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A Call to Jihad

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Who is so blind?
(from Dick Eastman)
Who is so blind not to notice that Muslim/populist/Egyptians are all for peace and it is the pro-Zionist Israel-US controlled Mubarak — taker of US Jew awarded US taxpayer  financed weapons — who kills and throws bombs to provoke?  The ones the Jews* back are doing the killing  — the Moslems are giving us the best demonstration of Christlike forbearance since Mahatma Gandhi!!!!   We must notice that!  We must respond to that —  we must reclaim the American idealism that the Jews have destroyed and recognize the goodness of the Egyptian demonstrators and the murder and chaos serving ways of Zionism’s puppets — the Eliteworld sociopaths who are alike the world over.  On the streets of Egypt is being exhibited the evil of a government in of Israel/Zionism/globalization  policy, and the basic goodness of the common people in Islaam.  What more does the world need to see in order to render the necessary verdict?  I’m asking YOU!

-Dick Eastman, 2/6/2011

A Call to Jihad

by Kevin Barrett,

Since my mission as an educator is currently fi sabili llah, I thought it might be educational to issue a call to jihad. And I am not just talking about “greater jihad” – the effort or struggle to be a better person. I am calling on my fellow Muslims, and all good people, to rise up in lesser jihad.

What, exactly, is lesser jihad? Despite all the Zionist media propaganda, it is NOT “holy war.” Instead, it might be defined as “political effort or struggle to defend the community by annihilating tyranny and striving for justice.”

Does this mean…armed struggle?! Historically, it usually did. Islam was born in a defensive armed struggle against the tyranny of the Meccan oligarchy. After more than a decade of turn-the-other-cheek preaching (610-622 c.e.) during which the Prophet SAAS and companions suffered atrocious persecution, the nascent Muslim community was given permission to defend itself by force. And it did so – with tremendous success.

The lesson of this and so many other historical episodes – that if good abjures the clenched fist, evil will use it to rule unopposed – is clear to everyone who has faced a playground bully or studied history.

Unfortunately, the concept of jihad has been much-abused by Muslim rulers and their court scholars. They have often used jihad as a synonym for legitimate or just war. And in a ruler’s eyes, any war he engages in must, by definition, be just.

A more clear-eyed view of jihad was offered by Sayyid Qutb, the brilliant Egyptian philosopher-polemicist who is so often demonized by the enemies of Islam (and not a few “moderate Muslim” uncle toms.)  Qutb’s basic insight – that the core political tenet of Islam is that human beings should be servants only of God, not of other humans – informs his view of jihad as struggle against tyranny. As long as some people feel the need to dominate and oppress their fellows, there will be a need for this kind of jihad. Qutb’s view that jihad is fard ayn – incumbent upon individuals when faced with oppression – makes more sense to me than the countervailing doctrine, that it may only be declared by a legitimate Muslim caliph. (Since when has there been a fully legitimate caliph since the time of the khulafa’ ar-rashidûn? And since when did any actual Muslim ruler NOT use court scholars to declare any war he wanted to fight a legitimate “jihad”?)

Qutb’s notion of jihad as struggle against tyranny, incumbent upon every Muslim, has terrified the world’s tyrants. They have responded by raising their level of tyranny to unimaginable heights. The torture and murder of millions of Muslims who are struggling for justice – whether in the dungeons of Egypt or the cages of Guantanamo and Bagram or the depleted-uranium-poisoned killing fields of Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine – is the tyrants’ tacit admission: “Yes, we are the tyrants you hate – what of it?” The use of false-flag terror tactics on a hitherto unimaginable scale, from the death-squad slaughter of more than 100,000 Algerians to the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center to the detonation of an Israeli mini-nuke in Bali to the bombing of trains in Madrid and London to the mass shootings in Mumbai – is the tyrants’ tacit admission: “Yes, we are the liars and mass murderers that you silly people who believe in truth and justice take us for – what of it?”  And the September 11th 2008 controlled demolition of the US and world economy is the tyrants’ tacit admission: “We are building a tyrannical global empire on usury, and we intend to finish the job – what of it?”

Anne Norton, Adam Curtis and others have remarked that today’s world seems to be divided between the followers of Leo Strauss – aptly described by Shadia Drury as a “teacher of evil” – and Sayyid Qutb. Strauss, the world’s leading apologist for tyranny, taught that those who are strong enough to know that there is no such thing as truth or goodness, and that therefore lies and evil rule, must seize power and use lies, murder, and any other available means to perpetuate their tyranny. Qutb’s call to the everlasting struggle against tyranny does indeed make him a sort of anti-Strauss.

By staging a seemingly endless series of false-flag attacks designed to demonize the followers of Qutb, the followers of Strauss have tried to misrepresent Qutb’s call to jihad as a call to senseless violence. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Muslim political activists – the kind of people who are today locked up in Guantanamo and Bagram (alongside the market vendors and taxi drivers turned in for a bounty by the criminals who collaborate with occupiers) – have, taken together, been responsible for a minuscule fraction of the violence committed by those who are imprisoning them. For every non-combatant killed by a Qutb-inspired “jihadi,” tens of thousands have been slaughtered by the tyrants those jihadis are struggling against.

But lesser jihad – the universal individual duty to struggle against tyranny – is not just armed struggle. The hadith “the best jihad is a word of truth flung in the face of a tyrant” tells us that even at the time of the Prophet, the word was mightier – and better – than the sword. Today, when swords have been replaced by nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, words-of-truth are looking better and better all the time.

That is why I am calling on all Muslims, and all good people, to rise up against the world’s tyrants in the “best jihad” – by fearlessly speaking the truth.

The people of Egypt, amassed in Liberation Square to annihilate the tyrant Mubarak with their words of truth, represent the real future of jihad.

May Allah bless their struggle – and yours.

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* Personally I disagree with Dick Eastman’s use of the term “the Jews,” when what he means is “the Zionists.” Zionists are not Jews – they are idolaters and blasphemers and criminals against humanity. Here are real Jews. Unfortunately, since the Zionist Power Configuration completely dominates organized “Jewry” in the US and around the world, and the ZPC is dominated by people who falsely call themselves Jews, Eastman’s language is not completely indefensible.

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  1. masha Allah

    Djazak Allah alfa kehyr for thiss akhi !

  2. official figures provided by UN and HRW talks about 250 000 deaths in Algeria… at minimum bigger figure speaks about half a million deaths

    Allahuma arham shouhadas fi kuli makan

  3. What if they gave a jihad and nobody came?

  4. They just gave a jihad in Egypt and Tunisia, and a whole lot of people came!

    Let's hope and pray they give more, and millions more come.

  5. Anonymous

    Hey Kevin
    I just wanted to let ya know that you are opening my eyes to some hard to admit truths and I am glad to say my brief spell of Islamophobia has passed without event, I will fight for anyones rights as a person as long as they are not harming anyone in their action, so I was hardly a hard liner, but I am learning that even I, an old hippy had fallen hook line and sinker for the mainline media's hateful view on Islam, so keep up the wonderful work please Kevin, There is so much of this false flag nonsense is going on, I am sure you are up to date on all this stuff but this was new to me today
    All the best to you Kevin.
    yours sincerely
    CS (UK)

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