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Poker Face: The sound of the New World Order going up in flames

Pokerface will join me for a special two-hour interview Saturday, January 8th, 2011, 5-7 pm Central, on   Keep an eye on my radio schedule for more details.

I grew up listening to revolutionary rock n’ roll. As I came of age in the late 70s, I still thought the MC5’s Kick Out the Jams had enough power to bring down the Trilateralists, who were busy putting an end to the “excess of democracy” that made the 1960s so interesting.

Somewhere along the way the music stopped believing it could change anything. And I stopped listening. Well, not completely. But I started paying less and less attention to rock n’ roll, and more to blues and jazz and classical and hip-hop and qawali and electronica and world and folk and just about every other style that was out there…without being especially obsessed with any of them. Since the demise of revolutionary rock n’ roll, the only sounds that have really changed my life are recitations of Qur’an. (Get hold of a copy of Michael Sells’ Approaching the Qur’an, read it, listen to the enclosed CD, and see if your life doesn’t change too.)

Anyway…today, I am proud to announce the rebirth of revolutionary rock n’ roll. I have seen its future, and the name is Poker Face.

Poker Face is Paul Topete, Dennis Beidler, and Brett Griffiths. These guys kick out the jams and take no prisoners as they rock the revolution.  But even though they rock harder for marijuana freedom than anybody, this isn’t the misguided (and partly satanically-inspired) 60’s style do-whatever-feels-good revolution that burned out on the plains of Altamont. Pokerface is a Christian band, and they’re waging spiritual warfare against the powers of evil – specifically, the powers that revealed themselves through the human sacrifices at the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001.

Their  CD Peace or War: Songs for the Revolution features churning start-it-up rhythms and big guitar sound that blends with soaring yet edgy vocal harmonies. Like The Who, they put out a whole lot of sound for just three guys. And like some of those 60s groups, and unlike most of today’s musical acts, these guys are seriously out to smash the (NWO) state:

“It’s time to hunt bankers/And the judges and lawyers who are whores too
The same for Officials/Who like to break the golden rule
You know we’ve got our eyes on you/So you’d better do things right
Or we’ll hang you from the highest trees/While we party through the night”


“I’m not a democrat, or republican
I’m just a God loving American
It’s time to kill this fourth Reich of the rich
If humanity is to survive…

“Rise up rise up militias through out the world
It’s time to end the ORDER’s globalist plans
A REVOLUTION is the only solution
When good government has gone bad.”

Peace or War features a beautifully-designed 9/11 truth insert that parts company with the 9/11 half-truth movement (the folks afraid to speak up about the Zionist connection) and lays it out plain, placing Mossad at the center of 9/11 evil, surrounded by Dov Zakheim, Benjamin Netanyahu, AIPAC, Larry Silverstein, Urban Moving Systems, Lewis Eisenberg, Ariel Sharon, ITCS, Odigo, Chertoff, Amdocs, Checkpoint, Comverse and the Dancing Israelis, and much, much more. I guess we won’t be hearing much more Poker Face on Michael Whatzizname from Colorado’s boring radio show, or seeing anything about them on 911blogger. Oh well, the half-truth movement’s loss is the truth movement’s gain. These guys ROCK.

3 Thoughts to “Poker Face: The sound of the New World Order going up in flames”

  1. Thanks for the kind words Kevin.

    For those of you who would like to see the Insert that Kevin described above, can download the 70meg pdf file of it here:
    Pdf of CD Insert –

    Talk to you soon live.
    paul and poker face

  2. Anonymous

    Pokerface is awesome!

  3. Quite honestly, whether a "new world order" exists or not is kind of beside the point. The system of capitalism and statism isn't working and must be replaced with a new one based on mutual aid and people's needs.

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