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The Second Islamic Revolution begins in Tunisia

The Zionist-dominated Western media is doing everything it can to downplay this week’s Tunisian Revolution and ignore its historic implications. Mainstream Middle East expert Juan Cole calls the Tunisian revolution “potentially more consequential for the Middle East” than the Iranian Revolution of 1979″ and adds: “As usual, the important news from the region is being ignored by US television news.”

In fact, the US mainstream media doesn’t report Middle East news. It just vomits up Zionist propaganda. Whatever you see (or don’t see) on US-dominated news channels is there (or not there) to serve the interests of apartheid Greater Israel and its US colony. And the reason the Tunisian revolution is not there is simple:  The more publicity it gets, the faster it will spread to the other Zio-American neo-colonies in the region.

To the extent the Zio-American mouthpieces are talking about the fall of the ultra-secularist Tunisian regime–until yesterday the last remaining overtly anti-Islamic regime in the Muslim world now that Turkey is being reclaimed by its people–they are nervously reassuring themselves that this is not an Islamist revolution, the people just want more blue jeans and McDonalds, ad nauseum. Such commentators have their heads in the proverbial sand; though they may be seeing a few grains accurately, they miss the big picture. Of course it is too early to say what will emerge directly from the current chaos. But in the long run, Tunisia will be going the way of Turkey–away from forced secularization by a brutal military dictatorship, and toward some form of Islamic democracy. Similar revolutions, with similar outcomes, are likely to follow throughout the region.

I hope and suspect that this second Islamic revolution will be more practical and moderate and peaceful than the first one. The governments that emerge may look more like Turkey than Iran. But I also hope and expect that this second Islamic revolution will hold to its ideals and to the aspirations of people in the Muslim-majority countries for:

* An end to the Zionist settler colony and the return of Palestine to the Palestinians.

* A move away from colonially-imposed Western legal traditions, toward indigenous Islamic ones.

* A rejection of any form of imperial-colonial interference in the Muslim-majority countries, starting with the ejection of all foreign military forces and bases from Muslim lands.

*  A prohibition of usurious banker-issued currencies, and a move toward the Islamic gold dinar and silver dirham as the only lawful currencies in Muslim lands  (and the only thing acceptable in exchange for oil and other resources).

* The gradual, peaceful re-unification of the Muslim-majority countries following the model of the EU: common markets, common currency, common citizenship, and so on.

The Muslim-majority countries already have all the necessary bases of unity: A common religion, a common language (Arabic, which every educated Muslim must learn and which is in easy reach thanks to the internet and satellite TV), a common currency (the gold dinar and silver dirham, mandated by shariah), and more than a billion people who think of themselves as Muslims first and ethnic/national groups secondarily if at all. Despite all the nationalist propaganda Muslims get from their Zionist-puppet rulers, an overwhelming majority–two-thirds according to one poll–want to “unify all Islamic counties into a single Islamic state or caliphate.”

How long can the Zionists succeed in playing the divide-and-conquer card against such popular aspirations for Islamic unity? And when is the USA going to cut its losses, end its support for the globally-reviled Zionists, and throw its full support behind its fellow monotheists of the emerging Islamic Caliphate — the perfect energy-rich bulwark against America’s Chinese and Indian competitors?

7 Thoughts to “The Second Islamic Revolution begins in Tunisia”

  1. Anonymous

    Israel dreading a democratic Arab world
    Saleh Naami in Gaza, Saturday 15 Jan 2011

    The Israeli deputy PM expresses his concern over the democratisation of the Arab world, following the dissolution of the Tunisian leadership.

  2. Anonymous

    Its a pity, that in order to form the Caliphate, efforts are concentrated only in mid-east contries, and forgetting a single country in south east asia,Indonesia,with its 200 millions muslim populations.Quo vadis, o brothers…..

  3. Servant of Almighty God

    MashaAllah, well said! I yearn for the day when the global muslim populace unites and re-establishes the caliphate system and demonstrate to the world the justice and equality that is fundamental to islam. May the Almighty help fulfil this aspiration in the near future. Ameen!

  4. Kevin,

    Glad you alluded to the idea of the "first revolution" in 1979 not being completely "Islamic" in nature.

    Believe it or not I think the French will end up "putting down" the current Tunisian revolution which will make it perfectly clear that nothing has really changed in that region since WWI.

    Mohammad said one of the signs of the final hour would be a fire igniting in Yemen and spreading all the way to Mecca…certainly we are seeing signs of smoke in the whole region. Of course he didn't say the fire would extinguish Dajjal's flame…so NO the Jews and thier imperialist lackeys (USA, UK, EU, NATO) are NOT going to "see the light" and stop their Satanic global project…although a smart entity would.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Kevin, if it’s any consolation, the Tunisian Revolution was on our ABC news last night – the only item, in fact, that wasn’t coverage of the floods in our fair country, so it must have been seen as important. I thought it was really exciting, real people power. I’ve read your piece on it. A copy of The Vision of Islam is waiting for me tomorrow in the local bookshop. I’ll let you know what my response is. But all that you’re saying certainly agrees with my increasing dislike of Zionism.

  6. Anonymous

    Salaam Kevin,

    You will find my latest article about strange Tunisian coup… fell free to republish and spread akhi.I have put a nasheed called we will never recognize Israel as the rolee of the new man in charge general Rachid Ammar is to bring NATO inside the country and sign a pece deal with Israel according to some of my reliable intel sources in Algeria. tunisia and the other people have eto make sure they are in control of their revolutions

  7. ~Kevin it looks like that the revolution you are talking needs to e implemented because the amry is in charge in Tunisia and the heead of this army is linked to the bad guys… we still to implement what has been desribed by Juan first step towrds a new Al Andalus Califate

    insha Allah

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