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Operation Infinite Patience

Once upon a time, some Zionist neocons seized the US government and decided to occupy the Islamic world – forever. The neocons behind the plan realized it would require a long-term effort. So they code-named the plan “Operation Infinite Patience.” (They also knew it would require infinite funds, but they didn’t worry about that, because their friends owned the Federal Reserve, which can print money out of thin air.)

Things were going splendidly – until one day someone leaked the plan’s code name. “Operation Infinite Patience! This is blasphemy! Only God has infinite patience!” the Muslims fumed. “Infinite patience my ass – we keep voting to end the wars, and they keep ignoring us and taking our money for more wars,” the American people snarled. They weren’t too crazy about the new TSA policy of universal public cavity searches either.

And suddenly everyone ran out of patience. Soon the resistance had spread from Afghanistan and Iraq to all the other countries run by Zio-American puppet dictators: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the Gulf States…and last but not least, the USA, where angry veterans used their martial skills to great effect.

As the Zio-American empire burned to the ground, the last neocon – who was being strangled with the guts of the last Fed Chairman – turned to the Chairman and said, “I guess those Muslims were right – only God has infinite patience.”

“Or infinite money,” was the Fed Chairman’s sorrowful reply.

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