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Poker Face: The sound of the New World Order going up in flames

Truth Jihad Radio Sat. 1/8/10, 5-7 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

The leading revolutionary rock band of our time, Poker Face, will join me for a special two-hour interview!

I grew up listening to revolutionary rock n’ roll. As I came of age in the late 70s, I still thought the MC5’s Kick Out the Jams had enough power to bring down the Trilateralists, who were busy putting an end to the “excess of democracy” that made the 1960s so interesting.

Somewhere along the way the music stopped believing it could change anything. And I stopped listening. Well, not completely. But I started paying less and less attention to rock n’ roll, and more to blues and jazz and classical and hip-hop and qawali and electronica and world and folk and just about every other style that was out there…without being especially obsessed with any of them. Since the demise of revolutionary rock n’ roll, the only sounds that have really changed my life are recitations of Qur’an. (Get hold of a copy of Michael Sells’ Approaching the Qur’an, read it, listen to the enclosed CD, and see if your life doesn’t change too.)

Anyway…today, I am proud to announce the rebirth of revolutionary rock n’ roll. I have seen its future, and the name is Poker Face.

Poker Face is Paul Topete, Dennis Beidler, and Brett Griffiths. These guys kick out the jams and take no prisoners as they rock the revolution. But even though they rock harder for marijuana freedom than anybody, this isn’t the misguided (and partly satanically-inspired) 60’s style do-whatever-feels-good revolution that burned out on the plains of Altamont. Pokerface is a Christian band, and they’re waging spiritual warfare against the powers of evil – specifically, the powers that revealed themselves through the human sacrifices at the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001.

Their CD Peace or War: Songs for the Revolution features churning start-it-up rhythms and big guitar sound that blends with soaring yet edgy vocal harmonies. Like The Who, they put out a whole lot of sound for just three guys. And like some of those 60s groups, and unlike most of today’s musical acts, these guys are seriously out to smash the (NWO) state:

“It’s time to hunt bankers/And the judges and lawyers who are whores too
The same for Officials/Who like to break the golden rule
You know we’ve got our eyes on you/So you’d better do things right
Or we’ll hang you from the highest trees/While we party through the night”


“I’m not a democrat, or republican
I’m just a God loving American
It’s time to kill this fourth Reich of the rich
If humanity is to survive…

“Rise up rise up militias through out the world
It’s time to end the ORDER’s globalist plans
A REVOLUTION is the only solution
When good government has gone bad.”

Peace or War features a beautifully-designed 9/11 truth insert that parts company with the 9/11 half-truth movement (the folks afraid to speak up about the Zionist connection) and lays it out plain, placing Mossad at the center of 9/11 evil, surrounded by Dov Zakheim, Benjamin Netanyahu, AIPAC, Larry Silverstein, Urban Moving Systems, Lewis Eisenberg, Ariel Sharon, ITCS, Odigo, Chertoff, Amdocs, Checkpoint, Comverse and the Dancing Israelis, and much, much more. I guess we won’t be hearing much more Poker Face on Michael Whatzizname from Colorado’s boring radio show, or seeing anything about them on 911blogger. Oh well, the half-truth movement’s loss is the truth movement’s gain. These guys ROCK.

42 Thoughts to “Poker Face: The sound of the New World Order going up in flames”

  1. Anonymous

    it's midnight somewhere all the time everyday

  2. Anonymous

    Smoking marijuana is not a terrible thing…not in Islam, Christianity, Judaism or any religion on earth.

    Can you find anything in religion forbidding marijuana?

  3. Most Islamic scholars say the Qur'an prohibits wine because it is intoxicating; therefore other intoxicants, including marijuana, are forbidden by way of analogy.

    But what is an "intoxicant"? Are coffee and tea and ginseng included? Most Islamic scholars say coffee and tea are not intoxicants in the same way that alcohol is, so they're not prohibited. Marijuana would seem to be somewhere between caffeinated beverages and alcohol on the scale of potential for inebriation and/or harm.

    And how about substances that can be either medicinal or recreational? Prescription pain-killers, for example? Marijuana would seem to be one of these.

    Anyway, the short version is that you can find plenty of Islamic legal opinion that smoking marijuana is haram (prohibited). You'll have to work harder to find scholars with other views, but I'm sure they're out there.

    Historically most Islamic societies have punished alcohol use more severely than marijuana use, reflecting their accurate view of the relative harmfulness of the two drugs.

  4. Anonymous

    When it comes to Islam, I do not know much about it, but "intoxicating" is a broad term. Some associate marijuana's effects as a higher state of awareness.

    And, marijuana is completely different when compared to alcohol. You can still talk and understand concepts, and you can still think (if not deeper).

    As far as I know, Islam does not forbid any plant, does it?

  5. Anonymous

    Genesis 1:29 YHVH/Yah gave man every seed bearing plant for our use. That would include HEMP and Mary Jane.

  6. Anonymous

    From a Quranic word search:

    # 20:53 (Asad) HE IT IS who has made the earth a cradle for you, and has traced out for you ways [of livelihood] thereon, [35] and [who] sends down waters from the sky: and by this means We bring forth various kinds [36] of plants. –

    # 50:7 (Asad) And the earth – We have spread it wide, and set upon it mountains firm, and caused it to bring forth plants of all beauteous kinds, –

    # 86:12 (Asad) and the earth, bursting forth with plants! –

    80:28 (Asad) and vines and edible plants, –

    # 55:12 (Asad) and grain growing tall on its stalks, and sweet-smelling plants.

    So you are going to say Mary Jane is forbidden, yet your Quran mentions plants over and over, and even apparently "sweet smelling plants"?

    I'm no scholar of Islam, but how in the world can anyone even consider marijuana being haram?

  7. JJ

    As for the scholars: they appear to know nothing about marijuana except the brainwashing the western media has conveyed around it.

    "Drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, opium, etc are all unlawful (haram) due to the various harms connected with them."

    Comparing marijuana to Cocaine and opium? How ignorant is that?

    "Marijuana is a psychoactive drug made from the leaves of the cannabis plant. It is usually smoked but can also be eaten. It is the most commonly used and considered to be a soft drug."

    What is smoked and eaten is not the leaves, but the bud. And Marijuana is not "made".

    "Marijuana intoxicates a person the same way alcohol does. It weakens one’s senses and the capability to reflect. Scientific research has proven that, marijuana has much harm, and could lead one in becoming an addict to other hard drugs."

    WRONG. Marijuana (for most) induces euphoria (relaxation), a feeling of happiness and tranquility. Alcohol induces stupidity, obnoxiousness, and sometimes violent behavior!

    Marijuana has NOT been proven to have much harm, nor does it weaken one's ability to reflect. Many use marijuana for that very reason: to reflect.

    So Kevin, why is marijuana forbidden?

  8. I've seen people who smoke too much of it and act like their brains have turned to mush. Others seem unaffected.

    I never liked it because it just makes me stupid.

    In Morocco it's common knowledge that people who smoke too much kif often act like inebriated idiots. See Mohammed Mrabet's book M'hashish.

    The majority of Muslim scholars have been saying it's haram (forbidden) for centuries. They're not just copying the West.

  9. jj

    Too much of anything is bad. If you smoke pot all day, duh it's going to affect you! Besides the fact that you are stoned all day and you are repeatedly getting stoned, the simple smoke you inhale is going to kill off half your brain cells.

    And speaking of brain cells, let us analyze the study that said marijuana kills brain cells 50s: they took a bunch of monkeys, took 64 extra strength joints, and pumped it through the monkeys' gas masks.

    The first thing that is going to happen if you suffocate: the brain shuts down.

    As for Morocco, apparently in Arab countries "the lower class [bums, thieves, ect] are the ones partaking of Hashish". Do they do any other drugs besides marijuana? Probably. When you have a lower class like that most likely.

    Here is an interesting scientific FACT based study:

  10. I agree that legal prohibition of marijuana and other drugs should be ended.

    At the same time I accept the majority position that under shariah/fiqh marijuana and other drugs are haram, so I will personally avoid these things and urge others to do the same.

  11. Anonymous

    On Morocco, I found this interesting movie: "Hashish".

    The farmers do not appear to be idiots. Also, in the movie they mention "hashish" and "dangerous hashish", which will "blow out your mind".

    Who knows what they mix in that!

  12. anon5

    It sounds to me marijuana aint Kevin's thing. It's not for some people

  13. That's right. I already pared my short-term memory and brain cells down to the bare minimum. That was in my misspent youth. Now, as a grown-up and a Muslim, the only mind-altering drugs I take are tea and coffee, and my main portal to higher consciousness is prayer and meditation…which is much better than psychedelics. (If you're looking for a short-cut to deep meditation, check out the flashing icon at )

  14. Anonymous

    Alright. But I will insist: the idea marijuana makes you stupid is a myth.

    Check this study:

  15. Hey, all I know is that it makes ME stupid. Though back when I used to smoke pot (fairly rarely) at least I KNEW I was stupid. When I drank alcohol it made me so stupid I didn't even know I was stupid. How stupid is that?

  16. Anonymous

    Hey Kevin, can you redirect me to some books about the history of marijuana and Islam, so I can see what the ruling has been "pre-westernization" and why they have reached such a conclusion? (The scholar quoted lost me as soon as he compared marijuana to cocaine.)


  17. Sorry, I'm ignorant on this subject. I would have to apply the same research tools that are available to you to learn something about it. If you're looking for interesting stuff that's sympathetic to marijuana use, but not really ABOUT that topic, check out the books by Peter Lamborn Wilson and his alter ego Hakim Bey.

  18. Anonymous

    I just found a book: The Herb: Hashish Versus Medieval Muslim Society.

    Think I'll read up on it.

  19. That would be a great book to read at the Bridge Café in Chefchaouen, Morocco – a Muslim holy city (so holy non-Muslims weren't allowed there until fairly recently) that is also known for…wait a minute, what am I recommending?!

    Anyway, it's an incredibly beautiful place – the most beautiful city I've ever seen. And I didn't need dope to gawk in stupefied wonder at the blue Mediterranean vernacular adobe houses beneath the looming peaks from which waterfalls crash into roaring rivers exuding mist that rises to mix with the sweet smell of…well, you just have to see and smell it for yourself.

  20. Anonymous

    🙂 Reading up on it, it looks like the scholars of old thought it was detrimental to one's health.

    "It destroys the mind, cuts short the reproductive capacity, produces elephantiasis, passes on leprosy, attracts diseases, makes the mouth smell foul, dries up the semen, causes the hair of eyebrows to fall out, burns the blood, causes cavities, brings forth the hidden disease, harms the intestines…….."

    No wonder they prohibited it! ;D

  21. Don't laugh too hard. I've seen people mess up their brains on Moroccan hasheesh. Rumor has it that the stuff sometimes has toxic additives. I spent a year there and never smoked it. I did however get very high on Allah – the export from the Islamic world that the West needs the most.

  22. Anonymous

    I think that's the distinction (toxic additives). In the Moroccan film, "Haschish", the farmers show the viewer "hashish", and "dangerous hashish". "This will blow your mind out," they say.

    Pure Cannabis Hashish has never made anyone go crazy, and no evidence suggests it does such a thing. The study I linked to showed "very little", very minor difference in short term memory and intelligence for those who smoke marijuana.

    I can link to other studies conducted on Jamaicans. Research suggests Marijuana may even be helpful against the Alzheimer disease.

    As for those who OD on it, i.e. stoners, their brains are fogged because of thoughts overflowing in their mind.

    Some people have a negative reaction to marijuana, and they find it brings them nothing but idiocy.

    Some people smoke marijuana just to get stupid.

    And of course there are some who use it wisely, such as the Sufis:

    What the West needs is God and hemp.

  23. "God & hemp." Now THAT's a bumpersticker.

  24. anon5

    @anonymous The marijuana issue in islam seems pretty complicated. On one hand, we scholars saying it is haram because it intoxicates, and on the other hand:

    "Muslim jurists are unanimous on the prohibition of those drugs which were found during their respective times and places. Foremost among them was Sheikh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah, who said: 'This solid grass (hashish) is haram, whether or not it produces intoxication. Sinful people smoke it because they imagine it producing rapture and delight, an effect similar to drunkenness.'"

    So either way I guess it would be considered bad in Islam…if that makes sense

  25. FYI – My friend Bill M from San Francisco just emailed me and others a picture of a lung capacity machine. He writes:

    (subject header) Weed Destroys Lungs – I am proof of that! Stop Smoking Now!!!

    I inhaled in this machine and showed little improvement, a sad commentary.

    Another test showed I had a 400 reading in lung capacity out of a maximum of 500

    Heart sounded good, pulse was 63
    told not to push it over 90 for prolonged cardio exercise. I was doing 118 and really winded in 5 minutes.

    I will strive to do 90 for 40 minutes non-stop every otherday until I know better!

    I am to get a chest X-Ray for comparative analysis… Wow!

    Diet very importent, got Century vitamin-mineral tablets and will continue with take additionally 3-5 grams of vitamin C, as well as niacin3, vitamins A & D or NAC.

    I will also take several herbs and only do red wine lightly, all else is non-dairy, high protein and big salids with the yet to be selected salad dressings. Distilled water and using my inhalation albuterol sulfate aerosol twice daily.

    Coughing phlegm is GOOD! That is how to purge the tar and toxins out of the lungs.

    Smoking even marijuana is a deadly mistake! Medical Marijuana is only justified for those who can't hold food down during chemotherapy! It is otherwise an oxymoron!!!


  26. I agree with Bill that human lungs were made to hold air, not smoke. And I would add that red wine has some benefit and some harm, but overall the harm outweighs the benefit.

    It's best to get high by non-chemical means: prayer, meditation, exercise, lovemaking with your spouse, travel in search of knowledge, sama' (music/beautiful sounds, the most beautiful of which is recited Qur'an).

    Some day people will shake their heads over how unhealthy and decadent early 21st century Western society was.

  27. jj

    Sounds to me like a personal problem of Bill's. How about asking the majority what they think and how their lungs feel? Obviously human lungs were not meant to hold smoke, but I doubt it has caused anyone serious problems. Bill sounds like a typical anti-marijuana figure.

    And of course there are many other methods of consumption: vapor, cannabis tea, eating it, bhang (the Indian drink), ect.

    Marijuana has nothing to do with decadence. Were the Sufis decadent? How about the Indians in the Himalayas? What about the millions of cultures that have been using marijuana and hemp?

  28. Anonymous

    Which Dangerous Toxins Are in Your Marijuana?
    By Josh Harkinson,
    Posted on February 4, 2011

  29. jj

    Grow your own then like a lot of people should do. Or just don't use it.

  30. Anonymous

    Perhaps the effect marijuana has on people is determined by composition.

    It is common knowledge "skunk" marijuana can impact memory, but apparently higher levels of CBD (cannabidiol) may prevent this.

    Maybe this is why some studies show memory loss in marijuana users, and others show very little memory loss.

  31. jj

    High CBD is good, anonymous. The indians smoke Charas in their rituals. Charas contains high amount of CBD (as well as a generate portion of THC). It is described as a very relaxing dream-like high.

    People rejoice, there is enough of God's love to go around. If it's not your thing, pass it on. 🙂

  32. Anonymous


    According to Peter Lamborn Wilson, the Heddawiyya Sufi order of Morocco is entirely devoted to the ritual, meditational and magical uses of cannabis. Majoun is, perhaps, the most legendary of all psychoactive confections — a potent blend of dried fruits, nuts, spices, honey and cannabis.

  33. That's why I wrote my dissertation on the Boutshishiyya and Shadhiliyya and Darqawiyya – anybody but the Heddawiyya. When you're researching and writing a dissertation you need your short-term memory.

  34. Anonymous

    That's why people don't get high while writing their dissertations…they eat majoun while meditating..

  35. Anonymous

    Also what that guy said quoting Genesis:

    Genesis 1:29 YHVH/Yah gave man every seed bearing plant for our use. That would include HEMP and Mary Jane.

    If God didn't intend for us to use the plant, why did he make it? And why did he put Cannabinoid receptors in our brain?

    If we didn't have those receptors we couldn't get high.

    I can't really see God saying, "OK, I'm going to put this Cannabis on Earth, but it will have no use to humankind at all, and it will be a sin. And oh yeah, I better just put some receptors in their brain for no reason at all."

  36. Anonymous

    Smoking is a stupid, idiotic act that releases toxins into your body. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the cyanide and ammonia that gets into a smokers system is what is responsible for people who act like their brains have been turned "to mush". Inhaling all that smoke is deadly. Vaporize it. Burning plant material is stupid.

  37. Anonymous

    Screw the bias around marijuana…Empires have always hated the poor. Here is a Muslim ballad:

    "By God, Bravo Hashish! It stirs deep meanings. Don't listen to those who blame it. Refrain from the daughters of the vines And do not be stingy with it. Eat it dry always and live! By God, bravo Hashish!

    It is above pure wine. When noble men use it, Eat it and agree, young man. Eating it revives the dead. By God, bravo, hashish!"

    Notice that there is no mention of smoking it.

    In a good preparation, one can feel the effects of eating marijuana in less than half an hour.

    Nowadays, we have the vaporizer, which releases the components of this GOD/ALLAH GIVEN PLANT.

    There is no hangover, no loss of control or thought, no negative mental effects.

    Do some research: all the reports of illness come from poor people who have nothing good to eat, and instead use hashish.

    They would not be driven crazy if they had food, some decent water.

    Kevin, how can you stick up for these "scholars" who rubber-stamped the burning of fields of beautiful cannabis?

    If you go to original holy texts, you will find the truth besides what people have perverted.

  38. an6

    No one is going to convince a religious person that Cannabis is okay. The basic definition of Judaism Christianity and Islam is that enlightenment comes from bending your back over religious scriptures looking for rules. Anything that could possibly be fun is excluded as a sin. Which gives you a sense of why Cannabis is considered unlawful in Islam.

    What's strange is that these same rich prohibition tyrants who were torching fields of green were having hundreds of concubines in pleasure gardens as they hired religious priests to instill idiocy in the masses, while the leaders of all Religions wage a Jihad on indigenous cultures (who use such herbs).

    Anyways, we can't expect people to be right on EVERY issue.

  39. Grape

    Muslims are not forbade wine…

  40. Anonymous

    Grape please go ferment yourself everyone knows Muslims are not allowed to drink wine.

  41. Grape

    # 16:67 (Asad) And [We grant you nourishment] from the fruit of date-palms and vines: from it you derive intoxicants as well as wholesome sustenance -in this, behold, there is a message indeed for people who use their reason.

    Muslims are not forbade wine.

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