state (citing some plausible reasons and supporting the request with some cash, of course), and not to keep any copies of them. And after that successful operation Harari was more than careful not to allow anyone to have his pictures. I am actually quite a rare person who managed to obtain a couple of his real photos. In 2005 (after I was released from prison) I attempted to find some pictures of Mike Harari in his younger age desperately searching the Internet. I was not able to find any. And I repeated these searches at least twice a year. At one moment I noticed that one of the old picture with Noriega has appeared, but I am not quite sure if it is really genuine and not a part of the Mossad pre-emptive disinformation game. But when it comes to the picture of him on the TV-screen this one was not available I guess till very recent. And the fact of its appearance could be counted as a disinfo operation as well. To be honest with you I have never seen Harari before 2001 and I have no clue how he looked like before, since I have never seen his previous pictures either, but only saw his character portrayed by various actors in various movies (most importantly – by a Soviet-Georgian actor Vakhtang Kikabidze in the famous KGB-sponsored serial “TASS was authorized to declare”). That is why I simply have no chance to compare his former pictures with the new ones due to the total absence of the former (thanks to the careful policy of the Mossad described above). That is why to claim that there are “well known pictures of Mike Harari” is a bit bold claim, in my humble opinion. If such “well known pictures” of him do exist, they are certainly not in the wilderness of the Internet, but exclusively inside secret files of a few lucky secret-services.

All I could say that the guy I have a picture of is indeed Mike Harari, simply because it can’t be anyone else. Mike Harari is such a unique person, with such a unique biography, such a unique character, and
variety of other unique personal features, that you can’t simply find any other man that could pass for him and to perfectly match all Harari’s actual features (including his ability to assassinate American colonels in the Philippines and his ability to invite an Israeli Ambassadors to his apartment for a drink, for example). How many Israeli people do you actually know who are about ~1927 year of birth, know perfect French, English, reasonable Spanish, recently arrived from the Philippines to Bangkok (because of the murder committed there against an American colonel), leaves in the compound guarded by the Israeli security, has penchant for diplomatic passports, claims to be the best friend of Khun Sa, Cao Ky, Noriega and Bush Senior, and also invites the local Israeli Ambassador to visit him in his apartment? If it is not Mike Harari, then who it is? That is why you don’t have to doubt – the man I knew in Bangkok in 2001-2003 is Mike Harari and no one else. It is not 100%, it is 101%. And the photo I have is of that man. But you have to be prepared – the Mossad (and the French alike, and I guess the CIA as well) will deny it of course. And will plant various “innocently looking” [dis]info that will cast doubt on what I claim. So, don’t be surprised if you see something like this.

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  1. Good point. I am going to listen to the tw hours cause I arrived late and just listen to the last 20 minutes…

    Joe vialls was right… sheykh LVO la voix des opprimes the first web site in the world ot have lcaimed that 911 was an israeli operation …hosted the independant journalist comme quoi le pmonde est petit… I can not confirm if israelis killed Joe Vialls, people should ask his relatives…

    check the links of this article…

    Khalezov if you read me you did not answer all the questions…we need to speak more in detials …

  2. Anonymous

    I'm listening to this interview right now. Fascinating!

    Question for Dimitri: where the heck did you get $50k to bribe your way out of your first arrest? Or did I miss-hear that statement?

  3. Hi.
    I am Dimitri Khalezov. Just found this thread accidentally while googling for my name. To answer a question about $50K. Yes, you misheard the statement. It was 30K, not 50. And where did I get it? I just had it. I was not too poor those days. Not like now… I had the cash with me that time.

    About question of Abu-Suleyman above. Just write to me and ask what you want. My e-mail is dkhalezov(at)

  4. Khalezov is of course a phony, untrustworthy character, if he even exists.

    The reason for his card to be played now, is to pollute the research that wants to put 9/11, fakery and mossad together, leading the searchers into this fable of the micro nukes that cannot be proved or disproved and which serves no purpose but to keep people busy with a new toy.

    Khalezov using frames of September Clues and never realizing/commenting the sheer scale of the fakery he's dealing with… that's gotta be the biggest joke in the whole 9/11 "truth".

    But have you noticed how Harari really looks like Khalezov with more weight? They are two products of the same photoshop.

  5. Anonymous

    I created an edited version of the original 26 part interview (4 1/2 hour) with Dimitri Khalezov. His explanation of 911 is BY FAR the best, most detailed and most logical.
    I suggest that people reserve final judgement of what he presents until you watch the full interview (both parts).

    Part 1 (2 hours)

    Part 2 (2 hours)

    Edits to the original interview include:
    – combined 26 parts into 2 parts (2 hours each)
    – sped up the video by 20% (kept it slow where you have to read)
    – increased the volume
    – changed the background music
    – chopped off the bumper music between clips
    – Content: added 10 minutes of support material from: 911 Coincidences regarding WTC7 (lady commentator), Alex Jones/Mancow discussing Rumsfeld interview and his denial of knowing anything about WTC7, support material about 900+ rescue workers (out of 10,000) getting sick with cancer, and an interview with the chopper cameraman that filmed "Nose Out" video claiming he did not see a plane himself
    – Content: removed the FBI section at the beginning because it delayed getting to the good information

    Original 26 part interview can be found here:

  6. Anonymous

    Why is the data of birth of Mike Harari in the passeport 8.october 1936, when at wikipedia it is
    1927 – ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. Was Operation Bojinka discovered before during or because of the assassination of American colonels in the Philippines?

  8. Anonymous

    Khalezov looks to me to be a Mossad whistleblower, like Ostovsky and Halevy. If fact my guess is, he is part of a Halevy clique, blowing the whistle on Harari, who perpetrated 9 11 in order to, among other things, frame Halevy, who was in 2001 Mossad DG

  9. Anonymous

    If Joe Vialls is really Ari Ben Menashe then he is very much alive:

    Menashe she to be having Mossad problems still:

  10. Anonymous

    A picture of someone who looks like Mike Harari (now 80/82?) is posted on my FB page: Lanet Khoda.

  11. Anonymous

    Because the guy Khalezov claims is Harari is not really Harari-the impostor is part of a Mossad whistle blowing operation exposing Harari for the 9 11 atrocity

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