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TJ Radio Sat. Dec. 4th: Are the Banksters Killing America…or the World?

Truth Jihad Radio Sat. 12/4/10, 5-7 pm Central, American Freedom Radio (archived here.) Call-in number: (402) 237-2525 or post your questions to my Facebook page.

First hour: Peter Hebert, author of Mortgaged and Armed and the forthcoming Predator Nation. (See below.)

Second hour: 9/11 researcher and social credit advocate Dick Eastman, whose analysis of the Pentagon attack was a source for David Ray Griffin‘s The New Pearl Harbor (while anticipating and supporting the work of CIT and Barbara Honegger).

“Barbara Honegger has proven the false-flag, inside-job, provocateur, and false-victimhood establishing nature of the attack on the Pentagon. Her findings are as conclusive — if not more so — than my own — yet she is one of the investigators that ‘Big Truth’ investigators avoid interviewing or featuring in documentaries, books or organized public forums. The best people in any field — detective work, government, social science, history — are always the ones that the big-mouths and the Big Truth organizers are directing you away from.” – Dick Eastman

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From Peter Herbert’s emails:

My third book, Predator Nation (late Spring 2011), is more complex than Mortgaged and Armed (July 4, 2010) and The Collapse of Home Prices and the Foreclosure Crisis (late Winter 2011). Predator Nation is financial and economic history and ties together the 1930s and 1940s with the present. The opening and concluding chapters are book ends that tie everything together and support my thesis – the strategic aspects of the financial sector’s war and the corporation as the fifth column within the nation.

What is a sociopath? Someone with no feelings and incapable of an apology. Read the class action claims. Pick any business sector. It’s the same. Almost always, there’s no admission of wrongdoing. “Tell me, Clarice—have the lambs stopped screaming?”—Hannibal Lecter, Silence of the Lambs

…My areas of comfort and expertise are the Federalist Papers and the Constitution, mortgages, foreclosures, regulation, fraud, predation, class action claims, disinformation in the media, the corporation as sociopath, economics, and legislative malfeasance. I’ve read the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. There were no accidents or mistakes, never has been, never will be.

If Tea Party advocates understood the Federalist Papers and the Constitution, they would understand that elitist and mercantile interests usurped the states and individuals. They would understand that Watters v. Wachovia used preemption to crush the states and consumer groups and permitted nationally chartered banks the continued right prey on the vulnerable with no state recourse.

Financial capitalism, not capitalism, is the root of all the evils in America today. Financial capitalism creates and thrives on a synthetic economy. Real capitalism and a real cash based economy may have a slower economic growth, but stability is better than boom and bust. Only the debt-based, synthetic economies of the world are in trouble. Leave the 27 nations that make up the G-20, and visit the country side and small towns. Life is quite good. It’s cash based. The material standard of living is lower, but the quality of life appears to be higher. Plenty of pregnant women, which is a signs of confidence in the future.

The current discussions of an asset backed currency are no different from the ones at the turn of the last century with William Jennings Bryan. Fiat money, contrary to what most believe, is not an intrinsic evil. The Roman Empire lasted 1,000 years on fiat money. What’s the difference between then and now? The moral character of our leaders – they are worse than the “depraved” Romans. We are doing something similar to what the Byzantines did. The Byzantines required payment in solid gold, but paid out in gold plated coins. The modern day equivalent is what we are now doing with our monetary policy and low rates in order to export our depression. We are repaying Japan and China with dollars that are worth less than the dollars they purchased. This is a sophisticated fraud that masquerades behind the high sounding phrase of “monetary policy.” We came off the Bretton Woods international gold standard, because we were over the credit limit due to the cost of the Vietnam War. If you want to blame anyone for America being the hammer of the earth, blame Japan, China, and the Arab world for funding these wars by purchasing U.S. Treasuries. An “elastic” currency, or fiat money, permits the government to become stupid drunk with money for wars and programs even when the tax revenues are not there. This translates into a devaluation of the currency – inflation that has nothing to do with supply and demand as taught in the academic text books. Be ye forewarned – a gold standard only benefits the affluent with assets, not the struggling masses. But, a gold standard, or any standard, tethers fiscal spending and protects the value of a currency so that it can serve as a store house of value for labor, goods, and service.

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  1. Anonymous

    Fed made $9 trillion in secret overnight loans

    The Federal Reserve made $9 trillion in overnight loans to major banks and Wall Street firms during the financial crisis, according to newly revealed data released Wednesday.

  2. Anonymous

    Kevin, you know full well they're just shooting themselves in the toes for now & trying to pretend they can live with the pain and that it's not really such a morbid industry, trying to look to the bright side, some kind of glimmer 4, 5 or six years out

  3. Anonymous

    can you imagine if an individual was doing what government is doing – robbing us blind, poisoning & sterilising us, grabbing Chinese bribes for the snatching of our best water supplies, selling our sovereign infrastructure to foreign toll-collectors, ravaging every last vestige of privacy, then fondling our genitals to see if we're having any heretofore-undetected reactions to it all? Put more bluntly, Joe robs Mary of everything including her inheritance, poisons & sterilises her, or at the least irradiates and sickens her so that her children will be born sterile or saddled with debilitating medical problems (poor Mary already lost her husband to one of those illegal wars-based-upon-a-pack-of-lies-and-mass-murder); Joe seizes Mary's water supply and charges her exhorbitant rates eventally for the stuff, so she and her remaining family can wash down that GM food designed to eventually eliminate her bloodline altogether. Joe monitiors her every internet keystroke, is busily setting up further all-encompassing surveillance measures, and when Mary and kids feel the need to "get away from it all" by traveling, Joe rubs his hands all over her kids' genitals, not to mention Mary. Oh, and I've left out a lot, haven't I, Kevin?

  4. Anonymous

    Reagonomics or unregulated capitalism does not help the common man; it only helps the wealthy to become more wealthy at the expense of the common man. In our increasingly crowded and environmentally-stressed world, there is no more room for unregulated capitalism; it is simply not 'sustainable.' Those among the common people who support unregulated capitalism (like a sheep lobbying for the butcher) are bringing harm both to themselves and to the majority of us.

  5. Kevin — Kevin —

    you've linked to last weeks podcast. Is that intentional? Look:

    11/20/2010 Saturday – 1st Hour: With Peter Hebert. 2nd Hour: With Dick Eastman.
    11/20/2010 Saturday – 1st Hour: With Tony Szamboti. 2nd Hour: With Barbara Honegger.

    Not only the text, but mouse over the links:


    No problem — I wound up listening to it again, and getting stuff I missed the first time.

    Still, is this an intentional delay, due to not ready?

    Or just a slip? If so, pls fix.

    Much love


  6. The AFR engineers are on it. Should be fixed soon.

  7. Anonymous

    the bankers-banking/finance industry, Goldman Sachs, fixing their books so they can keep going by all appearances & make funny money at the same time, but as a political aspirant, is the Senate or Congress you want to run for, what would you do about this?

  8. I would end the Fed, give currency creation back to the Treasury Department (i.e. return to Constitutional currency), issue money through the social credit plan (directly to the people), and outlaw the practice of fractional reserve lending.

    More positions:

  9. Anonymous

    Glad you had Dick Eastman on.

    Check out this fact:

    As of the end of 2009, less than 12 million Americans worked in manufacturing. The last time that less than 12 million Americans were employed in manufacturing was in 1941

    And CHINA is making our military hardware!


    Helen Thomas rocks!

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